Explainer Video: 60-Second Presentation of Your Company

Most coaches teach everybody the art to tell the corporate story in 60 seconds. They consider it as an obligatory skill for modern entrepreneurs and responsible companies. As animated videos for business are powerful promotion method and easy to perceive so why don’t use them?

When you use video weapons during a promotional campaign, introduce your business idea clearly without redundant details. The best advice is focused on 4 main elements of explanation video: introduction, qualities of the product, its differences from competitors, call to user’s action.

Start your 1-minute video with primary information about the company and its promoted offers. It should take a few seconds at the start of the video. Don’t use specific words or visual effects here.

The second part should emphasize the winning qualities of your product or services. Include the scene where the prototype of the customer solves its problems with help of promoted products.The short impressive scene should affect the potential customer with maximum power. The wide palette of effects will increase the perception of such a message.

Then describe your product differences from its analogs available on the market. Make the focus on the production process or progressive advantages of the promoted offer or product. They must finalize the capture of the viewer’s attention to the problem it needs to solve.

Usually, the final part of the promotion movie includes offer details and instructions for the user on how to order it with minimum efforts. It’s important to use the clickable links and phone numbers in your best explainer videos. The potential customer can make an order or build the route to your office right after watching the video. The feedback will set quickly.

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