What Is a Recruiting Video?

A recruitment video is a video that represents a corporate image for employees. The visual presentation provides more information about the future and allows you to use a different format. You can make a recruiting video project in the form of a story from a company representative or any other format with a professional video explainer company.

What Is a Recruiting Video? 20
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What should be included in a recruitment video?

There are a couple of things that should be included in your videos for employment and job marketing to make them complete and consistent. Here they are.

Basic info

Share the basic information with the potential searchers in order to stay transparent and consistent in the very forts phase of meeting your potential users.

Right people

Since your recruitment videos are from humans to humans, include the right people as video personage if any to attract the best candidates.

Questions covered

Highlight questions candidates tend to have each time they need to meet a new employer. Recruiting videos should cover their pain points to the fullest.

Right format

Folks from PlayPlay recommend making your video recruiting short, punchy, and dynamic. The average time candidates spend watching recruitment videos is around 1 minute and 30 seconds. So try and keep your videos under 2-3 minutes.

Right production team

You don’t even need a lot of equipment to create a company video; all you need is a good professional team with creative recruiting ideas. You may also want to think of hiring a voice actor or animator if that’s within your budget.

Great sound

Good audio is another component to mind while making best recruiting videos. Good audio quality is critical, especially if your video includes interviews. Avoid recording in loud places or under other bad conditions. Apply voice-over to make it flawless.

Awesome quality

Be it animated video or real talent shooting, lighting, and the background should be top. Make sure there’s enough light in the next recording room. If you cannot use natural light or there is not enough of it, you can use an external lighting kit. You may shoot your video more impressively in landscape mode or apply any other creative idea.

How to create a perfect recruitment video?

Video production now may occupy more than 70% of traffic and is the most effective way to express your company recruitment policy via recruiting video services. A recruiting video has very wide audience coverage too, so the chances to find worthy employees increase many times over. To create the top-notch video explainer, you need to take a couple of steps:


Hire a great video design team and they will make your requirements outline and discuss the animation style, mission, and length of your explainer video, etc.


The team will then create a script for an explainer video for business that will enable you to tell a compelling story about your company’s business, product, people or services they provide, etc.


Frame video performs two functions at once: advertising the company and positioning it as a reliable and trusted employer. At the same time, recruitment videos are perceived more loyally than advertising. After all, job seekers receive information that will allow them to find a great job out from your story.


A recruiting video is also a way of motivating current employees. In case you’re going to apply animation or graphics, graphic designers will develop a unique visual style and convert the storyboard into a set of beautiful illustrations for your business explainer video. The responsibility and desire to work with dedication is increasing with watching a catchy visual. So as not to lose to potential competitors, illustrate your videos.


Shooting a video with real people to search for employees is a more affordable process than producing commercials or corporate videos in other styles. This often does not require severe technical means. Quite an interesting idea, right people and its competent implementation will do for a recruitment video production.

Examples of recruiting videos

In your awesome explainer video, you may easily show one day of an employee or create a video with multiple corporate characters. As part of the recruitment video, you not only represent your company but also show the level that every applicant must meet. HR videos for employee search may be a new tool for many companies. Nevertheless, in order for your company to get into the mainstream and declare itself in a current format, we offer you to shoot a recruiting video with our help. Also, feel free to check out some recruiting videos examples from us:

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A good company recruitment video must clearly describe a job position leaving no space for the candidate’s confusion. It typically contains the brand’s introduction, job description, benefits of working there, and a powerful call to action. Hiring the right professionals is becoming even more challenging. Recruiters wonder how to promote a job position online creatively, explain its specifics in the shortest form possible in a few minutes, and attract candidates to apply for it. Top IT companies and market players are using video to attract more talent, if it works for them, it will work for you too. If you yet have no idea how to make a recruiting video, discover some videos for HR recruitment design services from us in no time. Also, feel free to approach us for more incredible video design challenges.

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