Typical Mistakes in Whiteboard Animation Production

Most website visitors love entertaining and engaging whiteboard animation videos. However, there are some mistakes that can ruin your explanation of the animated video. How to spot and avoid them?

  • White means white.
    This type of animation assumes a white background and a hand over it. Moreover, it’s black-and-white. Creating overload texture or colorful whiteboard means breaking the rules and standards of whiteboard animation which eventually loses its essence.
  • Where is the hand?
    The essential idea of animation is a drawing hand to explain something. If you don’t place it at all, a video loses its charm and educational purposes. If you keep an animated video blog and choose various types of videos, adhere to their standard principles to maintain the whole idea.
  • Teach your target audience.
    Whiteboard animation is like a school board that has an educational approach. The best way to use it is the how-to tutorials and product detailed explanations. You can show the specific features of your product and how to fix any problems related to it. Your short explainer video also has to be clear and concise. You should focus not only on sales growth but on the education factor as well.
  • Drawings connection.
    Your video should be viewed as a single cartoon, and all drawings should be connected to each other to keep your audience attentive to what happens next. That is the most exciting thing about whiteboard animation: people watch how something is being created and moved in front of their eyes.
  • Call to action.
    Although whiteboard animation assumes education, explainer video companies advise to include a call to action option. Let your visitors catch up with something after watching. Ask them to visit your website, have a look at the latest discounts or subscribe to your blog. It’s another chance to boost conversion and grow sales.

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