Some Tips for Multi-Language Explainer Video

Nowadays many businesses work with customers of different nationalities. Therefore, a multi-language animated explainer video is a necessity. Customized content will attract more visitors, contribute to empathy, enhance engagement and increase conversion. It’s a good idea to make a video in English as this language is well accepted and widespread in the world of Internet.

  • Talented actors for voice-over
    A voice-over is a crucial part of explainer video animation which creates credibility and personality. It’s advisable to hire professionals with pleasant voices, clear articulation and elocution.
  • The importance of native language
    Make sure that all voice talents involved in video production are native speakers for particular target audience. It would make website visitors closer to the voice. Actors’ speech should be correct and without any grammatical mistakes.
  • Reviewing
    It is necessary to adapt the script to the voice-over and the target audience. Review it carefully and make amendments if needed. Note that in different regions there may be different accents, phrases or expressions. Avoid using professional slang or old-fashioned expressions.
  • Cultural diversity
    If you make a video or keep an explainer video blog for different nationalities, make sure you take into account culture diversity and do not offend your visitors.
  • Overall picture
    Make sure that the voice-over fits animation properly. The information that visitor hear should perfectly fit visuals. This is a crucial aspect as it reflects the quality of your video. Subtitles are also possible. In this case they also should correspond with the characters.

Multi-language explainer video prices may differ depending on actors’ services, number of videos (in case of how-to tutorials) and complexity of design.

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