12 Awesome Medical and Healthcare Explainer Videos to Inspire You

Animated medical videos are a great tool for promoting a hospital, private clinic, and medical services on the web via your business website or social media. Videos can be posted both on the official website and in social networks. Particular attention should be paid to social networks since medical services are a mass and socially significant product. If finances allow, the clinic may also order a corporate film that will be shown on TVs in the waiting rooms or as a video presentation of the company at specialized events and so much more.

Telehealth company explainer video by Explain Ninja

What are Medical Explainer Videos?

Medical explainer videos are designed specially to educate the viewers by means of presenting really simplified data accessible for the understanding of folks with a non-medical background relating to a specific medical phenomenon, condition, treatment, procedure, or process, etc. These are also small videos with recommendations for preventing the most common diseases (based on search engine query statistics and others).

  • The explainer logically and concisely shows a large amount of information in 2-3 minutes. 
  • Unobtrusively lists the benefits, motivating to purchase a product or service.
  • Increases conversion and attracts customers.
  • It reduces the time of sales managers to communicate with customers.

Classic overview explainer videos are ideal for showing the clinic’s capabilities, strengths, characteristics, working conditions, equipment, personal staff, etc. No need to try to fit everything into one video. It is much better to shoot 5-10 short (1.5-2 minutes) videos that will fully tell about individual details. In addition, a separate playlist can be made from such a series. One video will smoothly transit to another. Each video is like a little story with a sequel which is a great storytelling example for medical marketing campaign planning.

Benefits of Animated Healthcare Explainer Video

The complex nature of medical information often creates barriers between healthcare providers and patients. Healthcare explainer videos, particularly animated ones, offer a unique way to bridge this gap. With their ability to simplify complex topics, animated explainer videos are great for enhancing understanding and communication in the medical field.

Impartial Presentation

One of the standout benefits of explainer video production in the healthcare industry is the ability to present information in a neutral and unbiased manner. Animated videos remove the personal biases that might emerge through live-action videos or in-person explanations. This impartiality ensures the target audience receives clear, factual information crucial in healthcare decision-making.

Broad Coverage

The versatility of animated explainer videos allows a wide range of medical topics to be covered effectively. From intricate surgical procedures to the mechanisms of a new medication, animation can bring these concepts to life in an understandable way. This broad coverage ensures that patients have access to a wealth of information, empowering them to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Promotes Access and Inclusivity

Accessibility and inclusivity are at the heart of effective healthcare communication. Explainer video production that utilizes animation transcends language barriers and literacy levels, reaching a diverse target audience. This visual communication is particularly beneficial for individuals who may find traditional medical literature intimidating or inaccessible, making animated videos a great solution for widespread health education.

Enhances Engagement and Retention

Engagement with the target audience is critical in healthcare communication, and animated explainer video excel in capturing and maintaining viewers’ attention. The familiar and often nostalgic feel of animation makes learning about health conditions less daunting and more engaging. Moreover, studies have shown that information retention from animated content is significantly higher than traditional formats, making these videos an effective tool for educating patients.

Animation Techniques

The animation style chosen for a healthcare explainer video can significantly influence its effectiveness and appeal. Various techniques, including traditional animation, 2D and 3D animation, stop motion, and whiteboard animation, offer a range of visual styles and storytelling possibilities. 

Selecting the appropriate style is critical to creating content that resonates with the target audience, ensuring that the explainer video is informative but also engaging and memorable.

The Best Medical and Healthcare Video Examples of All Time

You can include a video on how to act for patients who have undergone certain diseases or how they prevent them or recommend doing so, etc. For example, what can and cannot be done for people who have had a stroke, stomach surgery, etc. It is possible to talk on any health related issues via your medical video, how people avoid and are afraid of something, how to help them recover by following simple and understandable doctor’s recommendations and so much more. Some of the most awesome medical animation video pieces are the following:

  1. Ballboys

What’s special about this video: Using a famous character to attract attention

This PSA featuring Marvel’s Deadpool reminds men of the importance of checking for testicular cancer. The tone of the video is everything fans would expect from the Deadpool movie franchise series. It’s extremely funny, edgy, and self-aware. The video is almost viral due to that.

2. Telehealth company

Dr.B Telehealth company explainer video by Explain Ninja

What’s special about this video: Minimalistic animation explains complex things

Explain Ninja has recently released a Telehealth company video explainer providing doctor consultations for everyday prescriptions.

3. Breast Cancer Now

What’s special about this video: Relatable scenario

Showing relatable scenarios is a nice trick for video success. Thus, this healthcare video explainer from the charity Breast Cancer Now speaks volumes directly to the people they always help. This is the perfect way for the video to highlight how breast cancer sufferers really feel in these familiar situations. 

4. Athena Health

What’s special about this video: Real-life characters

Athena Health represents a number of testimonial explainer videos, using different types of people from all various walks of life, meaning the company’s viewers can hopefully find someone they relate to there.

5. Couch to 5k from NHS

What’s special about this video: Combining live video with text animation

This simple 30-second video explains what it’s like for health and life generally to use the Couch to 5K podcasts while running. 

6. World Health Organisation

What’s special about this video: Classic clear animation

The illustration style of the video is classic and using the incredible visualisation of the black dog helps viewers to understand everything without lots of medical jargon. This explainer video itself is based on a book written and illustrated by Matthew Johnstone.

7. Blood Thinners – Simple Nursing Animation by F.Learning Studio

What’s special about this video: Funny storytelling

Users often search the web for folk remedies or more information regarding the medical and pharmaceutical fields. This can also be used for a video in which to tell that self-treatment is possible, but only in simple cases, and in all other cases, the first thing to do is to do an examination or doctor’s checkup in the clinic, etc.

8. Colitis Foundation

What’s special about this video: Thoroughly studied the target audience

This video example serves as a beacon of hope for younger patients grappling with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Crafted with precision and care, the video addresses the common concerns and fears associated with such a diagnosis, assuring viewers that a fulfilling life is entirely possible despite the challenges. 

A video strategist has meticulously studied the unique anxieties faced by this demographic, ensuring the message is delivered in a manner that resonates deeply with them. In a world where discussions about gastrointestinal health are often avoided, this video breaks barriers by engaging its audience in a relatable, conversational tone.

9. Imaginary Friend Society

What’s special about this video: Harnessing character animation for empathy and understanding

In an exemplary showcase of a healthcare explainer video, the Paediatric Brain Tumour Foundation has crafted a compelling series aimed at supporting young cancer fighters. Utilizing vibrant colours, captivating character animations, and engaging storylines, these video examples are designed to resonate with children facing the daunting world of medical diagnoses. 

By creating characters that children can identify with, the foundation eases the journey through the complex realm of healthcare services. These Disney-esque figures offer companionship in a time of solitude and validate the children’s fear and anxiety, making an otherwise intimidating experience more approachable and relatable.

10. BCBS Maternity Health Coaching

What’s special about this video: Authentic storytelling

BCBS’s Maternity Health Coaching stands out in healthcare explainer videos for its heartfelt narrative and authentic storytelling. This video examples a genuine account from a real individual, lending the content an unparalleled depth of emotion and relatability. Maternity, a topic that might not always be at the forefront of public discourse, is brought into the spotlight, emphasizing its profound significance.

The strategic choice to forgo character animation in favor of real-life storytelling in this context proves exceptionally effective. By giving voice to personal experiences in maternity health, this video underscores the power of video marketing in healthcare, demonstrating how authentic narratives can profoundly connect with and impact the audience.

11. NHS – How to Access Your GP Practice

What’s special about this video: Accessibility in animation

This great example of healthcare videos sets a high standard for accessibility through its innovative use of animation. Recognizing the challenge over 2 million visually impaired individuals face in the UK, the NHS has tailored its video content to be as inclusive as possible. 

The strategic use of high-contrast colors and clear visual cues against a stark white background ensures that the information is conveyed effectively to all audiences, including those with sight loss. 

12. Infoscan for Patients

What’s special about this video: Focus on product quality

In healthcare explainer videos, Infoscan for Patients stands out for its impeccable production quality. Given the complexity of medical topics, the clarity and professionalism of an explainer video are paramount. Infoscan’s offering shines with a well-crafted script, smooth animation, and crystal-clear audio, ensuring the message is received and retained.This video examples crucial information about sleep disorders — a frequently overlooked health issue — without overwhelming the viewer with technical details or statistics. By focusing on simplicity and directness, the video effectively highlights the ease of using Infoscan, encouraging viewers to take action toward better health management.

How Animated Healthcare Videos Help Businesses?

The amount of new information in the world is growing exponentially every day, and in the flow of this informational noise, long texts and standard static presentations are less and less quoted among medical entrepreneurs as high-quality marketing tools for describing a healthcare product. 

Your target audience simply ignores all this and wants to understand the main essence of the product, find out why you need it, see how your product is better than competitors and buy it. 

This also includes marketing kits, commercial offers and long landing pages. An explainer is a tool that contains the maximum amount of information about your product and gives it to your client in the minimum amount of time. You have already heard all this: you can clearly and visually present a large amount of information to the viewer, talk about technology, advantages, motivate to purchase a product, while this information in text form or pictures would not be so effective.

In case we’re talking about video marketing, which means we are interested in creating a huge amount of video content on an ongoing basis for medical services, we should be well aware of the top benefits of explainer videos for your particular business. 

Make communication with patients more engaging

It might be difficult for medical professionals to explain complex concepts and procedures to patients or third parties. Animation helps turn complicated medical information into an engaging story that is easy to understand. In news releases, one can talk about the personal achievements of doctors and the achievements of medicine branch as a whole, about attendance by employees of specialized events, conferences, etc., as well as about new services and promotions. It’s where an explainer video about health can help. 

Enhance the education of healthcare professionals

A healthcare explainer video not only helps patients understand the treatment but can also be useful for training purposes. Explainers allow benefiting your business by telling about the achievements of science in the field of medicine that are close to your clients. Talk about new products that may become available in your city or region in your clinic via videos. 2D and 3D animation explainer medical videos are often used in universities to demonstrate some health processes to students. They include interesting studies, and experiments, by giving your expert assessment of what is happening, and making a forecast based on research data in your video projects.

Conduct compelling healthcare marketing & branding

Medical videos provide a lot of freedom and great opportunities for your business growth. Healthcare marketing might be challenging as it refers to a very specific area. The video explainer animation for healthcare is a great marketing solution that allows presenting a company to target the audience creatively and increase brand awareness.  It helps small and medium businesses to promote their products, services and brands on the Internet using video content. Video marketing for medical institutions, their SMM specialists, content managers and owners of small and medium businesses is a great tool for business success.

Video production process for non-standard solutions

The so-called internal projects, which can be accompanied by documentary video shooting, are gaining great popularity and bring extensive success to your business. The most common of the projects are, of course, various good deeds related to supporting people in difficult situations, supporting children, lonely elderly people and the disabled, etc. Another bright video project could be cooperation with various health clubs, fitness clubs and other sports institution which are easy to represent via meaningful animated videos. By recording a series of audio podcasts based on the use of video in business promotion, you implement the most original marketing solutions. Provide educational or sponsorship support to a rehabilitation centre and make a documentary about it. They expand your business coverage and impact.

Healthcare videos in PR

Organize marathons and forums where high scientists, doctors and MedTech entrepreneurs come forward with lectures. Speakers talk about the development of technology, the emergence and production of medicines, early methods of treating diseases, the history and prospects for the development of medicine, etc. Such events may contain videos about medicine that you can watch for free.  The presentation is aimed at a non-professional audience; they meet and are interested in both adults and children. To cover a section, they choose a video lecture, turn on and explore the new knowledge in no time.

Educate people about health

Any learning process is always learning something new. The more effectively you can present this information, the faster you will educate your customers, the more sales you will receive in the same time period. With extensive expertise and deep domain knowledge, you can create any type of an explainer video about health. Explain Ninja is a creative animation video production company that have been producing animated videos for healthcare professionals and medical institutions to make their interaction with patients more engaging and empower them to educate people about health. So, with help like that, you will educate our audience faster and better and seed the business progress faster.

Attracting traffic to your website

Sounds corny but attracting traffic (PR of a product, company) and increasing conversion are also the way you may apply videos in healthcare. This is a kind of marketing or advertising universal tool that should both increase the number of leads (be popular) and increase conversions at different stages of the medical services sales funnel.


The video healthcare industry has many stories to tell, with content that people need to watch or hear. A video is a great tool for management, delivering clear, concise messaging and getting you positive business results, no matter what you’re trying to achieve at the moment.

You may simplify customer lending, sales analysis, automated reporting, and other things with the help of your educative videos for medics. Formation of loyalty programs and other promotion issues will be easier through meaningful video design solutions like explainer videos.

A medical explainer video about a healthy lifestyle is better if produced by a professional. And Explain Ninja team is at hand to help you at any time. The team knows how to make your investment in the explainer pay off in 2-12 (maximum) months and bring you more results faster. Create an explainer video for medical with us and level up your business.

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