10 Best Testimonial Video Examples

Customer testimonial videos are great final steps in converting leads into clients. What better way to persuade the potential client to buy a product if not video reviews and feedback from the people like them?

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We all know that reading reviews is a significant and sometimes decisive step in shopping, so a video testimonial is a perfect addition to your website. It has the potential of getting rid of all the concerns your future customer may have.

But how to make a testimonial video, and where to get inspiration for one? We will discuss it in this article. Keep reading to check the best testimonial videos for your inspiration!

What is a Customer Testimonial?

First, let’s learn what a video testimonial is. Basically, this is a recorded video review from your client or clients expressing positive experiences with your service or product. Client testimonial videos usually list their advantages and overall experience with your company, website, and employees. 

The expected number of reviews per product keeps growing, and that means customers do and will continue to trust services and companies with multiple positive reviews. And with the growing popularity of video content, adding creative testimonial videos to your website is a perfect way to increase sales and customers.

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What Makes a Great Video Testimonial From a Customer?

A product testimonial video is a great way to increase your sales and gain new customers, but these videos are quite tricky to produce. Great testimonial videos have a short but clear script. They are well-produced and well-filmed. However, they should save a little bit of authenticity. We tend to trust less professional reviews and prefer genuine ones. 

Video testimonial’s best practices make everything professional from a technical way but keep it genuine and sincere. We can highlight three main characteristics of a successful video testimonial.

  1. Define results and interests: a highly-performing video should define results and highlight specific data. It should include the specifications of your product and a description of the certain client’s experience. The video should present the specific reasons your service is better than competitors and why a client should choose you.
  2. Authenticity: no one would like to see an overly produced video review with a professional actor reading scripted text. Do not underestimate your customers. They feel what is natural and genuine. 67% of the US consumers at least question the authenticity of reviews, and they won’t make a purchase if they are fake.
  3. Storytelling: a video testimonial should not consist of dry statistics and facts only. It should tell a story and evoke emotions to resonate with your potential customers.
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How Can You Make an Effective Video Testimonial for a Customer?

If you are a relatively young company or you have recently launched a new product, it’s natural that people would be skeptical about it. And what is the first thing consumers look for before making a purchase? Right, it’s reviews and testimonials. 

Nowadays, about 60% of marketing strategies include video content, and adding customer testimonial videos to your marketing campaign is a great choice. Best testimonial commercials have a good script and follow the natural storytelling paths. A great video will match a stylistic of your brand and conceiving message and encourage your audience to make a purchase and become loyal customers. 

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Three Key Tips to Make Customer Testimonial Video

Video testimonials are a great practice in video marketing. They allow you to build a closer connection to your audience and send a more convincing message to your potential customers. There are several tips and tricks for creating the best testimonial commercials, and we will discuss them in this article.

Focus on the Customer’s Journey

An excellent way to create a video testimonial is by showing your customer’s journey from the moment they discovered your product till the final feedback. Focus on how your client finds out about your company, address their initial doubts, and accompany the viewer along with your customer’s success story. 

It should not necessarily be a great success story of a CEO of a big company. Still, smaller and more relatable stories will create stronger bonds with your future customers as we can see common people like us trust a company.

Capture a Real Moment

Letting a group of consumers test your product and film their genuine reactions is a creative and entertaining way to produce client testimonial videos. It’s a perfect solution for food, appliances, and other products to use immediately. 

These types of testimonial video ads have a reality show element in them and draw a lot of attention from a broad audience. Moreover, this kind of real-time and first-hand experience adds to the video’s authenticity and makes it more relatable.

Plot the General Structure for Your Piece

Once you have decided on the type of video testimonial, the next important step would be to plan the future structure of your video. Make sure to create a storyboard with all the important elements of the testimonial and a clear and easy-to-follow script. 

A great idea would be to insert all the elements of your video with timestamps and write down all the additional ideas you have that might add to the story of the video testimonial.

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Tommy Nicholas for Codecademy

A great product testimonial video from Codecademy shows us a young and aspiring programmist sharing his success story. The video flows naturally, and it has nice editing showing us Tommy’s interview and his work. It appears genuine and not scripted, and it looks like we observe Tommy using his coding skills gained in Codecademy right before our eyes. It might be one of the best video testimonial examples we can see. 

Wiley for Hootsuite

A social media management platform, Hootsuite, decided to include interviews of several members of the Wiley Publishing team in their testimonial video ads. The video feels very natural as we witness specialists in their field giving their honest opinions of the service they are using. It is a great practice to include several team members in your video testimonial if you are cooperating with a company. 

Fulfillment by Amazon

To promote their ‘Fulfillment’ services, Amazon decided to share success stories of several thriving sellers using their program for a while. Sellers share their amazing stories of increasing sales and briefly explain how the system works. Their stories are relatable and truly fascinating, and you have no choice but to believe all the feedback they give.

PayPal for SAP HANA

PayPal’s testimonial video tells us a story of a successful partnership with SAP Bank Analyzer powered by SAP HANA. A financial specialist and the representative of the bank list all the benefits they have received working with PayPal. The video contains technical terms and data that would be extremely useful and interesting for potential partners. It’s highly informative even though it lacks emotion just a little bit. 

Visiquate for Epipheo

Here is one of the other great customer testimonial video examples. Epipheo asked the CEO, CTO, and Chief Marketing Officer of Visiquate to share their experience working with this video production studio. Their speech is very emotional, and you can see that they can’t hide their fascination with the service. We also see some parts of the working process that seem to be very creative and fun. After watching this video, it’s really easy to make a decision and start working with Epipheo.

Susan Cole for Applied Fitness Solutions

Another example of best customer testimonial videos is a success story of Susan Cole and her collaboration with Applied Fitness Solutions fitness center. A happy story of a woman is accompanied by a short video of her first visit to the training center recreated. We can see all the processes you will face during your first experience with the service, as well as the prices for their monthly subscription. 


Andrew Walton shares his experience with learning the Chinese language using the TutorMing service. This young man is excited to share the story of his fascination with the Chinese culture that started in middle school and his current experience with TutorMing. We can see parts of the lesson where Andrew demonstrates his language skills. And what can be a more convincing review for the language school than showing fluency in foreign languages of the students?

Magic Flack

Magic Flack company decided to present us with their product in a fun and creative way. They have organized a taste test of different liquors with and without the flack itself. The actors in the video had a chance to test the product, and their immediate reactions were filmed during the test. This is an amazing way to create great testimonial videos for your product that will stand out among your competitors.


Will Curran, a founder of an event production company, Endless Events, shares his personal experience working with HubSpot. He tells us his success story that started with his passion for spectacular events and his way to the top once he started his collaboration with HubSpot. By his expressive speech and happy face, we have no choice but to believe this review, and as we have already said, the best video testimonials for business are always genuine and natural.

American Express

American Express decided to combine testimonial video ads and explainer videos in one. In the first half of the video, we have a short explanation of how the system works, and the second half of the video is dedicated to an interview with one of the American Express partners. An SVP Accounting of a global background check company First Advantage shares his experience about their collaboration and lists all the advantages. It’s a great movie to explain the aspects of your service and give testimonials at the same time.

To Sum Up

We should say that customer testimonial videos are a great tool for contemporary marketing strategies. Client reviews are an important part of forming opinions about your service, and sometimes, it’s a decisive point in making a purchase. 

Creative testimonial videos bring more authenticity and a personal approach to your potential customers and your audience. People always tend to seek more genuine reviews as they should have a real experience and real thoughts. 

Make sure to make your video testimonials for a business engaging and genuine. Do not try to fool your audience with fake, overly produced reviews, as this is really damaging for your reputation.

Keep your client testimonial videos creative and stand out from your competitors, don’t forget to use the video testimonials best practices we highlighted in this article, and you will gain more sales and more customers. Our specialists at Explain Ninja will help you to complete this task easily. 

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