The Role of Animated Explainer Videos for eCommerce Businesses

Are you thinking of how to make your eCommerce business stand out in the over-saturated digital space? In this article, Explain Ninja team shares a few tips and tricks on how you can do it using the power of animated storytelling.

ECommerce business has become a highly competitive area, mostly when almost all commerce has switched to online mode during the pandemic. There are thousands of brands and products from different categories. You might wonder how to stay competitive and not lose your conversions in such a challenging marketing environment. 

We will answer you with two simple words – animated videos. Animated commercials, product demo videos, brand introductory videos, and more – all these kinds of videos can help you amplify your digital marketing efforts and see your eCommerce business continually going up. This article considers the top five benefits of eCommerce explainer videos. So, let’s take a closer look at them.

The Role of Animated Explainer Videos for eCommerce Businesses 20

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They are easily shareable and rapidly spread the information

An animation video is a versatile and easily shareable content that suits different target audiences at the different stages of the customer journey. An appealing video featuring your eCommerce brand or product may help increase your brand awareness and build influence in the online world. You can post it on social media, upload it on YouTube, promote it in online advertising, or just embed it on your website. Wherever you place the video, it will help you convert viewers into loyal customers more effectively.

Animated videos boost your SEO efforts

When entering a website, we are more likely to watch the video rather than read the written content. Likewise, your eCommerce website will benefit a lot from adding beautiful, animated videos on a homepage or landing page. Why? Besides increasing customer engagement, it will also help you boost your search engine optimisation efforts and grow your site in search rankings. 

Do you like animation? Actually, Google likes it too. When a person spends more time consuming a particular kind of website content, Google’s search algorithms recognise it as highly valuable content and lift this web page in the search results. An animated video is such a content type. It draws the user’s attention, makes people watch it entirely, and motivates them to check your products. 

They drive traffic to your eCommerce website

The Role of Animated Explainer Videos for eCommerce Businesses 21

Published as part of your company’s social media content, promoted on the influencer’s profiles, and via online advertising, animated explainers will empower your brand to drive more traffic to your eCommerce store. They help create intrigue around your brand image, encourage users to visit the website and explore your offering. 

It’s particularly useful to advertise using animated explainer videos since they help you describe your eCommerce product’s benefits extremely engagingly and just within a few minutes. It’s a perfect combination for digital advertising! When seeing your animated advert in the news feed, the prospect is more likely to follow the link and visit your store, as he or she will already be aware of what kind of product awaits them there.

Short and engaging videos help gain customer trust

Customer loyalty is one of the essential values in the modern business world. Whether it’s going about the interaction between companies in B2B or customers in B2C worlds, loyalty and interpersonal relationships matter, they help build a brand reputation and image. Animated videos may serve your business for increasing customer loyalty.

You can tell the Cinderella story about your brand foundation and roadmap to grow customer engagement and spread the word about your company in the digital space. Customers like to hear how brands evolve, so it will help you increase audience engagement and loyalty. A pinch of humor in your animated commercial will also do wonders for your customer trust and loyalty since all of us love fun.

They increase customer acquisition and retention

People are more likely to purchase from brands that offer them exciting experiences and unforgettable impressions. It’s a peculiarity of modern customers every brand should know about. Today, we don’t only buy products. We buy experiences we might get when interacting with a brand. Providing emotional appeal and aesthetic satisfaction from appealing animation, explainer videos for eCommerce may help you acquire new customers and retain existing ones. We tend to come back to companies that care about our satisfaction.

Wrapping it up

Have you got a few new ideas about how animated explainer videos may help you promote an eCommerce website? Hopefully, yes. We are glad to share our experience and knowledge with you. We hope that this blend of marketing and video production insights will add some fresh air to your eCommerce strategy.

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