How HR & Recruitment Professionals Can Use Animated Explainer Videos

HR and recruitment professionals might face the challenge of handling a lot of stuff related to new employee onboarding, updating the team about announcements, promoting the company’s core values, motivating employees, and others. Animated explainer videos are what they have been looking for. 

Explainer videos can help you save time and effort spent repeating the same information to every new employee coming in your company, presenting new initiatives to the team, and training. However, these opportunities aren’t limited by those mentioned above. In this article, we share more creative ideas and use cases of how HR and recruitment experts can use animated explainers to facilitate their work.

We are glad to be helpful and share our insights crystallised during many years of collaboration with dozens of recruitment agencies and HR departments in different companies. So, here are the most popular uses of 2D & 3D animated videos for HR purposes.

Employee training 

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One of the primary tasks of the HR department is training newcomers about specific processes and procedures. Animated videos are an excellent way to transfer this information quickly and in an easy-to-consumer form. Animation helps distress new employees and provide all guidelines in a more understandable message.  

Compliance and employee orientation

Animated videos can be especially useful for new employee onboarding. The company can create a customized HR & recruitment animated video to orient new employees about some processes and explain compliance rules. An animated video presents a highly effective method of transferring complicated concepts, terminology, standards, and other kinds of information. Thus, the HR department can leverage animation to update new hires about specific internal rules engagingly and creatively. 

Health and legal animated videos

Maintaining a friendly and calm atmosphere inside the company is uber-important for the integrity of the business. When employees are confident that they get social protection, quality healthcare services, and work legally, it positively impacts the working environment. They feel they can trust their company and work more efficiently. 

HR professionals can employ the power of animation to give this confidence to newcomers. There is no need to read long articles or hear explanations about health and legal protection. New employees can receive all the essential information by watching an engaging few-minute explanatory video.

Policies and procedures 

Are you still spending hours to explain the company’s policies and procedures to new hires? Animated explainer videos can help you save a lot of time by communicating this information in an easy-to-digest way. Investing just once in animated explainer video production, you will get a versatile tool for the company’s policy explanation, which you can use as many times as you need, saving your HR team’s efforts. Providing a short and informative explainer video, they will be able to conduct employee onboarding much faster.

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Illustration by Julia Hanke for Explain Ninja

Internal announcements

The animation is the most powerful attention grabber. So, if you need to draw the audience’s attention and transfer your message successfully, an animated video is likely what you need. Whatever you need to announce, an animated explanatory video may help you do it the most engagingly. Update your team about corporate events, important date reminders, new recruiting policies, or changes in the procedure in a fun and interesting animated explainer video.


Both new and old employees may sometimes need a boost and motivation to reach new heights. HR professionals may use animated explainer videos to inspire the team at corporate meetings and events. An excellent idea is also to create an animated video about the company’s roadmap and success story. It will demonstrate to the team what they have achieved together and inspire them to move further to new challenges and opportunities.

Presentations anywhere 

Whenever people need information about anything, they can get it by watching an animated video. It’s a versatile type of content that is easy to share, view, spread, and access via different channels. Nobody wants to watch slideshows anymore. Today, we are more engaged by movies, videos, and other kinds of interactive content. Do you want to create an impressive and memorable presentation? The animation may spice it up and make your speech even more exciting.

Closing Thoughts 

An animated explainer video can become a powerful part of your HR and recruitment strategy. No matter what kind of audience you need to engage, and your goal, an animated explainer video can help you do it more successfully. Due to its fun, entertaining, and super-engaging power, the animation will turn your speech, announcement, and training into an exciting experience for viewers.

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