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The global marketing landscape is oversaturated with various types of advertising and promotion. Modern customers are exhausted with obvious advertising, they are more likely to buy from a brand if it offers them exciting experiences and impressions. Video marketing is the top practice that allows brands to connect with their customers at a personal level and foster more human interaction. Spiced with cartoon animation, video marketing is expected to become the most effective digital marketing trend in 2024.

Video Marketing: 3 WHYs

What’s Expected in Animated Video Marketing for 2024 | Explain Ninja 20
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Undoubtedly, video marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools. It helps initiate a more emotional interaction between companies and their target audiences. Its power lies in the ability to transfer information faster than any other content type and communicating it at the three levels simultaneously: audio, video, and emotional. However, its advantages aren’t limited to the ones mentioned above. Let’s consider the top three reasons why it’s worth augmenting your marketing strategy with a compelling animated or live-motion commercial video.

It makes people SEE your brand

Video marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness since videos are the most appealing and attention-grabbing content type. Think of what makes you slow your scroll on Instagram or Facebook feed the most often. It’s likely a beautiful video or GIF. The motion catches an eye, attracts our attention, and motivates viewers to continue listening to what a brand is saying. Moreover, you can use brand identity elements like logos, slogans, and branding colors to emphasize your brand uniqueness in the animated commercial or explainer video.

It makes them HEAR you

Appealing music, intriguing sound effects, and voice-over will make your commercial video or product demo video even more engaging. Thus, your audience will be able not only to SEE your brand but also to HEAR it. You can use memorable metaphors, brand’s motto, marketing messages to make its “voice” sound even more attractive. Let people hear about your company’s origin, mission, and values. Tell them who you are, as a brand, and where you go.

It helps UNDERSTAND the brand’s ideas

A video is an excellent tool for communicating complex information in the simplest and easiest-to-digest form. The best animated explainer video companies always add a pinch of humor and fun to marketing or educational videos, as they know that entertaining will work best for their client’s marketing success. Learning is more effective when we are having fun or playing a game simultaneously. A video can amplify your educating efforts by breaking complicated concepts down into fun scenes that are easy to understand and to stick to the memory. In other words, a video can make learning entertaining. Therefore, video marketing may help your customers UNDERSTAND your brand ideas and messages better.

Mind-Blowing Video Marketing Statistics 2020

Aren’t you still sure whether it’s worth it? These incredible statistics prove the power of influence and effectiveness of video marketing, considering expert reports on the topic made during 2019-2020.

1) 92% of marketers say that video is an integral part of their marketing strategy in 2020. It has grown from 78% in 2015, showing that the importance of video is only increasing. – HubSpot

2) On the B2B front, shorter videos are best. B2B online videos less than one minute in length had a completion rate of 68% last year, compared to the 25% completion rate of videos, which were more than 20 minutes long. – Marketing Charts

3) There has been an 800% increase in global watch time of ad-supported and purchased feature-length movies in the past year. – Think with Google

4) It is estimated that the average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos in 2021. It is nearly a 19% increase compared to daily viewing minutes in 2019 that were 84 before. – Marketing Charts

Have you probably thought that cartoons are just for kids? Adult customers love them too. As the mega-trend, animation has given birth to the five new amazing video marketing trends in 2021. Moreover, many experts predict that animated videos are expected to gain momentum in 2024 too. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Animated explainer videos

Animated explainer videos are short branded videos commonly used to describe a product or services quickly and creatively. On average, they are under 1-minute length and allow a brand to reveal its unique personality through custom illustration and animation styles. They also help describe complex business ideas in a fun and entertaining form. Animated explainer videos are the most popular among B2B companies. From the financial sector, healthcare, and real estate to digital marketing – animated videos have spanned different industries. A great example is an animated explainer video created by Explain Ninja.

2D and 3D animated commercials

Animated commercials have become extremely popular too. They are usually employed to promote a brand, its products, or its services. Animated commercials are one of the most adorable and effective advertising types among marketing professionals serving companies in different niches.

Brands use them in social media advertising, tradeshows, product demos, landing pages, and many more other spots on the web. Creative animated commercial videos often spark human emotions and help build stronger bonds between a brand and its customers. They are an ultra-powerful tool for customer engagement and loyalty. Here is how Safari (a paint production brand) has implemented it.


The mix of animation and live-motion

It imitates the concept of augmented reality by borrowing the same perceptual and visual hacks. The only difference is that the live-motion video is “augmented” with fun animated characters or environments. It makes the video even more exciting and stand-out. This tactic allows the imagination to fly high and introduce a brand or its concepts in the most surprising contexts. An excellent example of the incredible mix of animation and live-motion video in marketing is PayPal’s commercial video.

Whiteboard marketing videos

Whiteboard animation has gained even more attention in 2024. A whiteboard animation video looks like a process of “hand-drawing” the storyline. This kind of video has become so popular because they are cheaper to produce than full 3D animated videos. The most significant advantage of the whiteboard animation that it explains the subject consistently, depicting concepts in the hand-drawn illustrations in the video step by step. This practice helps viewers understand even the most complicated information faster. Whiteboard animation is often used for event promotion, product marketing, and general brand advertising. A nice instance is Coca-Cola’s whiteboard video.

Integration across a marketing funnel

Video has become an integrated part of the entire marketing funnel. From the very first customer interaction with a brand to purchase, animated video can accompany the customer along the whole journey. It allows companies to support the customer with helpful tips, recommendations, and suggestions at every step and make the experience even more exciting. Correctly chosen and masterfully used, a marketing video can become a real lead magnet motivating potential customers to move further in a marketing funnel.


Video marketing is an essential part of a brand strategy today, as it allows engaging modern customers through their beloved content type – video. It helps companies be SEEN, HEARD, and UNDERSTOOD by their target audiences. Furthermore, video marketing is an excellent way to set a company apart from other businesses in the over-crowded online space. Hopefully, these insights will help you unlock the benefits of video marketing and grow your business in 2023 and the upcoming 2024.

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