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No matter what kind of video you’re producing—whether it’s a promotional piece, an explainer video for a new project or just something for experiments and fun—you want to make sure that you have the appropriate sound effects at your disposal. Sound effects enhance the visual appeal of your video and can give the action onscreen additional sparkle. Let’s check on some sound effect library websites with best free sound effects that may come in handy while making up incredible videos.

Awesome Free Sound Effects Websites 20

Understanding Sound Effects

An artificially produced or enhanced sound, or sound process, is known as a sound effect (or audio effect) and is used to highlight artistic or other elements in movies, television programs, live performances, animation, video games, video explainers, music, or other media. They were traditionally produced with foley in the 20th century. It’s now that everything’s changed and we have many ways to get free sounds for multiple purposes. 

Before you chose a perfect sounds for free library, its wise to have a clear plan on sound and voicing that corresponds to the future video script, business goal and strategy and then pick the websites that contain what you really need like sounds of high quality to add at the end of video production. Using an all-in-one video editor and sounds form the best sound effects library is the ideal option if you want to quickly add sound effects to your videos because you need to save a lot of time & money.

Importance of Sounds Websites

Visual effects are frequently added by web designers or other specialists to aid consumers in understanding what is happening. The user interface (UI) contact can be reinforced even further by music, alerting your user that their action was effective. Explainer videos cannot exist without enhancing free sound effect, etc. 

Sound may be utilized to interact with customers, promote your brand, and increase sales. The time it takes for a human to hear and understand a sound is just 0.146 seconds. This gives sound a direct line to a customer’s emotions and can help your business’s brand become more well-known.

Finally, we sense and feel life through sounds, allowing us to hear and experience our surroundings through our ears. With various sound effects from the best sound effects library, it provides us with a variety of feelings and emotions. And with the help of freesounds you may pick on best website for sound effects, you have an advantage for any type of work and impact. 

Top Free Sound Effects Websites

We’ve picked some useful free sound effect platforms where you may search, look through an choose appropriate commercial sounds or music for your video with low or no budget for sound, download free sound effect, and have no licensing issues from free video sound effects usage.


Awesome Free Sound Effects Websites 21

Expertly composed sound effects for your creative projects are stored here. Generally it is a platform designed for developers, designers, musicians and other users. Envato offers a huge range of web templates for website creation (from stock photos and exclusive fonts to WordPress templates and 3D elements), tutorials, layout tools, free sounds effects and more.

Envato Elements is a media library that works in a subscription format. Users can download unlimited photos, web templates, videos, music, sound effects, fonts, and more.


Envato Elements has a number of free movies sound effects and popular sound effects and advantages that explain its size and popularity among designers and web developers:

  • No download restrictions. Users don’t have to keep track of how many products they can download from Envato this month.
  • Affordable subscription price. For a team, the subscription amount varies depending on the number of participants. There is a 30% discount for students.
  • Huge library that is constantly updated. A large selection allows you to choose the most suitable tools for your site.
  • Many categories of digital goods that are collected in one place.
  • Ease of use, general license for all digital goods and user-friendly website design.


The disadvantages of the service include the fact that all users have access to the same digital resources. In addition, Envato does not provide technical support as independent authors create all products. The best sound effects website does not have product update notifications.


Awesome Free Sound Effects Websites 22

Their sounds have been employed in a variety of scenarios, and they consistently provide fresh, high-caliber movie FX that you can simply include into whatever project you may be working on. They also offer additional resources to aspiring video creators. One of the first free sound effect sites on the internet, PacDV has been offering FX at no cost since 2001.


  • It has been around for a long time.
  • No registration is needed
  • Commercial use of all sounds is free.


  • little library
  • no search engine
  • very lame to navigate


Awesome Free Sound Effects Websites 23

They offer a number (approx. 4,500) of cartoony noises you can utilize if you’re seeking for fun. Need something outdoors or more realistic? They also possess it. Free SFX is a simple-to-use website that is incredibly simple to explore, offering hundreds of various sorts of sound effects and music tracts in any category you can think. After just a few minutes of browsing or exploring the website, you can find what you’re looking for.


  • Free Simple navigation
  • The website also offers songs with no royalties
  • All downloads are MP3; there is no WAV file available.


  • Each use requires attribution
  • There is a tiny library.


Awesome Free Sound Effects Websites 24

You can browse SoundEffects+’s dozens of categories to determine what suits your needs best or select from some of the most unusual possibilities available.

They constantly add new sound effects to their library, and their license agreement is simple to grasp. One of the largest libraries you can search on the internet, SoundEffects+’s library features over 5000 unique, royalty free sound effects.


  • Unique sound effects
  • Attribution is not necessary
  • superior sound effects


Like most of these sites, you must register in order to download the sound effects, but the registration process here is more involved than most, as it requires more information than just your email address and password.

  • long registration form
  • Each file has an audio watermark.

Nearly 50,000 users share those same sound effects on the website.

 Partners In Rhyme

Awesome Free Sound Effects Websites 25

Partners in Rhyme is one of the best free sound effects websites and has begun adding thousands of new royalty free sounds to their website, and they intend to continue doing so in the future. Free effects and solutions available without a license fee are particularly prioritized by Partners in Rhyme for FX and music.

For as long as you want to use the music or FX, almost all of the alternatives on this page have lifetime licensing agreements, so you won’t ever have to be concerned about copyright issues.


  • Lots of options
  • Finding what you’re looking for is simple and doesn’t require you to sign up.


  • A separate tab for each sound effect is created
  • Not every sound effect is cost-free.

Because the search bar doesn’t only focus on sound effects, you’ll also find results for other things.

99 Sounds

Awesome Free Sound Effects Websites 26

Their mission is to ‘offer free sound effects and sample libraries of commercial quality, for no price.’ As a result, you can be confident that all sound effects on this website are 100% free to use commercially.

99 Sounds is more of a modest collection of themed sound effects than it is a sound effect directory. You can only download a themed collection; there is no way to search for and download a specific sound.

The 32 collections are laid out in a beautiful, tidy fashion and nearly resemble album covers. However, due to the specialized nature of the collections, not everyone will find something here.


  • The usage of all sound effects for commercial purposes is free.
  • You can obtain a sizable themed collection.
  • The website is user-friendly and has a beautiful design.


  • The collections haven’t been updated since 2016 and are large and take a while to download
  • There is no option to search.

Sound Jay

Awesome Free Sound Effects Websites 27

Sound Jay’s sound effects are high-quality 16 bit stereo 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz files that can be downloaded in MP3 or WAV formats. Before downloading, the size is also provided, which is useful. Despite the library’s seeming smallness, users are encouraged to bookmark the website because new sounds are frequently added.


  • Superior sound effects
  • No registration is needed
  • Commercial use of all sounds is free.


  • Little library 
  • No search function
  • Ads everywhere

The absence of a search bar on Sound Jay is among the first things that catch the eye. As you can see from the screenshot above, the only option to search for sound effects is to click on one of the ten categories on the homepage.

YouTube Studio

Awesome Free Sound Effects Websites 28

You can utilize a variety of free sounds and free music from YouTube Studio, which is a component of the YouTube creation suite, in any content you submit on the website.

Their entire collection is quite specialized, with several kinds of firearms, aircraft, automobiles, and more.

As a result, YouTube Studio makes it simple to locate sound effects for any scenes in your movie that need them.


  • Service that is always at hand.
  • Simply click the download option to get an mp3 copy of the tune to use on YouTube.
  • It’s as easy as using the rest of the website.


Too many restrictions:

  • The whole credits must be listed in your video description.
  • The music cannot be claimed as being your own.
  • The song cannot be sold anyplace.
  • The song can’t be remixed without the author’s permission.
  • The music can’t be used without proper attribution in the video description. 
  • You can’t take anything out of or add anything to the credits.

You can’t download the video/track using unofficial software. You must use the download URLs provided by YouTube Audio Library alone.

If you want to utilize the music for any purpose other than YouTube, you MUST get in touch with the artist.


An excellent free sounds for videos can go a long way in any project you’re working on. Discovering a sound effect that you are free to use might be difficult and time-consuming without obtaining a license or paying royalties. Find in the directories of royalty-free sound effects the ideal free sound effects for video editing and sound effect for any application, website or video design you can imagine to create from the list. There are more than hundreds of thousands sound effects available and prepared for usage. There is no need to be concerned about ongoing royalties or licensing issues. If you need a deeper insight and individual approach in producing and processing your videos for a product, feel free to contact our specialists.

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