How to Separate Awesome and Terrible Video Marketing Ideas

Video marketing is an important part of any campaign. How to separate good and bad ideas concerning the creation of an explainer video? Plan everything carefully in order to eliminate inappropriate strategies.
Here are some tips and advice for a great and catchy video:

  • Any marketing idea for explanation video production is made up of lots of consultation and detailed research. You cannot promote your product without knowing what is happening in your market segment and your competitors’ activity. It relates to branding, content and social. When validating ideas, find out about your audience as much as you can.
  • Contact an explainer video studio which can help you with some technical advice and scenario of your video. Make sure the video contains unique proposition, social proof, benefits and call to action. Remember that your marketing video should include all the information your client needs to make a decision.
  • Calculate your explainer video costs and be specific when setting goals. Estimate key performance indicators and the results you expect. Take your best guess if you don’t have experience with previous campaigns.
  • Decide how you can track your goals and study analytics and metrics.
  • Think of distribution. Which channels are you going to use for your video? Will it be your own blog, YouTube or promo video at a conference? Announce the campaign on social media, email list or a blog. Your explainer video blog may contain several videos (for example, a few “how to” videos). Write a post about upcoming video to catch your readers’ interest.

Now let’s think of some terrible ideas for a video. Do not use them in your work!

  • Your video is too long or too short.
  • It has jargons or complicated language.
  • The ideas of the video are not clear; it does not target your audience.
  • The quality of the video is poor; it’s boring and is not of interest to your customers.

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