Use Cases of an Animated Explainer Video in Digital Marketing

Here we overview the most popular use cases of animated digital marketing videos and explainer videos for business. Are you ready to start?

Use Cases of an Animated Explainer Video in Digital Marketing 20
Illustration by Maya Nguen for Explain Ninja

Digital marketing has recently evolved a lot. Modern customers don’t perceive traditional advertising well, and trivial product pitches have become irritating for most people. In 2022, marketing takes a new turn. Today, we see the growing popularity of animated commercials, explainer videos, and other types of video marketing campaigns. Would you like to learn more about how to use an animated explainer video in digital marketing? Here we provide several handy tips on it.

Product landing page

Use Cases of an Animated Explainer Video in Digital Marketing 21
Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

An animated product demo or explainer video on your product landing page can significantly increase sales. Flat images are the past. Now, companies introduce their products in 3D animated video, GIF, or 360-view videos. These modern types of product presentations drive target audience engagement and increase chances of making a conversion.

Do you want to present your product really creatively? There is likely no better way to do it than by using an animated explanatory video. Animation allows you to convey the product’s mood, character, and the idea behind it. Moreover, you can zoom into details, showcase hidden components, and disassemble the product, demonstrating all its most beautiful features and aspects.


What can help you stand out from the competition is the animated video. Really. Many brands are aware of the power of video marketing today. However, not all of them use it appropriately. The most effective way to impress your audience is to place an animated video that tells your brand story, shows a manufacturing process, or introduces your team on a website. Some companies place it in the homepage background, other brands just embed it organically somewhere in the web page design.

30-second videos, 60-second videos, or even 90-seconds videos – all of them would serve great for a website homepage. They can quickly provide the web visitor with an understanding of the company’s mission, services, goods, and values. One video on a homepage is better than tons of text instead. We’re visual creatures. That’s why customers will much appreciate such the company’s presentation.

Online advertising

As mentioned above, advertising is now experiencing challenging times. To advertise successfully and make sales, you must be hyper-creative in your ads. Otherwise, it doesn’t simply work. Companies across different industries and verticals use animation to spice up their advertising with something fresh, innovative, and surprising. 

Animated commercials with fun characters, humorous visual metaphors, infographics, and appealing voiceover – they do perform in the modern digital world. You may wonder why? The answer is simple. They deliver not only information about the brand and its offering but also a lot of fun and entertainment. People sometimes watch animated marketing videos just for having fun. But, who knows, maybe, your animated brand presentation will look so engaging that they will decide to learn more about your company on a website. 

Social media marketing

Social media is now saturated with various content types, from ordinary images to 3D graphics, GIFs, and videos. However, the video is still the most powerful of them. It catches an eye when you’re watching the social media feed, drives interest, and makes you want to learn more about the brand on its social profile. Animated explanatory videos are beneficial and actionable in social media advertising. They perform great in promotional stories and convert more sales than photos. 

Furthermore, you can use animation in the highlights or upload it into IGTV. It will help introduce your company as a creative-thinking brand that steps beyond traditional intros. 

Email marketing

Use Cases of an Animated Explainer Video in Digital Marketing 22
Illustration by Julia Hanke for Explain Ninja

Email marketing has become an art today. Customers will unsubscribe from boring and too frequent newsletters, and you may lose their attention and loyalty. However, you can avoid it by leveraging animation in your email marketing. It adds dynamics and fun to your brand message. 

You can embed short animated videos or GIFs into emails to heighten the receiver’s interest in what your company is and what it offers. It’s also very beneficial to use animated product videos on special days, like Black Friday, during the winter holiday season, or on customer Birthdays. It allows you to show that your brand cares about its customers and always tries to prepare something unique, very special for them.

The digital marketing video is an excellent alternative for many content types

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