Why to Use Landing Page Explainer Videos to Boost Conversion

Let’s figure out why short videos are so cool and how to use them correctly so that your web page converts and video marketing brings results. There’s a landing page best practice to apply.

Why to Use Landing Page Explainer Videos to Boost Conversion 20
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Why Create Landing Page Explainer Videos?

Include explainer videos on your webpage to boost your results. 95% of visitors would rather watch a video than read a text. That’s why unique explainer videos used in a top landing page improve your overall website performance. Still in doubt if you need a video? Check out a few more reasons:

1.     The Best Standalone, Promotional Tool

Every Internet entrepreneur has their own opinions on this matter. Some say that video is the primary promotional tool, while others say it wastes extra time and money. Nevertheless, 70% of marketers and entrepreneurs believe that video drives more conversions than any other content.

2. It Allows You to Stand Out

It’s original and unique. The perfect short video grabs attention, engages, and, most importantly, makes them want to learn more about your business. You will appear unique among your competition if you use different methods. So, why not apply video landing page best practices rather than create a traditional design?

3. It Allows You to Have a Professional Yet Engaging Website

Short and catchy videos communicate your values to the audience, solve problems, educate, motivate and even have fun. In the long term, all this builds open and trusting relationships with users.

4. It Allows You to Build an Emotional Bond With the Visitors

Video content brings the brand closer to potential customers. According to statistics, video landings outperform ordinary one-pagers, and about 70% of users review videos about complex products. An explainer video can unify the messages broadcast and deliver consistent and logical information to potential and current customers. Instead of turning it into a showcase of your product or service, you can use a video to focus on the benefits consumers get from working with you and the emotions they have from satisfying their needs.

5.     Easily Integrates into Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Complete the video with a link to the webpage or add an interactive button, and you will notice an increase in traffic from your marketing campaign.

Why Are Explainer Videos So Powerful?

What is an explainer video, and why it’s so powerful? An explainer video is one of the most popular business videos that describes and presents the product’s essence, how it works, and how it differs from production in the market.

Of all the possible video formats, explainer videos are considered the most significant. They are short types of explainer videos, 30 to 90 seconds long that provide a concise and eye-catching description of a product or service applicable to all online channels.

The explainer video is a leading marketing tool that you should try. It can form an understanding of how the brand can improve potential customers’ lives.

An explainer is also the main tool for presenting and promoting a new product or start-up in action. The greatest demand is observed in high technologies, the IT industry.

Explainer videos are also influential trends in reaching B2B customers. One of the key features is the ability to attract attention in less than a minute. Explainer videos aim to offer the client an accessible message, enhanced by visual explanations through animation or motion graphics.

Videos capture attention and ensure understanding and formation of a positive image and emotions. They are most effective if you offer a complex or technically complex product or service.

Animated video effects and characters used in video design perfectly contribute to the perception of the brand as a person, making it more accessible. Whiteboard videos, in turn, help explain complex concepts by simply visualizing them. If there is a need to convey abstract ideas, motion graphics and 3D animation are the most effective. Stop motion is a carefully considered approach in creative video production.

In web designs, video pages may bring the ultimate conversion to your business.


A sales video is one of the most powerful lead-generation tools. A high-quality video will benefit the landing page because it will help to increase conversion. It will enable you to describe complex services and products and evokes emotions that motivate remember the brand and make a purchase regular. And this is one of the few ways to get huge profits from your website audience. Landing videos can literally boost your conversions if used correctly. Create content for your landing page today with quality graphic design & motion design service. Use a brand new trend in explainer videos for your landings with us.

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