Vmail: Definition and Benefits of Using

The history of emails started in 1972 when Ray Tomlinson invented a system that helped exchange text messages between computers across the ARPANET network. Since then, emails continue to be an essential part of business communication.

Vmail: Definition and Benefits of Using 20
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Even now, emails are the main way of communication between companies and customers. Some reports even show that the ROI of emails is 4200%, which means that for every dollar spent, email services bring $42.

However, progress does not stand still, and even emails change and transform to become more efficient and easy to use. And that’s when Vmail comes to the scene. This is the latest innovation in email marketing that combines videos and emails. 

Keep on reading if you would like to know what Vmail is and how you can add it to your marketing strategy.

What is Vmail?

You might get confused if you search “What is Vmail?” on Google, as it has several definitions. It might signify an automatic voice-enabled mail reader, a simple voicemail, or the US military mailing system, Victory Mail, used during World War II.  

But in reality, everything is far simpler than it is. Vmail stands for video email, and this is a marketing strategy that combines traditional emails with video content. 

About 91% of businesses and worldwide organizations use video content in their marketing strategy, so why not combine it with emails, creating a Vmail email?

Who Uses Vmail?

There are no criteria on who can use Vmail. It’s created for all the companies that need help with increasing the effectiveness of their email distribution, boosting the interest in the brand, and the overall conversion rate of the email messages they send regularly.

If your company uses automated email systems, it’s a great idea to add a н to them and try to compare the conversion rate and the ROI of the enhanced newsletter.

Key Advantages of Using Vmail

Vmail: Definition and Benefits of Using 21
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Before you consider adding Vmail to a list of your marketing strategy tools, it’s natural to know if it is worth it. The short answer would be yes! 

However, let us take a closer look at the advantages of using Vmail video format in your business correspondence.

Match the Brand Experience

Adding videos to your emails will be perfect for certain brands. If you decide to send your customer Vmails, be sure that the videos are related to your brand’s style and experience. It would be strange to receive a naive cartoony video attached to a serious offer from a respected insurance company. 

Make sure the graphic and the narration style match your brand’s identity, and a video will become a great addition to an email and attract more customers. 

Vmail is More Shareable

Cisco has estimated that almost 82% of the world’s online traffic will be generated by video streaming services and video downloads by 2022. Video content is also highly shareable, and shareable content means more views and sales!

Adding videos to your regular newsletter gives you a chance to spread your content beyond the mailing list. Your existing customers might share videos from Vmail email, and it will spread the word about your service without even having them included in your mailing list.

A good tip would be to add a “share” button to the video so that your customer can spread the word about your business with a single click. 

Vmails Take Remarkable Branding to New Heights

The number of US video viewers is expected to reach 248.9 million people by 2022, and video is one of the most consumed types of media content nowadays. Videos make a greater impact than simple images or text, making Vmail video a perfect way to make your emails more memorable.

If a customer pays attention to your Vmail, they will more likely memorize your brand and return later to make a purchase.

Video is a great medium that can incorporate audio, visual information, and emotional aspects. You can include your business logo, motto, and ideas in a single short movie. It will grab attention and be memorized. Simple text, lack of emotional dimension, and video content can help you to make your audience more empathetic.

Video is More Measurable

Video content can gather more information about your audience. Simple emails can give enough information to know your average customer better, but a video can.

Many video analytics can provide you with the viewer’s behavior statistics. You can get information like: audience’s location, age, gender, the watch time, was the video shared, or they have clicked the link under the video.

With this information gathered, you could better understand who your average customer is and what they want. You will be able to personalize your services and content and build a stronger bond with the viewers and clients.

However, you should keep in mind that not all videos can do that. It will be possible only if your video thumbnail will lead to an external website where this information can be gathered. For example, you can add a video uploaded to your brand’s YouTube account to the Vmail.

Obtain Campaign Goals

An average user receives around 126 emails per day, and we all can agree that we don’t have time to check all of them. So, your goal is to be noticeable and to make your email stand out from the numerous dull newsletter updates in the inbox. 

Sending a Vmail to a customer gives you more chances that your letter will be opened. Video emails are not so common, and when a client receives a notification “You got V mail!” they are more likely to pay attention to your offer. Moreover, if your video is engaging enough, you have a chance that people will share your video, and you will get more customers even outside of your newsletter list.

Enhance the Viewer’s Experience

Video content is fascinating as it combines audio, visual, and text media. Sending a video that complements your email will bring a more enhanced experience to your customer base. You can include a short presentation, add a motion graphic, and finish it with a narrated text and pleasant music, and you will have a memorable email that is nice to read, watch and even share with your friends and colleagues.

An impact of a vmail can make your client research more about your brand and give you fewer chances that they will unsubscribe.

Vmails Have the Potential to Influence Purchase Decisions

According to the Biteable annual report, around 53% of marketers admitted that video content helps increase their brand awareness. Close to 49% of marketers say that videos help to improve engagement with the audience. Based on that data, we can see that video content is more likely to gain customers’ trust and impact purchase decisions. 

If you got V mail as your marketing tool, you are more likely to increase customer’s understanding of your service or a product. And understanding and engagement with your brand affect the purchase decisions directly. 

Adding a short and clear video explaining the essence of your product and introducing your brand in the Vmail can easily change the opinion of a potential customer who was hesitant to make a purchase.

Closing Thoughts

We have witnessed many means of business communication throughout history: letters, fax machines, MSN, SMS, and they all come and go while emails don’t lose their relevance. To keep their validity, emails as the main mode of business communication should evolve and adapt to the changing environment.

With the growing popularity of video content, Vmail became a real solution for business emails! Vmails allows you to reach a broader audience and grow the interest of your brand. They are highly shareable, and your emails are more likely to be opened, read, and remembered.

Be more creative with your marketing strategies, and don’t be afraid to experiment! Your clients will definitely appreciate it. Getting catchy and engaging videos for your emails has never been easier with Explain Ninja.

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