Top 7 Underrated Animated Videos

Today animated videos for the website, just like good animated movies to watch, are in great demand in various fields of activity with multiple industry businesses. Such an original advertising solution may surprise and engage all site visitors, attracting them faster to the company’s offer. Find the list of the most underrated animated movies and animated video explainers that help attract viewers and make them love what you do from the start for inspiration.

Top 7 Underrated Animated Videos 20
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Why are animated videos underrated?

Animation can tell about goods, services, or an institution, comically or officially. It is not difficult to guess that an exciting presentation of products significantly increases the demand for them. If you want the promotional video about your website to be not intrusive while at the same time making you want to share it with friends, order an animation that will tell about your offer in the most extraordinary way. Nowadays, underrated anime movies comprise a modern and effective method for subtle product promotion. Many of them may go far beyond your recognition in their style and sense. Such well-designed animation becomes viral and may quickly spread across social networks, on various platforms, and beyond the World Wide Web.

Underrated Animated Movies You Need To Watch

Animated business videos are a great way to share your brand story and explain complex ideas in plain language. Such videos are usually bright, dynamic, and, most importantly, highly engaging. Here are some of the most underrated animated movies which are also spotted among the top animated commercials videos ever created by various companies for their advertising campaigns:

1)    The LEGO Movie Characters present: Safety Video — Turkish Airlines

This video is one of the very cool commercials, the main actors of which are Lego men. The most popular of them was, with over 32 million views, a video about Turkish Airlines. In it, Lego heroes talk about how security is controlled and how cool Turkish Airlines is.

2)    Goldtooth Christmas Card

Stop-motion animation made for business is a great idea. Goldtooth Christmas Card is an extraordinary twisted Christmas video card from the Canadian motion graphics and visual effects studio GoldTooth Creative. To produce such an underrated animated film piece, a series of shots is used, which allow in a certain sequence (moving by 1-2 cm) to convey the movements of characters/objects in space. Thanks to a special digital program, the animator achieves the illusion of movement. This method of creating a video is suitable for ads and videos that are intended to be viral.

3)    Your Google Assistant

It’s better to show once than to tell 1000 times. This is a simple demo, drawn in 2D, that shows how the product works in real life through a question/answer form between the client and Google Assistant. Using real screencasts from the Internet, developers capture the attention of the audience. When writing a script for such a video, you need to get as close as possible to the experience of your client while using your product in real.

4)    NYP: Unmasking the Killer

The creators of the video describe it as a film designed to improve understanding of new methods in medicine. Unmasking the Killer is another best underrated animated movie which explains the science behind immunotherapy. Instead of talking lab coats or complex technical jargon, the film uses metaphor and storytelling brought to life by Noma Bar’s striking animation.

5)    SPOTIFY: Promo US Launch

This music playback service has repeatedly upgraded its demo videos. And in 2011, they created this video to present their application in the USA. The message was: their app is very easy to use, so why need words when you can show everything with visuals and jazz! The ease of use of the app sings in tune with the picture there. Agree, you want to watch this movie to the end to find out what they are advertising.

6)    Nespresso on Ice

This is the epitome of a timeless style. In 2017, coffee machine company Nespresso commissioned design illustrations from Pietari Posti to promote their new limited edition product, an iced coffee blend. The result of this collaboration is a 30-second animated video imbued with the warmth, grace, and luxury of the Mediterranean.

Such a mood creates a unity of animation and music (a pleasant sound, the sound of glasses with ice, the rustle of waves, the chirping of birds, etc.). The famous designer’s illustrations are very recognizable.

7)    Onomy Protocol

In cooperation with the Onomy project, in our next explainer video, we managed to tell about the product not only in words. A bright picture, light music, and floating characters = this is exactly what causes pleasant emotions. And if this business is supported by the facts, it’s invincible because Onomy Protocol is an upcoming blockchain project looking to become a decentralized reserve bank by providing the infrastructure to migrate the world’s centralized financial market into a decentralized finance framework. And the viewer can find it out from the video in no time. Crypto is one of the hardest things to animate and explain, but this one is a success.


Feel free to review the best underrated anime movies and find some inspiration for your animated commercials with our help. Also, do not hesitate to ask for some pieces of advice while coming up with your creative video ideas. Animation design professionals with creative thinking will work on your project. Their abilities allow for creating animated videos for the site with a well-thought-out script, amazing graphics, and high-quality editing. With us, you may be sure that your marketing video will remain in the memory of your site visitors for a long time and bring you, loyal customers, asap.

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