Cartoon Marketing: 10 Reasons Why You Should Use It In Advertising

Cartoon marketing is an effective tool to activate the sales funnel and engage your users. Discover ten more reasons why you should start using cartoons and brand content video animation in your marketing.

Cartoon Marketing: 10 Reasons Why You Should Use It In Advertising 20
Illustration by Dzmitry Kazak for Fireart Studio

Advertising trends never stay the same. Each year the industry comes up with some new methods to promote products. If you plan to preserve a solid online presence and keep your business advertising up to date, you need to be in the loop. 

One of the most fast-growing advertising trends is cartoon marketing. It developed from explainer video marketing, known for the impressive results on brand awareness and the entire sales funnel. Just look at these numbers: 86% of businesses noticed an increase in traffic, 83% – in dwell time, 78% – in sales. No doubt that video marketing should become the number one issue in your whole marketing strategy of 2022. But before you start to implement cartoon marketing in your strategy, let’s get to know more about it.

Javier Roldan says that ‘Cartoons can help a lot to put a human touch into your marketing efforts. It’s one of the most unexpected allies for it, mind you, but one so damn effective that more and more companies are betting on it.’ Indeed, they are human-centered, appealing, and attractive for customers – and what should we want more?

Cartoon marketing is based on using animated videos in promoting/selling/advertising services or products. Like any other video marketing tool, it’s central to a company’s outreach and has a huge effect on its social strategy. Now let’s dive into the benefits of using cartoon marketing and analyze how it can make sense for your advertising strategy.

It Makes Sense by the Numbers

Let’s be honest. From the first glance, cartoon animation doesn’t look too serious. Animated characters may look funny but result in substantial growth. According to various researches, cartoon videos can affect the following metrics:

  • capturing user attention

Imagine that you come to a website of a bank organization. You want to know more about the features or benefits of this organization, but you have no time to read the information presented on the website.  A video explains complicated things faster and more effectively than words. 2minute video can cover key information and attract attention to the most important moments. A user spends just 120 seconds to get all the answers, and now he’s ready for the next steps.

  • gaining brand awareness

Animoto states that video advertising is the primary way for the clients to discover a brand they later purchase from. Cartoons advertising used in TikTok and Instagram helps differentiate from all other brands that sell the same product or offer the same service.

  • affecting sales funnel

Wyzowl presents impressive stats on how animated cartoon videos affect the whole sales funnel. For example, 84% agreed on videos to be a helping tool in generating leads. 43% of companies noticed that the number of support calls reduced after adding an explainer video to a website. All in all, marketing cartoon video helps generate more ROI, and it will be a great decision to introduce video marketing in your strategy.

Flexible Budget and Pricing

How much does it cost to create an animated video? For any company, this question is the next that comes to mind when the ROI benefits are understood.

Cartoons are cost-effective and do not require too much time for production. Moreover, they look beautiful even if created under the conditions of a limited budget. Compared to live-action videos, the difference between a low-cost cartoon and a low-cost live-action video will be huge. But even if you will try to save money on live-action video production, it will not be easy to do. The matter is that to produce a live-action video, you need to hire actors, rent decorations and professional equipment for shooting, and of course, you won’t be able to do all the job on your own.

With cartoon videos, everything is simple. Of course, you need a team that will help you bring life to your idea, but you can save money on actors, decorations, and equipment. Prices on cartoon videos are very flexible, and they will depend on the time you have for production, length of the video, and complexity of the animation.

Extensive Customization & Versatility

Did you notice that you always judge the quality of products or services by the quality of content you get from the company? Animated video can become a strong tool in your communication with your audience – customers, partners, prospects. 

A cartoon is always created case-by-case. Therefore, each one is unique. As the animation is created from scratch, it’s possible to create any image, any character, and decorate the story in various ways. Everything depends on your imagination!

In cartoon marketing, customization and versatility assist in uniquely demonstrating benefits and key features. Therefore, you get unlimited opportunities to create a video that your audience will love.

Seamless, Organic Branding

What would you choose: showing off your branding just to get noticed (and risking to annoy your customers and prospects!) or introduce your brand into their lives organically?

From the first point of view, it seems that the more you demonstrate a brand logo, the more people know and love you. But that doesn’t work that way. There are millions of brands worldwide, and most of them are unknown no matter how often their logo appears everywhere.

People love brands that impress them – without focusing on who we are, but what you can get from us. With a cartoon video, you can put this in a story carrying your brand’s message through the images.

Effective Characterization

Cartoon Marketing: 10 Reasons Why You Should Use It In Advertising 21
DAN Gartman for Fireart Studio

There is a small psychological trick that you can use in cartoon advertising – if viewers associate themselves with the characters of the video, they are most likely to copy their behavior. That will also work in videos, where the characters have the same problems as viewers – and if they see a solution in a video, they act the same!

For instance, a person wants to track daily activity but doesn’t know how to do that. As a solution, we demonstrate a character who has the same problem but solves it by installing the app of the company we represent. The problem is gone, and it’s time for a prospect to act in the same way.

Overcoming Short Attention Spans

We need to accept that people no longer have enough time to read all content on your website. We consume so much information every day that it becomes rather frustrating for us to concentrate on the details and find what we need. How to solve this problem? To show a video!

A short and visually attractive video will entertain your audience, concentrating on key facts and delivering the right message. Watching a video is convenient, easy, and it does not take much time.

Let’s imagine the situation: you need to learn how to set up an app so it could help you solve your problem in two taps. Of course, you can read the FAQ, find an article on the website, but you can also turn on a 30-seconds video and do that with no extra effort. Great, isn’t it? We’re sure: while watching a video, you won’t close the page and go to Facebook – you’re in the process now!

Post-production Flexibility and Adaptability

We have already mentioned that cartoon marketing videos are cost-effective. This is attained by an easy process of post-production. The matter is that animated videos have a structure of puzzle: you can easily move scenes at any stage of video production, and even if your video is done, it won’t take too much time to change something in it.

Compare it to the live-action videos: if you miss some scene and notice it during the post-production, you need to change the whole narration or hire the team one more time.

Emotional investment

We all love cartoons. They return us to those days when everything was simple and easy, and the biggest problem of the entire life was what cartoon to watch now. It’s an emotion that no one can forget. And we recommend using it in your marketing strategy.

Marketing cartoon video is more than compelling images. It’s a story behind your brand. A story that causes emotions and creates emotional bonds between a company and customers. It’s more than just seeing yourself in a character – it’s about seeing your whole life in a 2-minute video. Obviously, the story must be strong enough to make viewers feel like that so you need to work on the narration and the plot.

Visual Simplicity

No matter what kind of company you represent, you have some complicated things in your business. How to explain them in such a way that anyone can understand that? The answer is by using cartoon marketing!

The most important thing about cartoons is that they use metaphors to showcase situations. And as we know, a metaphor is a key to explanations. Moreover, with the help of an animation, you can explain complicated things straightforwardly, with no images and hidden stories. You just show how something works step by step, and it may be enough for your audience to understand the problem by watching a visual representation.

Distribution Ease

Finally, your video is ready! What to do next? Publish it on different platforms! A good cartoon marketing video can be distributed anywhere where your audience is present:

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Youtube
  • Medium
  • Reddit
  • Quora

And when your video is online, wait for the unexpected outcomes! Cartoon videos are so loved by the audience that willingly or unwillingly, they are reposted and republished many times. And as you know – the more people see (and like!) your content, the more customers you get.

Wrapping up

Cartoon marketing videos can make you popular. But it won’t happen if the video has low quality, no story behind it, weak narration, or pure voiceover. You can achieve a great result with the help of a professional team of animators and illustrators who will make your story shine.

We know that you may be confused at this point – you’ve already understood that cartoon marketing is a perfect tool for marketing, and now you see that nothing is so simple. That’s why we are here! We do know how to create cartoon videos and how to do that and reach perfect results.

In the process of creating a video, we take everything on ourselves! We will start with a briefing to get to know your preferences and goals. You will tell us everything you want to get – and we will create a strategy for achieving that. We will write a script, create a storyboard, illustrations, and animation. Moreover, we partner with a team of professional voice actors, so your cartoon will not only look but also sound great!

We at Explain Ninja are always ready for collaboration. Give us a call or leave a message, and we will answer all your questions about cartoon marketing!

What are you waiting for? Just leave us a note, we’ll respond faster than Flash would do!

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