Top 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2023

94% of users’ impressions about your website or social media page are design-related. This data proves graphic design is crucial for maintaining a positive image for your company or the project you’re working on. Thus, knowing the latest industry trends will help you adapt your website and social media channels to the fast-paced branding video digital environment. 

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2023 20
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Are you still not sure if following the latest graphic design trends is worth your investment? Let’s look at some more figures. As of 2022, the graphic design industry was worth over $43 billion, with over 391,000 businesses running worldwide and a tendency to grow in the future. Companies keep hiring both experienced and entry-level specialists to improve their online presence and create a memorable, catchy image. And, of course, you’ll need professionals who are well aware of the latest trends.

If you want to explore the current trends in graphic design, this article is just for you. We’ll tell you more about the importance of implementing them on your website or social media and reveal some of the must-try tricks and styles!

The Changing Industry of Graphic Design

With global digitalization, the evolution of multiple industries, including graphic design, has become inevitable. Another push that increased the demand for graphic design was the decline of print media. Before browsing websites and social media, people only used newspapers, books, and magazines to get new information. Unfortunately, that limited artists a lot and made it almost impossible to earn recognition.

Nowadays, you can freely create your art using numerous tools and share your works on as many resources as possible to get attention from potential clients. However, graphic designers have stumbled on another issue — making themselves stand out. 

As of the beginning of 2023, there are over 400,000 graphic designers worldwide, and everyone has their style, approach, and signature tricks they use to impress potential clients or target audiences. And, of course, with so many creative minds around, new graphic trends keep emerging. 

Another reason for such rapid changes in industry trends is the competition growth in digital media. People constantly invent various types of visual arts. They rebrand and establish new businesses that need fresh design solutions to outperform competitors and surprise potential customers. 

Finally, word of mouth plays a huge role in popularizing particular styles and trends in graphic design. Once a creator shares a new banner or art, it quickly spreads through the Internet, giving other designers inspiration and plenty of references to use in their future works. And if an art goes viral among bigger, more famous companies, it will undoubtedly become a trend in no time.

Why Follow the Trends in Graphic Design?

Graphic design today is more than just diverse. It constantly introduces new trends to the digital world. And although the industry is rapidly changing, following those trends will help your business get more recognition and attract more clients. 

How come? We’ve picked several key reasons for that:

  • You’re always relevant. Keeping up with industry trends will help you quickly engage new clients. People will see that you know your market well and can quickly adapt to recent changes and innovations. It’s quite a valuable skill in such a fast-paced area as graphic design. 
  • You can provide innovative solutions. Knowing what’s trending on the market will help you develop and improve your ideas according to your taste and business needs. This way, you’ll always have new and unique designs prepared for your customers. 
  • You learn all way long. As you discover the latest graphic design industry trends, you figure out how to work with them and develop your skills. Moreover, this will be a significant extension to your portfolio. You’ll make it more diverse and appropriate for all kinds of clients.
  • You obtain new skills. The more new trends you discover and apply in your work, the more advanced tools you must adopt. Thus, you learn both in theory and practice, taking your experience to the next level. 

10 Graphic Design Trends to Use in 2023

Now that you know the essential role of following new trends in graphic design, let’s see which ones will stay in 2023. We’ve gathered the ten most prominent tendencies in creating digital art — try them out!

Vivid Minimalism

This trend became popular in 2022, and it seems to stay with us for a while. The main point of vivid minimalism is combining bold colors and playfulness with simple design elements. When turning to this style, designers pay more attention to typography and tend to use flat icons. And, although you may not always see a wide range of colors on a piece of art, the combinations will surprise you.

This is an excellent graphic trend used mostly for contact cards, job descriptions, event announcements, informative posts on social media, and so on.

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2023 21

“New Freedom”

It is one of the post-covid trends that graphic designers have come up with — and it still seems quite popular. The pandemic restrictions significantly affected everyone. However, as we’re gradually getting back to normal, the world seems brighter and more prospective than ever. And graphic designers decided to reflect this new-found freedom in their art. The “New Freedom” is all about experimenting with fonts, bright colors, many extra icons, and design elements — the sky is the limit.

The “New Freedom” style perfectly suits product packaging, beauty store websites and social media, music festival promos, and any other vibrant events or products related to happiness and good vibes.

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2023 22

Twisted, Creative Fonts

Typography is just as crucial as the image itself. So now designers pay much more attention to picking the right font for their works. Today, you can find the craziest kinds of fonts: from chrome-like textures to bubbly, smudged, and bent-over typefaces. 

They all look stunning, and you can add them to any graphics: event posters, social media posts, banners, or even brand packaging. Creative fonts will definitely make your product memorable and eye-catching.

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2023 23

Acid Graphics

Contrasting colors, unusual combinations of pictures and text, with sometimes gloomy or overly bright outlooks — this is a typical acid-like graphic style. It’s bold, nasty, and a bit punky. You’ll see many bright colors like green, pink, red, or violet, usually framed with black borders and chunks of text. 

Acid graphics is a perfect style to promote techno or electronic music events, street-style clothing shops, themed parties, and so on. 

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2023 24

Multidimensional Mashups

Don’t forget about 3D elements while working on your projects, as they’ll give your designs volume and liven up your art. However, it’s even better to combine two- and three-dimensional techniques. This will provide an exciting twist and add more creativity to every piece of your work. You’ll definitely make people explore each detail of your image!

You can use this trick in various cases: product presentations, website layouts, blog pages, brochures, leaflets, and many more. 

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2023 25


This is one of the most controversial trends in graphic design. While filled with an excessive amount of elements, the artwork created in this style doesn’t have a precise composition or alignment with the basic design principles. Instead, you’ll see color clashes, bare interfaces, busy patterns, and asymmetry. Nevertheless, you may experiment with this eye-catching design style for your business.

Using anti-design patterns will pair well with promotional campaigns, posters, design course announcements, music albums, and more. This universal style can fit practically any concept thanks to its brutalism and chaotic outlook.


The name of this style speaks for itself. It involves many elements in bright colors and textures. Maximalism is all about adding different fonts, using somewhat weird compositions, and combining unrelated particles in one place. You may also notice no empty spaces on such graphics, and they often look like extraordinary pop-style posters. 

Maximalism is a growing trend for multiple types of graphics, from social media posts to packaging and product displays. 

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2023 26
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You probably noticed that some brands implement little to no branding on their products and social channels. Mostly monochromatic designs, minimalistic fonts, and very little text — this is when you know you’ve stumbled upon the anti-branding graphics. It may sound a bit controversial. But since minimalism is the ultimate classic style, it’ll likely work for your brand too. 

This option may suit all kinds of digital and printed media, promotional posters, menus, and many more.

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2023 27

AI Designs

Artificial intelligence is another growing trend among graphic designers. It significantly simplifies your work and saves time and effort, even if you want to create complex designs. 

At the same time, there’s a widespread belief that AI may soon wholly replace graphic designers. That’s because it can quickly create any kind of graphics of all levels of complexity, from simplistic portraits and banners to psychedelic images and deliberate landscapes. Nevertheless, AI can come in handy if you want to add something extra to your work. For example, try it for YouTube thumbnails, posters, and event promotions.

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2023 28

Commitment to Diversity 

Finally, let’s talk about diversity in graphics. It’s not just a trend but a social commitment and responsible practice that most brands have already implemented in their corporate code. And apart from adding diversity to the list of your company’s core values, you can also show it in the visuals you share with others.

Moreover, diversity in graphic design isn’t a short-term thing. This is something you should commit to, adding relevant visual elements to your art. Besides, you can incorporate this style in many ways, not necessarily just featuring inclusive people in your graphics. For instance, you can add them as cartoon characters, implement minimalistic icons, and experiment with other formats according to your branding, tone of voice, and corporate style.

Of course, you can use diversity-related elements in any graphics. It will improve your brand image and attract more potential customers to support your corporate philosophy.

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends for 2023 29
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Final Thoughts 

Graphic design styles and trends are constantly changing. And, to stay relevant as a skilled professional, you should keep an eye on those changes. This approach will help your business stand out, always stay relevant to your clients, provide innovative ideas, and make a name as a progressive, cutting-edge company. 

You’ve learned about the new trends in graphic design that will be in the spotlight this year. Now, you can combine some of them and experiment with new styles for your social networks, landing pages, and other promotional elements. This way, you’ll understand your current business needs and realize what graphic style will help you gain more customers and improve your digital performance metrics. 

If you’re looking for a partner that can help re-purpose and turn your designs into animated videos for your business or projects, we at Explain Ninja motion graphics company will gladly help you out. Feel free to reach out to our team so we can run a brief consultation, answer the questions and get to know your needs better.

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