10 Video Ideas for Your Company

Can you believe that 27% of online viewers spend 10+ hours per week watching video content? Digital marketing specialists are also aware of this trend and skillfully use video marketing as their tool for greater brand awareness and sales increase. Catch a pack of helpful ideas on video use for your company’s profit!

10 Video Ideas for Your Company 20
Illustration by Bea Vaquero

1. Company Announcement

Compared to the formal company intro, a storytelling technique is the better option to make your brand memorable from the very start. To get it right, consider the following video structure: describe the situation briefly, indicate the challenge, and offer your solution. 

Look at Manychat’s company announcement example and get inspired! In less than two minutes, the potential customers already know the basics about the service and, what’s more, follow the problem-solving scenario that will make their pain in capitalizing on a business lesser.

2. Teaser

To leave some intriguing veil over the brand, use the teaser video as a great attention-grabbing tactic for the wider rich. In this case, you don’t use any specific details about the company’s history, services, or corporate culture. Instead, the primary task is to create strong and vivid associations with your product.

This teaser by Weider, the well-known sports nutrition goods, hints at beautiful and muscular bodies and connects these images with protein consumption. The involvement of celebrities and tense music underline this message and add up to the general atmosphere. 

3. Company Culture

It’s another relevant type of content marketing that correlates with storytelling videos. Here, your mission is to narrate your company’s way to success neatly and interestingly. Exclude any tedious and redundant facts and make your brand shine bright like a diamond!

Watch a piece of company culture shot by the Miller Real Estate Team and see how it appeals to the idea of a family business. They clearly state that their real estate company aspires to “become a resource for years to come.” This story is touching and engaging, don’t you think so?

4. Onboarding

To make your customers easier cope with your service or product, use proper video instructions. Most often, it gets the embodiment of educational and how-to videos. Meanwhile, the range of video materials for beginners may vary on the brand. Cherrypick one that explains your functionality the best! 

The onboarding example by Butler Branding Agency teaches the new PMs coming to the company how to communicate with customers through emails, meetings and reporting, sprint sessions, and regular phone call follow-ups. This short video can be a good start for those getting to know the company specifics.

5. Market Overview

Start with analyzing the company’s performance for a definite period — a month, a quarter, or even a year. The analytics tools will guide you in this process, but you can even dive deeper into the additional market research findings. Another way to create the market overview video is to repurpose the infographic into animated content. 

Though some customers will consciously skip this type of content, the other part, analytical thinkers, will appreciate your efforts. Here is the salary market overview of Ireland in 2021 made by Robert Walters Group. In this video, you’ll learn about the hiring trends in this country and prepare for the new in-demand work challenges.  

6. Live Stream

This type of video marketing content allows you to invite your TA to the depth of your business and show it from the inside. The gaming industry is full of these examples as viewers watch the other gamers play with gusto. Also, the FAQ session format is possible for a live stream if you’re eager to cover the most widespread questions from customers.

The live stream by Camp Company, the German autosport partner, belongs to the first type under the description. By watching it, you become an active participant in the extreme ride!

7. Unique Product Uses

The most straightforward route is to show your customers how to use a particular product’s features to achieve a concrete result. Do it with an expert’s help or provide the piece of user-generating content. Whatever path you choose, this video is essential to get your customers acquainted with your brand in detail.

Have a good look at the unique product use example by Apple! The viewers are learning to implement the looping video technique on iPhone. Education and fun come together!

8. Top Tips

Tips aren’t only for the text! Put them into the video script, and you’ll get more attention to your company compared to the same information published as a blog article on your site or in the app.

If you’re craving an example, the ‘Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Video Production Company’ video is the right match! This top tips clip prepared by FlashFilm Academy provides content creators with valuable recommendations to make their business even more efficient. Check them out!

9. Myth Busting

Maybe you were a fan of the Debunked documentary? It’s time to revive this type of video in the business setting! 

Here is an example of how the famous car brand is doing it in their Audi EV Myth Busting Series! Watch it closer to get the answer to the question of whether the EVs are convenient for use on a full battery or not. Any guess?

10. Competition/contest

Well, that’s not only for fitness or working out challenges! The competition video is already the marketing tool that stirs customer engagement and strengthens the brand image.

This video by FYZICAL Rockville, the therapy & balance centers, asks volunteers to participate in the nutrition challenge. Come and see how it works! 


Creating different types of video content is the perfect marketing decision to transmit your brand’s value to your customers. Make them diverse, helpful, and entertaining to reap the benefits in leads generation or sales growth!

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