Landing Page Explainer Video

As you know, landing pages contain essential information on a particular service and product, and its main purpose is sales growth. Explainer video production companies advise inserting a video on a landing page to optimize conversion rates and generate more leads. It partly replaces copywriting and demonstrates a product more clearly.
How to use landing page videos properly?

  • Video layout. Place your video at the center of the page so that visitors couldn’t resist clicking it. The centered position and bright play button are the most beneficial for a landing page.
  • No auto-play. Never use autoplay media as it annoys visitors a lot. Let them control and digest the information they want to see. If you think that colorful characters in motion attract more viewers, use a silent contextual video with or without subtitles. Consult your video production studio and other people to make sure they really like it.
  • Professional look. Sometimes hiring a production company is not affordable for startups, but an explainer video is worth investing in. Even if you make a video on your own, find enough time to make it proficient.
  • Length. Never forget about the golden rule of the best explainer videos: they should be between 60 to 100 seconds. According to the research made by YouTube, most viewers come from videos with this duration. In addition to a video, add some pictures and content to your landing page. Many users avoid reading long texts. They want to obtain the necessary information as quickly as possible. You can also add a few videos for a demonstration of separate products. For example, if you show three models of mobile phones on your landing page, create three short videos demonstrating each device separately.

After web video production and launching assess the results of your video (play rate, number, and duration of views, etc.). Don’t forget that elements of a landing page work as a whole. So, your video should correspond to your design, main message and existing content.

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