Explain Ninja Continues Leading in Animated Explainer Video Production

The world’s known market research and analytics hub Clutch.co has rated Explain Ninja as the leading animated explainer video production company in Poland. 

Video marketing is gaining momentum in 2022, and animated explainer videos are among its top trends this year. The most ambitious startups and innovation-thinking businesses across all the verticals choose animated video commercials as the most effective sales and marketing tools, while explainer videos still are recognized as the best way to educate, engage, and entertain consumers. 

The animated video production industry is seeing the emergence of new talented startups. However, the competition is still leaded by trusted and well-known companies who have pioneered in animated video production. This year, Clutch.co has published its annual Leaders Matrix, demonstrating the market share and competition of the top explainer video production companies in Poland for 2020. 

Explain Ninja, an established animation and explainer video production company has appeared among the leaders in the list of top 10. The company’s extensive expertise, an exceptionally creative approach, and the ability to shape an exclusive style to every single client’s project have been estimated as the best in the industry and featured in the Leaders Matrix. After researching Explain Ninja’s creative portfolio, investigating the company’s rankings, and exploring previous client reviews and recommendations, Clutch.co has included Explain Ninja in the list of the best explainer video companies. 

Explain Ninja has kindly shared with us insights backed by its 7-year-experience in animated video creation, as well as the main reasons why animated video is one of the most effective tools available for businesses today.

Animated Videos Make Learning Entertaining and Increase Customer Loyalty

A lot of forward-thinking businesses understand the importance of customer engagement and entertainment. Today’s marketing dictates new rules, and the number one of them is that people don’t buy products anymore but exciting stories related to them. In the current market crowded with similar products, brands should invest in creative marketing storytelling to stand out from competitors and acquire new customers. 

Companies can use animated videos to tell their brand stories as well as educate their customers about how to use a product or service in an engaging and entertaining way. It will help increase customer satisfaction and the overall positive brand image.

Explain Ninja Continues Leading in Animated Explainer Video Production 20
Animation by Explain Ninja

Explainer Videos Transfer The Most Complicated Business Ideas in The Simplest Form

Regardless of the industry and complexity of a business idea, which you try to communicate to your audience, a video might appear to be the most effective way to transfer information. It allows you to break all the information down into short times slots (scenes) and introduce all the concepts consistently, step by step. It will help you avoid overloading potential customers with too complicated information. An explainer video allows representing information in a short, creative, and easy-to-understand form so that you can be sure that a marketing message is delivered to the customer successfully.

Explain Ninja Continues Leading in Animated Explainer Video Production 21
Animation by Explain Ninja

Animated Videos Emphasize Your Brand Vice and Boost Brand Awareness 

Global brands like Slack, Spotify, and Oreo have already invested in the creation of branded animated commercials and explainer videos. They have leveraged the power of the video to increase brand awareness and strengthen their identities. These companies have used logos, branding colors, mascots, marketing jingles, and other distinctive elements of their brand identity design right in animated videos to communicate their messages, express their personalities, and build powerful positive associations with a brand.

Explain Ninja Continues Leading in Animated Explainer Video Production 22
Animation by Explain Ninja

About Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja is a trusted animated explainer video production company that helps brands transfer their message to customers, spice up an online presence, build customer loyalty, and stand out from competitors through engaging videos. The company brings together award-winning creative directors, animators, and producers. Explain Ninja is proudly partnering with creative marketing agencies, startups, and enterprises all over the globe. Since 2013, the team has delivered animated videos to global brands, such as Pipedrive, Codio, MyTaxi, Swiss Fin Lab, Boostation, Plato, Young Alfred, and many others.

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