How Brands Can Use Animation for Cross-Platform Storytelling

In this article, we’re talking about what is animated storytelling and how companies can use it on various platforms. 

How Brands Can Use Animation for Cross-Platform Storytelling 20
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An animation is a versatile form of storytelling that suits different types of audiences, platforms, and purposes. If you’re looking for an extraordinary way to introduce your new product or business to the world, an animated video is likely one of the best ways possible. Do you, maybe, aim to explain complicated concepts, processes, or products to your customers, investors or partners? An animated explainer video is super-helpful here too. 

As we can see, an animated video is an all-encompassing content type that can be used on virtually any platform. At this point, we can start talking about the concept of cross-platform storytelling. Versatility is one of the most precious characteristics of an animated video. Let’s consider how businesses can incorporate animation into their brand strategies across different channels.

Animation in cross-platform marketing 

It’s not a secret that the video itself is a quite flexible format adjustable to many social platforms. Of course, we should keep in mind that some social networks offer only the functionality for vertical videos. However, even in this case, we can adapt the video to vertical sizing. Spiced up with custom-crafted animation, the video might become a perfect marketing content for brands from different niches and verticals.

Imaginative worlds, beautiful backgrounds and funny animated heroes can become elements of your unique brand story. Reach out to your customers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even TikTok using an animated video that tells a memorable story about the brand, product, service, or event. The video duration under one minute is optimal for all platforms and usually performs best. It’s probably because the modern user’s attention spans have become significantly shorter, and the more concise the marketing message, the better it performs.  

Animation in the cross-platform promotion & advertising

Think of what’s stopping your eye in the news feed on social media? It must be something original, relevant and engaging. If you plan to promote and advertise your brand on social networks, you can consider incorporating animation into the advertising campaign. Your company can achieve the WOW effect and attract the customer’s attention in the online world with creative animated storytelling

When you produce an animated commercial, your imagination can fly high since you can create any background, implement the most fantastic scenarios and use the funniest visual metaphors. The digital artist can place your product or brand in any context using the flexibility and power of animation. 

Animation in cross-platform customer onboarding

Are you looking for a versatile format for customer onboarding? Would you like to create one engaging explanation or introduction that would look great on all platforms? Animation can be the answer and perfectly cover this business need. With an animated explainer video, you can easily implement the practice of cross-platform customer onboarding. 

Your company may create one explainer video to tell new customers about your product/service, explain how they can use it and what other options are available at your company. You can use this video on a website, on all social media platforms, in the email campaign, or even incorporate it into the product user journey. 

Animation in cross-platform customer support 

Suppose your brand would like to provide customer help and support by providing easy access to a knowledge base on your website. In that case, the animated explainer video is an excellent idea in this case as well. Suppose your customers reach out to you with urgent questions about how to leverage a particular product feature. In that case, you can provide more comprehensive help by sending the link to a short animated video that quickly and consistently delivers the necessary information. Sounds great, isn’t it? 

The cross-platform power of animated videos

Do you want to tell your brand story to a broader audience across different channels? You’re in the right place, as animation can help you implement it. An animated video is a versatile content type that corresponds to the technical demands of various platforms. In this article, we have considered how businesses could use animation for cross-platform storytelling. We hope that this article was helpful and inspired you to experiment with animation on different online platforms.

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