How to Measure Success of an Explainer Video?

Analytics and ROI is the following step after marketing video campaign created by your explainer video production agency. But how to measure its success and understand it brings profit for your business?
Here are some measurement factors necessary for statistics and analytics:

  • Total number of views. Of course these figures do not necessarily mean that your video was watched till the end. But many views let you know that at least users clicked it and it was catchy and sticky enough to attract them.
  • Time spent on the web-site. How long do viewers stay? If an explainer video (or a how-to tutorial) is engaging time-on-page will increase dramatically. Make adjustments if you see that the target audience is not interested.
  • Conversion rates. Explanation video service includes analysis of CTR and conversion. For example, if a video gets 100 views, and only 25 users visited the web-site, the CTR is 25%. Depending on goals, you may need to increase traffic to the web-site. Conversion means the number of viewers who took an action (registration, purchase, receiving newsletters).
  • ROI (return-on-investment) is related to an explainer video price, i.e. profit you make as a result of a video in comparison the amount of money spent.
  • Site referrals. This rate shows how viral your video is. How many sites do refer back to you? Link backs really increase traffic.
  • Feedback from clients. Customers’ feedbacks define the success of a marketing campaign. Always ask for feedback to find out whether the customers are satisfied with your product or service.
  • Demographics rates. Pay special attention to customers’ location, age, gender and possible interests and needs. The video content should correspond to their problems and find solutions.

Note that most platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Google and others have detailed video analytics to understand the performance and necessary adjustments.

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