What is Kinetic Typography and Where to Find Good Experts?

What is kinetic typography? Kinetic typography definition is a type of visual art where the text plays a significant part. The task of the text is not just to convey the semantic meaning but by all means available: movement, color, shape, and size, to correctly build and enhance this meaning, causing the viewer to have more vivid emotions and experiences. So the text brings dynamics and life into the reading.

What is Kinetic Typography and Where to Find Good Experts? 20

Why is kinetic typography so important?

Kinetic typography is another way to beautifully style text with animation. This technique allows for a flexible presentation of information, which is why it is widely used in music videos, advertisements, scientific programs, and content from video bloggers.

A particular kinetic typography style used in digital assets will make these elements catchier and more effective in impressing a new audience. One of the significant reasons why kinetic type animation video is so useful is due to an entertainment factor. An audio-visual description added will get a very short amount of time to impress the viewer, as well as engage. So you shot once and hit twice.

How does kinetic typography affect design?

Kinetic typography may take many different forms, depending on the skill of the visual effects artist. Web designers have widely adopted it and used it massively in website design and banner creation. It is so popular among graphic designers because it provides endless creative possibilities, is eye-catching, and may convey powerful messages—once seen, it’s worth a hundred words.

What makes a good kinetic typography?

What makes an excellent kinetic text animation? Kinetic or motion typography may look both classic and fresh styled in graphic design. Dynamic motion typography is good when the elements that make up the film text can move in relation to one another. Moreover, every UI animation should be justified and have a goal. This means that your moving texts as with any design element should also help the user achieve the goal and highlight the outcome.

The best process will include selecting elements like alphabet case, typeface, set, and font size. It should justify line length, inter-letter, inter-word, and line spaces, and the relative position of text and other illustrations included if any.

Best examples of kinetic typography

Among the most incredible kinetic typography examples, you will find unusual techniques in video typography, advertising animation design pieces, and so many others.

Husbands: Dream

This is the music video for the Husbands Dream single. As you sing, the words on the screen light up. To do this, French design duo Cauboyz created individual boxes with each word on the front, each hand-cut with a laser. Wires were then attached to each box, complete with a handy switch.

Pulp Fiction as typography

Gangster movie speeches often appear on the list – they seem to be the perfect accompaniment to great kinetic typography. This one was created from Pulp Fiction. Enjoy it!

STOMP Kinetic Typography

This motion graphic is professional video ads based on custom script featuring short, creative kinetic typography and nifty dynamic animation, makes a short public announcement vivid and bright.

Using After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, and Cinema 4D, you can pay homage to a famous speech, the words to a favorite song, or an impactful movie dialogue. These toolkits will help you create your own templates, a library of fonts, and tricks to help you achieve the perfect result in the shortest possible time.

How much does kinetic typography cost?

Averagely kinetic typography animation production video may cost you $250 per minute for a video. $500 per minute will be an average price for a whiteboard animation video. $990 -$1000 per minute will be an average cost for a professional 2D animated video.

When should you use kinetic typography?

Kinetic design is especially useful for animated videos that require a lot of text or too large words, as it may be slowed faster and enough to simplify them and capture the attention of the viewer.


Kinetic typography allows designers to play with content through form and create wonderful effects that produce mesmerizing effects on the viewers. Watching these creatives play in animated videos is pleasant for the eyes, entertains, and engages altogether.

How to make kinetic typography with great web experts? – Easy, when you cooperate with a reliable animation design company that has an ideal tool and skill to offer for any project type.

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