16 Ideas for Video Projects

One of a modern professor’s tasks is to provide the required knowledge and keep students’ attention. Video can be an effective tool. 

If only you know how to use it.

16 Ideas for Video Projects 20
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Short videos have many advantages to include in the learning process. Never mind how old your learners are, all of them will enjoy learning in this format! Integrate videos into lessons with pupils, and you’ll be surprised how much more interesting the education process becomes.

But it’s not that simple. To use videos most effectively, you need to know examples of such videos and the rules of their creation. The more bright models you see, the easier it will be for you to create videos for learners.

We gathered 16 examples for you to produce a great project with your pupils. By the way, you don’t even have to shoot anything with a camera. We collected 16 concepts for you to produce a great video plan.

Intrigued? Let’s move on to video projects ideas!

How To Make A Good Video Project?

To produce a project with classmates, you can use special services that allow you to mount training videos. It can be, for example, Animoto. A simple interface and many functions will allow you to create media without creating new content.

Before you create a video recording, we recommend that you write a plan and follow it. Your short movie should be interesting, bright, and correspond to the theme of the lesson. Also, it should be logical, fully disclose the lesson’s topic, and entertain your learners. 

Video Project Ideas for Elementary School

Beginner pupils don’t know how to keep their attention on important things for a long time yet. So when creating children’s educational videos, you don’t need to make them too long. Use bright colors, music, fragments from cartoons. This way, you can produce fascinating media pieces – for instance, think of how-to video ideas for school content.

So, let’s look at several ideas for video projects!

Talent Video

You may involve your students in the production. As a homework assignment, ask them to record their performance. It could be a singing video, a drawing demonstration, or a dance. You probably know about the popularity of TikTok among children. Rest assured that most of them know how to make videos on their smartphone. 

After the learners prepare a video of their performance, you can edit a whole movie about how talented all the kids in your class are.

Holiday Celebration Video

In anticipation of New Year’s or another important holiday in your country, you can prepare a video about interesting holiday traditions. You may also want to give your class homework about how their families admire the celebration.

Book Report Video

If your class has a reading list for a summer holiday, you can use a clip project instead of the traditional book reviews. This way, you can have your students prepare a presentation about their favorite books. Prepare a report on your preferred book and set an example for your schoolchildren. This way you can get them interested in reading.

High School Students’ Video Project Ideas

High school is just about the period when learners begin to choose a college. Use this feature to produce high school video production projects from animated product demo videos for Communications class to News videos for high-school projects.

Portfolio Video

Invite your learners to experiment and prepare their portfolios for college admissions or courses. Have students share a story about themselves and their skills that might be an advantage for admission.

Tour Video

Have your learners been on a trip? Therefore, here are some great student video project ideas to make a tour movie about a little trip! 

Promotional Video

If the school hosts an interesting event, it’s a good time to promote it with a video. 

It can be a report, an interview with the students who participate in the event, or a story in video-recording format. Students will be interested, so give it a try!

News Video

Record a clip of the school news, or give your own opinion on world news. It will develop students’ analytical skills. Also, this way, you can broaden students’ horizons about the news that is happening in the world around them and the school. Great homework!


Filming interviews are good video project ideas for students to get more fascinating facts about the personalities around their classmates. Invite students to talk to a teacher, family member, or classmate. By the way, in a pandemic, students can interview in an online format and save a screencast.

Stop-motion Video

It is just the case when students don’t even have to shoot something on camera. Such a video can consist of screenshots of the performance slides or photos. Set imagination free, and the result of this experiment might surprise you pleasantly!

Video Project Ideas for Higher Education Students

High school learners concentrate on significant abilities for their expected jobs. So you can suggest that they create video presentations based on this feature. Keep in mind that these are adults, which means you can increase the level of difficulty of the tasks a little. 

It will be even more fun that way! Here are video project ideas for college.

Self-assessment Video

Self-esteem is an important criterion for student success. Creating a video project is what will help your students figure out their self-esteem. There are many detailed instructions online on creating such a video recording, so students should have no difficulty.

Resume Video

Many of your classmates have reasonably already started seeing a job. Help present themselves in a job interview with a video resume! Remaining able to present yourself favorably in a video resume can help one find a job even remotely, which is incredibly relevant in this time of the worldwide pandemic. And you, as a teacher, can set an example and produce your video production projects. 

Whiteboard Animation

More original learners can try their hand at creating whiteboard animation. Invite them to tell a story using drawings on a white background. Students who are going to be animators or artists are sure to appreciate the process of creating a whiteboard explainer video.

University Promotion Video

Customarily, universities have small budgets for advertising and recruiting new trainees. You can manage students’ knowledge to produce a cool promotion video! It’s also a great way to get students interested in choosing a college. That way, you’ll give them the ability to study more about the academy while you’re producing a promotional project.

Written Assignment Video Presentation

Creating videos on a writing assignment are cool video projects for college students to share their work with teachers, professors, and classmates.

Information Chart Video

You can also use video to show the results of your study. Have your learners create charts and show them with a video.

Promote a good cause

Learners are usually people with active civic positions. They go to demonstrations against deforestation, for a ban on delphiniums, and various other reasons. 

You can ask students to make a video about some good thing they are doing for the planet or society. It can be as simple as going to a demonstration or cleaning up the area around the college, or some other video production project ideas. 


On the example of these 16 video editing project ideas for beginners, we showed how to incorporate video into an education plan for students of all ages. It is an opportunity to get what they have learned better and find out more about their classmates. 

Producing content helps improve editing, animation, and presenting skills to a potential company. Don’t undervalue videos! Every schoolchild today has a smartphone, so there should be no difficulty with making video-recording content.

If learners like the creative video project ideas in the training process, you might suggest producing a series of videos. You can think of several informational occasions to present your students’ jobs to other classmates. Diversify the education process with the help of the top explainer video companies, and you’ll be surprised how much better your students will begin to understand knowledge and how they will prepare for classes.

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