5 Big Reasons Why You Should Use Animation in Advertising

Businesses across different industries are always looking for the most creative and unique way to advertise their products and services. They often consider advertising as an additional opportunity to build a sharp brand image, showcase the company’s uniqueness, and set warmer and more personal relationships with a target audience.

The animation has become the answer to a growing demand for creativity in modern advertising. Many small and global brands start deploying the power of engagement applying animation in their ads. Animated commercials on TV, animated GIFs in social media ads, creative animated banners on websites – there is plenty of incredible ideas to use motion graphics in advertising.

Why should forward-thinking companies try to engage their audiences with animated ads? In this article, we are going to consider the top five reasons and inspire you for new creative experiments in advertising. Let’s start!

Think Out of The Box

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Animation in advertisement opens limitless opportunities for imagination and implementation of the most incredible ideas. A talented motion designer and illustrator can create everything possible literally to imagine in a single animation. The sky is the limit.

Extraordinary views, exciting transitions, sharp zooms, and various visual metaphors – you can implement all you want in an original animated ad. Bring the boldest ideas into reality with motion design in advertising. And believe us, it will attract people and make them more loyal to a brand! Why? Because of a honey taste of creativity and originality is always alluring and very engaging. Animation advertising will add the needed creativity to grab the attention of potential customers.

Grab Attention with Engaging Characters

The user’s attention spans seem to become shorter every day. It is challenging to grab the audience’s attention in the digital space that is crowded with advertising even more than before. Although what can stick to our memory is something that evokes our emotions.

Lovely animated characters can be powerful attention-grabbers in advertising. They are memorable, attractive, funny, and often drive specific emotions and feelings. We used to associate favorite characters with brands that stay behind them. They catch an eye, make us interested in a brand, and in products/services it offers.

Reach a Broader Audience

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All of us are like kids; we love cartoons from childhood. An engaging cartoony animation can attract both children and adults. Due to its versatility and creativity, it can be relevant to different target groups. Animation in ads has been used since the very beginning of advertising itself and it does not lose its relevance today. Use funny and beautiful animation to engage more people and make your advert reach a broader audience. A nice instance is an explainer animation created for Club Soda by Fireart Studio.

Moreover, you can use various animation styles and techniques to make a visual even more universal and memorable. The visually stunning animated advertising can be an excellent solution for brands that strive to cover broad audiences. Just imagine a lovely animated mascot that represents your brand – it may become a favorite hero for all!

Convey Complex Ideas

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Like live-motion videos, animation can help you transit complex ideas in a simple form. Do you need to promote a product or service that is excellent in its concept, but it’s difficult to explain to the audience? Animation advertising may be your perfect solution.

You can create impactful explainer animated videos and use them in advertising. It allows you to convey the essence of your product and a concept of your brand in the easy-to-understand form. An excellent example of the usage of animation in advertisement is an explainer animated video for OpenGear created by Explain Ninja.

People are visual creatures, and we perceive 80% of information visually. Ads with animated explainer videos perform much better than ads with simple images.

Create a Lasting Impression

The beautiful animation in ads can create a lasting impression for your prospective customers. There are not so many brands using this practice in advertising. So you can pioneer in uncovering the power of animation in terms of user engagement and advertising.

By using animation in advertisement, you will make your brand stand out from other companies and attract the audience’s attention. Showcase that you are thinking out of the box. Convey an idea of the exclusiveness and uniqueness of your approaches as well as your products and services. It will help your brand build an unforgettable image and set you apart from the competitors.


The animation is a new advertising trend. You can reveal the beauty, style, and uniqueness of your brand in the eye-catching animated videos and GIFs that will leave nobody indifferent. Animation advertising is a perfect way to draw the user’s attention, build loyalty to a brand, and convert more sales. Hopefully, five ideas mentioned before will inspire you to make new creative experiments and spice up your advertising campaigns. Do not be afraid to use animation in ads as it is a great tool to heat up the attention to your product.

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