15 of the Best Corporate Animation Examples

Corporate animation videos are the kinds of videos that assist businesses in promoting their brands and outpacing their rivals. Different features of a business might be included in a corporate animation video in order to market the business. Typically, corporate landing pages have animated videos and so many more. Let’s discuss it a bit in detail and check on the top corporate video examples here.

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What is an animated corporate video?

A corporation may utilize an animated corporate movie to inform, educate, or amuse its clients. A corporate animated video’s writing and artwork must closely reflect the brand’s tone of voice. So, corporate animation – what is it? 

These may be awesome business videos that assist businesses in promoting their brands and outpacing their rivals in particular case. Different features of a business might be included in a company animation video in order to market it and make it clear to the public. Typically, corporate landing pages expose business animation video to present an idea, feature, and product or more in corporative tone of voice, brand package, etc.

Corporate animated video are intended to educate a target audience about the business while also keeping them interested in the business and its offerings. A corporation can communicate with their audience in ways that they can relate to by using an animated video. Many individuals will find it easier to grasp the company’s goals as a result, which will encourage them to do business with it.

Why use animated videos in business?

Any business that wants its clients to make purchases must actively engage them. An animated video on a firm landing page will make it effective for the business to outperform its rivals in terms of conversion rate.

An effective corporate animation video can also assist a business increase SEO and rank better in Google searches. This will increase the company’s client accessibility and let it expand more quickly than most others.

The target audience the business is seeking to reach must be kept in mind when creating a corporate animation video. You’ll find it simple to develop the ideal video for the business as a result.

A target audience’s attention in what you are saying is kept by the animated video. When an animator concentrates on a company’s goods and services, they can easily have an impression on the audience. When the audience is actively participating, they will be entertained as well, which will increase sales.

When used in meetings, business animation can transform a PowerPoint presentation from dull to interesting. Animators can use their skills to produce videos that can aid businesses in sales meetings and other situations.

Most customers today, according to research, view a video online every day. Therefore, using a video to engage clients and maintain competitiveness in digital marketing is crucial for any business. For each business, this is the initial stage in the sales process.

A potential consumer will be engaged by animated videos’ content, which will also give them important firm information. Therefore, the film must capture the viewer’s interest and encourage sales.

You can manipulate scales and defy natural rules using animation. Anything goes when it comes to animated videos. Allow your creativity to soar! It enables you to effortlessly bring any idea to life, no matter how complicated or fantastical it may be.

Different facets of an organization can be included in a corporate animation video to help it promote itself.

Business animation movies are effective marketing tools that assist enterprises, firms, and more in easily communicating their tales and complex concepts to their target market. It’s a fantastic, affordable, and simple to manage technique to communicate your main points to your audience.

An easily understandable explainer of your product’s operation and purpose is provided by corporate videos animation. Your business’s services and goods are intended to simplify your customers’ lives. When delivering a tale, animated videos can be excellent.

Thus, brief videos used to promote your goods/services on various online or offline venues to generate demand and raise awareness are considered to be animation video for business.

Video increases overall potential customer engagement. According to Explainify, up to 84% of consumers make their purchases only after watching a brand video.

Corporate organizations frequently request a set of movies with a narrative of the company values or to be utilized for internal training because they have more workers and a defined budget for staff improvement and engagement strategies.

Drive organizational change by quickly educating your team, assisting them in operating at their peak performance, and using appealing visual information.

How much is corporate video animation?

50 to 3000 dollars per minute is the costs of professional animators. What is the price of good animation? One studio may just charge $1,000 for an animation minute, but you can also choose the more expensive option, which costs about $30,000 every second.

The highest end of the cost spectrum is where you’ll discover professionals that can create a unique, high-quality video. Whatever the cost of the animation work, it’s vital to keep in mind that independent contractors frequently manage every aspect of production on their own or just provide a small number of services.

For example, the price range for a minute of 2D animated video is between $8,000 and $50,000. The price of 3D animation is significantly higher; it might range from $10,000 to $200,000 per minute. The pricing range variation depends on the quantity of characters and sophisticated business animation features.

Best Animated Corporate Video Examples

To make an animated video that will help sell the business, animators will draw on many elements of the organization. Corporate animated videos are the best ways for animators to attract the attention of corporations. They promote a product and make sure they are seen by lots of people.

Here are some of our preferred cherry-picked instances of animated business videos. They  are as follows:

1. DHL

In terms of aesthetics, the color scheme’s use is sharp in how it reflects the brand’s color motifs. The DHL logo at the end of the video helps to further establish the brand.

This video walks viewers through each stage while clearly explaining the services the company provides. Here, clarity is essential. Additionally, it demonstrates how a shipping firm may attend to all of your needs.  

2. Apple – Carbon Neutral

This animated corporate video combines live-action footage with cool animated images and typography. A position as significant as making every Apple product carbon neutral by 2030 requires the best animation technology to support it.  Well done, Apple. Amazing ad design combined with environmental preservation? You Android users need to really examine who you are.

3. Starbucks

Herein is the corporate animation video’s beauty: Starbucks tells a moving tale about their passion for quickly combining coffees from around the globe. Simply put, it is very natural for that consumer who desires more.

Because Starbucks is such a well-known company, this movie can omit the typical brand introduction in order to explore the nuances of their expertise and skill in developing original and unique coffee mixes.

The clever corporate explainer video animation design uses vibrant colours and scripting to highlight the expensive features of the coffee. As a result, the spectator is naturally encouraged to feel as though they can nearly taste what is happening in the video.

4. Cross-Contamination

An ingenious example of how an animated corporate video could be used internally to explain your protocols and values in a light-hearted manner. Employee interest will be maintained and learning time will be cut down thanks to the clear and appealing animation style.

5. CoronaVirus Video – UK 

The second portion of the B2B industry is built around employing animated training tutorials to instruct individuals in a variety of common tasks. This happened, for instance, during the coronavirus epidemic.

6. HonestGorilla

Here is another 30-second commercial that employs a constrained color scheme to produce a beautifully branded and animated piece. The energy firm HonestGorilla shows viewers in this video how simple and enjoyable it is to use their website.

7. Microsoft

Microsoft is able to demonstrate the key advantage of their function by having multiple characters all acting simultaneously on the screen and creating changes thanks to animation.

Instead of filming straight from their platform, Microsoft chose to advertise their whiteboard capability through a 2D animation.  This might have been done to reduce the number of UI improvements that marketing videos would need to make over time, but animation also makes it simpler to demonstrate their collaborative capability. 

8. Amazon

Another 3D animated video is available here, this time from Amazon. Amazon chose to utilize animation to describe their new Amazon One biometric payment system. Since animation enables companies to create promotional videos for their products before they are ready and accessible to the general public, it is ideal for communicating conceptual ideas like these. 

You won’t need to adjust your marketing materials if looking or feeling of your product changes if you create an animated video without adding a like-for-like image of your product, platform, or app.

9. B&Q

Here is an effective stop-motion video from B&Q. Animation studios that who introduced Wallace and Gromit to audiences, helped stop-motion become well-known.  Stop-motion requires developing realistic sets and actors and painstakingly repositioning on-screen items frame by frame, but B&Q’s perseverance pays off in this case.

10. TSB

When combined with the soothing soundtrack and the 2D animation’s almost watercolor-like look, this advertisement is a delight to see. Additionally, this video makes extensive use of panning and zooming to follow actors around while telling a very intimate story. Giving the bank the “local,” “personal” feel they’re striving for is undoubtedly helpful.

11. Nestle

Here’s another illustration of a straightforward yet gorgeous animated animation that exudes professionalism. This and other videos demonstrate how effective animation can be for corporate videos. Animation need not be “cartoony”—far from it.  Given that animation is a fairly sustainable type of communication, it’s intriguing that Nestle used it for their sustainable future corporate animation.

12.  Slack

Slack is a workplace communication tool, and this video sums up exactly how life was for employees before and after Slack. This video’s constant motion makes it difficult to look away, and the subtle use of Slack’s colors and sound effects makes it a superb example of well-branded material.

13. McDonalds

One of those fortunate companies that everyone recognizes is McDonald’s. As you see from the examples, this provides them the ability to experiment with a variety of various styles. 

The visual and narrative conventions of anime are employed in this advertisement for McDonald’s recruitment. It’s unique, it’s entertaining, and it undoubtedly caught people’s attention.

14. New York Presbyterian

The demo is incredibly intriguing to watch and the visual concepts made these challenging subjects much easy to understand. One icon transforms smoothly into another in countless creative ways. 

15. Bulb

In comparison to other types of content, individuals are twice as likely to share videos. In this 30-second commercial, Bulb wanted to emphasize one basic point: that they are the largest provider of green energy. 

They filled the remaining time with humor, which keeps viewers interested and may even inspire them to share the film with their friends on social media. 

What are the different corporate animation styles?

As you see the animated videos for business enlisted are made in variety of styles and techniques. The industry allows you create any type of video animation for business in any genre and forms, indeed. Let’s check out on some of the most widely applied.

Whiteboard Animation

You may create business animation videos using whiteboards which is very useful especially in training purposes, etc. You could also come across whiteboard videos referred to as doodle videos. This is the film that shows how to draw pictures on a board or glass and gradually unveils a concept or plot through graphics that have been purposefully made simple.

2D Animation

The process of giving objects and characters in a two-dimensional space the appearance of movement is known as two-dimensional animation. Traditionally, 2D animation was created by hand, but today, it can also be produced using computers.

You may captivate a target audience with 2D animated explainer movies by using eye-catching graphics and a compelling narrative. You may deliver all the information concisely and interestingly by using an explainer video.

3D Animation

You need an explainer video that is animated in 3D. To create the appearance that these digital objects are moving across a three-dimensional (3D) space, 3D animation involves producing moving images in a 3D environment. 

With the use of 3D animation, brands can now communicate their messages more effectively, advertise their goods and services more effectively, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Stop Motion Animation

A sophisticated flipbook-like animation style is stop motion. It entails taking photographs of the objects in your frame, which are subsequently moved physically. The approach gives the appearance that an object is moving independently as each frame is played in order.

Creative stop motion animation films explore the surroundings of their characters and how magic can occur amid everyday objects. For applications where doodling, puppets, or plasticise animation just won’t cut it, the best stop motion is recommended.

Cut-Out Animation

The trick is that it’s a type of frame-by-frame animation that makes use of flat visuals, props, and even backgrounds made from materials like paper, cards, stiff fabric, or old photographs, among others. Cutting out people, objects, and scenarios from materials like paper, card, and fabric allows for the creation of 2D animation.

When used in your video production, cut out animation may help you stand out from the competition and captivate the audience unlike any other format. 

Typography Animation

Typography may offer you a style of visual art where the text prominently features. Another fantastic method to use animation to decorate text is through kinetic typography. Any type of moving text, whether it moves slowly, morphs into another object, expands, contracts, or changes size is referred to as kinetic typography or animated typography.

This method makes it possible to display information in a variety of ways. That’s why this is frequently used in music videos, commercials, educational programs, and video blog posts, etc.


Popular corporate organizations use videos to showcase marketing success, and efficient learning objectives and acquaint personnel with the orientation procedure. These movies include organizational culture and administrative practices like computer logins, extensions, email setups, etc. to teach brand staff members how to carry out simple and difficult duties within the company. They can assist a business in ensuring that its employees will perform their jobs effectively. Delivering animated corporate video material to your potential clients is a terrific approach not only to attract but also maintain their attention, regardless of how old or fresh your firm is. It’s straightforward and effective: getting good outcomes depends on crafting a compelling story that arouses audience’s emotions and culminates in an impactful conclusion.  Create videos for your corporate goals with Explain Ninja.

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