Top 10 Training Video Production Companies

People keep gaining benefits from the use of digital technologies. Education is no exception. Training videos are short but meaningful guides created to help people learn effectively. They lead to success thanks to an easy-going approach, informative background, and availability. It’s a perfect alternative to in-house courses and peer-to-peer coaching.

Top 10 Training Video Production Companies 20
Dzmitry Kazak for Fireart Studio

Tutorials don’t overwhelm users and do help to perceive any material. Many companies want to let their employees learn new things with ease. To supply them with engaging training videos, companies look for suitable vendors. 

There are hundreds of video production companies out there, and each claims to be the best one. In this post, we will help you make a wise choice. We collected the top 10 training video production agencies. So before you surf the Internet and view a bunch of offers, check out our tips.

Why is Training Video Production a Good Idea?

First of all, make sure that the training video is right what you need. Many employers still think that the old learning methods work better. Why do you need a company training video production?

If created properly, a training video is a fast and fun way to learn. Let’s imagine you’ve just found a new job and look forward to lifting your career to the next level. Onboarding and instructions about the responsibilities of your new position are important stages. Most of us would rather watch a brief guide with attractive animation instead of reading dozens of pages. 

The digital approach prevails. According to Statista research, more than 70% of employers choose online training and eLearning to train employees. Moreover, TechSmith reports that the popularity of instruction videos is growing by 70% year over year. 

Top 10 Training Video Production Companies 21
Consumption of instructional video content is increasing particularly fast

It means that people don’t just love video content because it entertains and excites. They also love it because it’s helpful. 

How to Choose the Right Training Video Production Company?

Before choosing the video training company, be sensible and think carefully about what you need. Ask yourself all the necessary questions and consider our tips to make the right choice. These are the key points that will help you make the right decision. 

Learn the Skills

If you want to develop an idea or already know what you want to see at the end of production, try to find the team whose skills will meet your expectations. Some training video production companies are more experienced in creating a specific type of motion. They have their vision and style, so make sure their portfolio impresses you and your visions match. 

To learn more about the team’s expertise, find and examine the feedback of their clients. It can give you much more than just reading about their experience on their website.

Look for creative, talented, and skillful teams. Even if the company doesn’t have tons of experience in video production training content they make can stand out. 

Set your Deadlines

If you require complex shooting in different locations and additional equipment, you have to be ready that production will take longer. But a training clip doesn’t have to be complex. It is a tool for effective and meaningful explanations. Taking this into account, calculate the time and set a reasonable deadline.

Consider the stages of video production and leave enough space for editing. Discuss the timeline with the vendors. They certainly have more experience and will help you calculate how long it may take to implement your plan.

Define your Budget

The educational video production cost may vary depending on its complexity, type, and the time needed to prepare, shoot, and edit. It will also depend on the number of specialists who will be involved.

Find out the current market prices and try to set reasonable limits. Request for the quotes from a few agencies you like and evaluate your options. Finally, keep in mind that investing in video production is investing in the future of your business.

Send an RFP 

RFP (request for proposal) will save time both for you and for the production company. It is the way to explain the goals, describe your ideas, and express any special requirements. In your RFP, give a general overview of your business and an idea of the training you want to be made. Explain yourself briefly but consistently. Mention deadlines and approximate budget. Send your RFP to a few companies. Receiving the proposals, you will see real opportunities.

10 Companies of Training Video Production

Here is a list of 10 talented companies with a short description of their services and examples of their works. 

  • Explain Ninja
  • Epipheo
  • Wow-How Studio
  • Topline Film
  • Wyzowl
  • Animation Explainers
  • Creamy Animation
  • Demo Duck
  • Skeleton
  • Bold Content

1. Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja is an animation studio based in Warsaw. It belongs to a powerful design and development company Fireart Studio. Explain Ninja specializes in creating engaging and outstanding video content.

The company carries out all stages of animated video production. These are briefing, scriptwriting, storyboard, illustrations, voice-over, animation, and sound design. Explain Ninja creates impressive 3D and 2D animation. It also offers a professional voice-over, among the other options. The team of award-winning professionals is ready to make a results-driven training video that will impress your audience.

It helps its clients with imaginative storytelling, unique content, and clear communication. Some of the brands the company has worked with are Google, Opengear, Zense, Pipedrive, Bolt, and many others. Explain Ninja offers an individual approach to every single project and is ready to deliver tons of creativity. So choosing this company for your training video production, you will be totally satisfied. 

Top 10 Training Video Production Companies 22
Explanatory animation video. By Explain Ninja for Codio, a famous ᠌ ᠌platform for high-quality computer science education

2. Epipheo

Epipheo is a big studio based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company has an impressive number of specialists. They work with various types of video content, including explainers, educational videos, and e-learning courses. Epipheo’s main advantages are claimed to be extensive expertise and attention to the brand they are working with.

3. Wow-How Studio 

Wow-How Studio is a company with offices in San Francisco, London, and Kharkiv, Ukraine. A big and professional team creates many different types of videos, including training and educational ones. The studio works with all stages of video creation. Among their clients, Wow-How Studio has Mercedes-Benz, Hallmark, Sony, Grammarly, and other famous brands.

4. Topline Film

Topline Film is a London-based international company that makes content with real impact. They create different types of videos, from case studies and explainers to social adverts and testimonials. Among others, the studio has created a lot of comprehensive tutorials. Topline Film worked with such famous brands as Microsoft, University of Cambridge, Financial Times, and Siemens.

5. Wyzowl

Since 2011, Wyzowl has been one of the market-leading video companies. They have completed over 3,000 videos for small businesses and large companies like LG, Feeding America, Kodak, and Amazon. Some of the benefits of this agency are fixed prices and deadlines with a transparent system of clients’ reviews. 

Top 10 Training Video Production Companies 23
Training internal team members on the importance of booking efficient meetings. Created by Wyzowl for Natixis

6. Animation Explainers

Animation Explainers is focused on creating short but eye-catching animations. They make it for many business fields such as medical services, cryptocurrency, fintech, etc. Except for animation explainers, the company creates video content for social media, corporate, and training videos.

7. Creamy Animation

Creamy Animation is a Canadian company from Vancouver. It’s majorly focused on corporate training video production and educational videos. They are engaging and make even difficult topics clear. The company’s main goal is to make training and instructions that simplify complex things and educate the audience. 

Top 10 Training Video Production Companies 24
How to Volunteer. Animated training video created by Creamy Animation for MMC

8. Demo Duck

Demo Duck is an American-based company that describes its main goal as humanizing brands. Considering video content as an ongoing strategy, they work with passion and enthusiasm. Demo Duck creates both animated and live-action clips. They also keep a vlog with tutorials to explain the basics of video creation. 

Top 10 Training Video Production Companies 25
Healthcare Educational Video. Created by Demo Duck with Denovo Dental

9. Skeleton 

Skeleton is a company based in Nottingham. It unites a team of professionals focused on building strategy, production, and marketing for companies worldwide via video. Among their services, you will find animated explainers, tutorials, TV ads, case studies, and scenario-based training.

Top 10 Training Video Production Companies 26
Kroon Casino. Video tutorial by Skeleton

10. Bold Content

Bold Content is a creative agency from London. The company prefers making animation, promotional videos, interviews, and case studies. Bold Content has made clips for many world-famous clients like Coca-Cola, Heineken, and Astra Zeneca. The agency tends to put storytelling above the simple corporate approach.

Top 10 Training Video Production Companies 27
MTI training video made by Bold Content

Time to Choose

A training video is a simple and effective way of learning used widely in different business-related fields. Employees perceive and remember information better when it is presented in the form of video content. To make a successful corporative training video, you should hire a production company that meets all your needs and will create something truly outstanding. Hopefully, our list of the ten best training video production companies helped you narrow down your search. Use our tips to select the most suitable team and go for it!

Have you already got an idea and are looking for a skillful production company to pick it up and turn it into reality? We at Explain Ninja are ready to create for you a training video of any kind. Reach out to us. We are ready to launch!

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