Whiteboard Animation in Video Marketing

Many explainer video production companies use whiteboard animation, a style of explanation video with cartoon figures and motion graphics on a white background. It really works good for different segments of target audience and not expensive in terms of production.

Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation

  • Complicated Product or Service. This type of video is widely used for presentations and tutorials. It does not have distracting bright features, and viewers are fully concentrated on its topic. Your target audience is ready to learn something useful and valuable.
  • Custom-made Characters. Draw characters which look and act like your customers. It generates brand allegiance and loyalty. Live and emotional cartoon heroes will attract your customers’ attention.
  • Push the Time Limit. Market experts know that an explainer video should be no longer than 90 seconds. But will you get bored if you watch 20-minute exiting cartoon? If your animated explainer video is engaging enough, your target audience sees a whiteboard in action and knows that a “cartoon educational lesson” could take some time.
  • Suitable for B2C and B2B Business. As whiteboard animation explains complex products in a very simple way, it’s adaptable for B2B in terms of selling your product to companies and B2C when a person is fascinated by lovely characters and interesting storytelling. Animation for business and ultimate consumers is a powerful tool in marketing.

Features of Whiteboard Animation

  • White Paper. As it was said above, it does not distract viewers from colorful background with complicated design.
  • InfoMotion Graphics. Entertaining graphics, side-by-side comparisons and statistics help users to understand the product within a few minutes as a graphically-explained data.
  • eLearning and eTraining. Whiteboard animation presents information step-by-step in a memorable way that is why it is perfect for companies which need to create many tutorials and educational videos.

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