How to Create a Successful Video Ad?

In this article, we are sharing several handy tips to creating a win-win video advertising for social media and engaging video ad examples.

How to Create a Successful Video Ad? 20
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Video advertising has become even more popular than before since modern customers constantly increase video consumption volumes. We love watching videos because they communicate the main idea quickly and easily, interacting with us at two different perception levels: visual and audial. 

Thanks to receiving information from different channels, we can get a more comprehensive vision of the subject. Bright and engaging videos intrigue the audience, make a powerful impression and drive the viewer’s interest in a brand that stands behind this video concept. Video content has many advantages that help attract the audience’s attention and introduce the product/service creatively. That’s probably why so many companies shift to video advertising today. 

However, standing out has never been easy, especially now, when the web is saturated with various content types and styles. So, we have prepared a brief guide to help companies create successful advertising videos.

Explore your target audience

Before creating a video advertisement, it’s essential to learn about the people you are targeting. Investigate their demographics (age, gender, location) and psychographics (interests, hobbies, purchasing behavior). Also, it’s advisable to create a customer persona – an imaginative portrait of your ideal customer that includes all this information, as well as information about what kind of content they consume the most, on which social media they are the most active, why do they need your product or services, and so on. 

This approach will help you better understand the viewers of your future video advertising and adjust the animated commercial video to their mood and preferences. It allows brands to speak the same language as their target audience and communicate a marketing message more effectively.

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Formulate your message

Once you investigate a target audience inside out, you will need to formulate the idea for an explainer video and how you’re going to help consumers solve their problems using your product/service. In other words, you will need to create your marketing message. It should be clear, informative, and engaging. 

You can start by talking about the problem that the average person from your target audience may face in reality and introduce your company’s solution. Don’t be too salesy and obtrusive. Modern marketing is about storytelling rather than simply selling. 

Tell a great story

Your “story” should be catchy, impressive, and laconic at maximum. Keep it simple, short, and memorable. Also, don’t forget that a story should be about consumers and their reality rather than about a brand itself. This approach allows brands to engage customers, reflect on their daily life and show how their products can integrate into it harmoniously and make it even more enjoyable. 

However, it much depends on the purpose of your commercial video, target audience, and the industry where your company operates. It’s better to tell a story directly about the product or the brand in some rare cases, especially if it goes about a brand introductory video.

Don’t be afraid to be different

Every brand is unique and has its own way of interacting with consumers in the online world. Trying to copy someone’s practice or steal their ideas isn’t a good tip since it will definitely get noticed and may hurt the brand’s reputation. Investigate your audience, define your product’s competitive advantage and bring it to the world via your own, extraordinary style. 

Don’t be afraid to be different. Stand out with your style, messaging, visual communication, and humor. Set your own trends and rules. Just keep in mind that it shouldn’t breach someone’s interests and offend any minority in your audience.

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Create impressive visuals

A visual constituent of the marketing video is equally important as the message behind it. We recommend paying particular attention to choosing or even creating your brand’s unique visual style that will be easily recognizable across different content types, from illustration and advertising to product explainer videos to website design, and so on.

Of course, hiring a great designer or animation production company would be the best solution. However, if your startup is at an early stage and the budget is limited, you can create powerful visuals on your own. There are many graphic design tools for non-designers available on the web.

Add a call to action

An eye-catching call to action at the end of your marketing video will add the necessary spices and let people know the next steps. It’s a powerful practice, and ignoring it isn’t a good idea. You can encourage people to check your website out, learn more about your brand and product. Motivate viewers to take action.


Are you going to launch video advertising on social media and the web? This brief guide into video ad creation can help you create the visual and the message that really stands out from everything you can see in the online world right now. We hope these several tips will help you craft a win-win video advertising campaign and earn customer loyalty. 

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