Why Startups Should Choose Animated Videos to Sell Their Products Successfully

Are you a startup? Would you like to kickstart your product journey and drive the audience’s attention? There are a lot of marketing hacks and proven practices to do it. However, today we’d like to discuss one of the most powerful of them. Animated videos have become one of the most popular ways to communicate the brand’s idea, reveal its bright personality, and emphasize its unique voice. 

Animated videos are particularly helpful for startups that have just recently started entering the market. If you are working at a startup, you might already know what it means to look for ways to be laud, charismatic, and appealing in the digital space. You, as a brand, are new to the world. That’s why from day one, you must be creating a lasting impression about your brand to stick to the audience’s memory. An animated brand story, animated commercial, or even explainer video can be your best way to implement it. Let’s consider four essential reasons why you should start your startup’s exciting journey with animated video production

Animated videos have higher chances of being watched

Why Startups Should Choose Animated Videos to Sell Their Products Successfully 20

Illustration by Julia Hanke for Explain Ninja

We like eye-candies and visually appealing motion graphics. That’s why animated videos can be the best choice for introducing yourself to the online audience. They will be appealed by a creative animation style, powerful messaging of your brand, and fresh aesthetics of illustrations. It will help to remember your brand and raise your chances to be heard by potential customers and investors.

People like animated videos and cartoons since their early childhood. So, why do you think that animation will not attract them today? Leverage the power of engagement of animated videos and ensure that people will listen to your entire story, from the first word of your pitch to the last second of your introductory video.

Freedom to present your brand story in a way that you imagined

One of the biggest advantages of the animation is that it doesn’t have as many limitations as any other type of promotional visuals. It allows your imagination to fly high when creating a video about your brand, product, or service. In an animated video, you can place your product in the most unexpected context, add incredible visual effects, or even switch between different epochs. There is an unlimited number of ideas and opportunities to introduce your startup in an unforgettable and original way.

Animated videos are perfect for startups that require visual metaphors to explain complicated concepts and abstract environments

No matter what type of innovative product you offer, you might face a challenge of explaining its essence to people who have never heard about something similar. It may be difficult for them to assess the beauty of your idea and product if you can’t explain it to your audience.

To make things easier for you, our team produces explainer videos that allow brands to communicate even the most complicated ideas and concepts within 2 or 3 minutes. The animated video lets you break the information down into several simple scenes and phrases that are easy to understand. It transfers information in a straightforward, visual, and easy way.

Post-production: It is easy to make edits in an animated video than in a live-action one

You may encounter a situation when you need to alter a video-commercial, add some text, remove a part of the text, or insert an entirely new scene. There are many reasons why you may need it. To change the live-action video is much more challenging. However, if you’ve chosen to introduce your brand in an animated video, you’re lucky because it will be easier to adjust it to your new needs.

Closing Thoughts

Have these simple yet proven practices inspired you to take a new approach to your startup marketing and promotion? If yes, then our today’s mission is successfully completed because we’ve managed to add a bit more creativity and fresh air into your brand strategy. Our team at Explain Ninja is keen on animation, all its beautiful styles, and types. We invite you to share our passion for animation in brand marketing in our next articles. Would you like to learn more about it? Follow our blog updates.

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