Unusual Art Techniques & Illustrations

“A painting is never finished.

It simply stops in interesting places.” — Paul Gardner

Illustrations help people’s minds to comprehend both complex and simple ideas. Illustrators convert the written word into understandable pictures which may later be animated through quality motion design. According to linguistics studies, the mind processes images more quickly than sentences, especially extensive sentences.

The game has more than changed today. Somehow, design artists grew weary of using conventional instruments and began experimenting with everything that would yield successful results. While some of these materials are only for curiosity’s sake, some are downright bizarre, and still, others are completely insane. The outcomes are usually really spectacular. This time we’ve picked some most unusual techniques and designs from our artists, which are non-trivial and, thus, highly alluring to sophisticated customers. Here they are.


Barbie is a trend, so is an illustration made by Agnieszka Olearczyk for Fireart Studio. Enjoy it.

Unusual Art Techniques & Illustrations 20

Window close

This art is made by using traditional techniques and materials. Tools are gouache, cardboard, scanner, and digital brushes. Looks like a painting.

Unusual Art Techniques & Illustrations 21


Tools used in Meditation were watercolor, paper, color pencils.

Unusual Art Techniques & Illustrations 22

Among the whales

This is one of the concepts made for a client. Watercolor Among the Whales.

Unusual Art Techniques & Illustrations 23


Cruise is a pencil drawing-like design. Have a look:

Unusual Art Techniques & Illustrations 24

Accenture vs Deloitte

Another one is made to illustrate the article on Deloitte vs Accenture consulting services. Dark colored pencil drawings are among favorites.

Unusual Art Techniques & Illustrations 25


Get some more updates and illustration process videos from our artists.

Unusual Art Techniques & Illustrations 26

Peek a boo

Step-by-step illustration process on artists’ IG highlights.

Unusual Art Techniques & Illustrations 27


 This one resembles a great odd piece of a flat design. Enjoy Strawberry!

Unusual Art Techniques & Illustrations 28


Another styled in the same way is Lifeguard.

Unusual Art Techniques & Illustrations 29

Wrap up

Help your business grow with illustrations to comprehend both complex and simple ideas into compelling stories. Illustrators convert their imagination into understandable but still unique pictures. No wonder. To demonstrate to you how some peculiar and unconventional painting methods can, in fact produce stunning results is our primary task. To avoid being bored with painting illustration designs, inserting them into animations in the same way, you are welcome to join us any time in our creative journey. Feel free to get inspired and business savvy with our design help.

What are you waiting for? Just leave us a note, we’ll respond faster than Flash would do!

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