5 Inspiring Ecommerce Explainer Video Examples

Do you plan to make an animated explainer video for your eCommerce business soon? You may need some inspiration before digging into the production process. We are here to provide it for you!

5 Inspiring Ecommerce Explainer Video Examples 20
Illustration by Lily for Explain Ninja

No matter the industry, marketing always means building brand awareness and the audience’s understanding of the product, first of all. However, eCommerce is a particular case since the prospective consumer has no means to interact with the product like in real life and try it out. Convincing becomes challenging here, and marketers have to look for really creative ways to grow the audience’s interest in the product. An explainer video can be extremely effective in this situation. 97% of marketers report that videos have helped them raise the user’s understanding of the product or service in recent years. In this article, we will overview the five most amazing eCommerce explainer videos that we have recently found on the web.


Sometimes, product marketing is not about product features and how it works but about standing out from the competition with something original and extraordinary. It’s what Shopify has implemented in this video. The animation communicates the message in a very creative way. It does not mention how the product works but rather how it feels. Shopify’s animated commercial features a simple hand-drawn illustration style and lovely music background. It also has a professional narrative and voiceover that allows the viewer to understand the product essence even better.  


The eCommerce product explainer video by Wallprotex guides the audience through ordering their custom wall protection products, from the essential idea to a prototype and final development. The brand uses an outstanding chalkboard animation style in the video, making the company look creative and thinking outside the box. This animation reflects the blueprint aesthetic and sometimes even imitates real Wallprotex user interfaces of designing and product ordering.


An explainer video by Comr.se describes how a digital eCommerce service works and how the user can benefit from it. It clearly tells the customer’s problem and provides an effective solution. The service of Comr.se allows people to enjoy a smooth shopping experience across various social media platforms without being distracted by intrusive ads when they are scrolling their favorite brands there. The video has simplified animation and illustration that walks the user through an entire customer journey and emphasizes the competitive advantages of the service. In this explainer video, illustrations and animations constantly transform from one image to another, accompanying the voiceover throughout an entire story.


Norton’s animation video is a perfect example of how you can introduce a product or service in a very short period of time. In this case, it’s only 29 seconds which appeared enough to communicate Norton’s product idea and explain how it works. The video uses non-ordinary animations and bright characters to emphasize the importance of digital information protection. Within 29 seconds only, creators succeeded in making a strong case of digital protection. Although this animation is much shorter than the previous ones, it doesn’t mean it’s less effective!

FiftyThree’s Pencil

This story is about a little pencil that can literally think in your hands. This explainer video features the product from FiftyThree, a stylos. The company takes a very creative approach to the live-action demonstration. Switching from one shot to another, the camera films the product itself instead of the person using it. The Pencil goes through a variety of contexts, implications, and situations in the video. The end result of the animator’s and filmmaker’s work is an explainer video that showcases Pencil’s usability and versatility.


Product marketing isn’t easy in the digital world due to the tough competition. However, an explainer video can significantly help eCommerce companies stand out from the market and earn the customer’s trust. Here we have considered the five most lovely eCommerce explainer videos. We hope that this short video overview will bring some inspiration to you.

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