Ingredients of an Amazing Software Animated Demo Video

It seems there is no better way to introduce your newly launched software product or its latest features than to do it in an engaging animated demo video. It is the versatile marketing medium for transferring key information about your product peculiarities and value proposition. Many intelligent brands all over the world use the power of animation to engage potential customers, make them interested in a product, and create a lasting impression. 

Today, we’re talking about the seven most essential elements that make an animated product demo genuinely memorable and appealing. Are you ready to get to know how to enhance your software product introduction?

Emphasize the problem and its solution

An excellent software demo includes the identification of the audience’s core problem and its possible solutions that are presented in your product. You can start your video with a quick overview of the customer key pain-points. Keep in mind that the shorter a video is, the more engaging it may appear to be for your viewers. 

You can make the following parts of your video based on steps that reflect the main product features that actually are the problem solutions. It would work best if your animation described essential product functions from the perspective of user pain-paints. In this case, your product will look like the best solution that gives customers the pain-relief.

An excellent example is a video, which Explain Ninja produced for The Campus.

Make your product demo focused on the experience

Don’t forget to tell the viewers how they can use a product, how to install it, and even where they can find it (if needed). You should also concentrate on product user experience. Mention about those characteristics that make your software unique and particularly helpful to users. 

Through the use of storytelling and compelling animated characters, you can demonstrate viewers how they can download your app or buy the software. Now, a lot of animated demos involve the main hero that represents a brand and guides users throughout a process. 

Another important part of the user experience is onboarding. You can use this character to tell about your software in the video as well as inside of your digital product experience to guide customers throughout all the steps of a user journey.

Concentrate on the key feature

There are many products and brands that name themselves versatile solutions to various problems. However, to be great, a product shouldn’t solve many problems, it can solve only one or several key problems but to do it really at the highest level. 

We encourage you to put a particular emphasis on the main product feature (or features) when creating a product demo. It should constitute the basic value of your product and be the center of attention. All the additional features that contribute to a product essence and value proposition should be harmoniously unfolding around the main concept. This approach helps you keep the concise, well-structured, and easy-to-understand information architecture in your video.

Ingredients of an Amazing Software Animated Demo Video 20

Illustration by Julia Hanke

Introduce your product value. How does it make a difference?

A good product should be functional. But a great product should bring even more than just functionality. It should really make a difference and also bring aesthetical, intellectual, and conceptual value. It should motivate people to move this world forward. 

What is your product value? Creatively share it with your audience in the product demo. You can use incredible effects, narrative scenes, memorable characters, or even different types of animation to convey your idea the most engagingly. 


Anyway, your primary product demo ingredients include also creativity, uniqueness, and willingness to shake the audience’s established patterns. An animated video should convey your desire to offer customers more – the amazing alternative. It must be the solution that helps them tackle core problems, gives visual pleasure, engages them, and motivates them to think out-of-the-box. 

At Explain Ninja, we wish you produce an explainer video that will uncover your product’s beauty and essence in the best way possible. We would also be happy and very motivated to apply our extensive expertise and skillset to help you implement your bold ideas in the eye-catching animated video.

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