How to Skyrocket Traffic and Sales with Animated Videos

Are you wondering how to grow your traffic and sales in 2022? Almost everyone in the digital area asks the same question today. Although far not everyone knows the answer. In recent years, video marketing has been one of the most actionable practices to increase conversion rates and drive website traffic. And it still is as powerful today. In this article, we will consider five practices to skyrocket your traffic and sales with animated videos. So, let’s start!

Boost Engagement Rates

Animated videos are loved by adult and kid audiences worldwide. There is no big secret that animation is a powerful tool to increase engagement and drive customer loyalty. It entertains us, gives us a lot of fun and pleasure. It transfers emotions (what is probably one of its biggest secrets). Marketing that can evoke the audience’s emotions is successful marketing.

You can use animated videos in social media ads, on your website, in blog posts, and other platforms where you interact with your audience the most often. It will help you catch the customer’s attention, evoke their interest in your company, and motivate them to check who you are as a brand, and what you do. All this will lead to increased website traffic, returning visitors, and successful lead generation.

The secret super-power of animation is already uncovered by the major brands in the world. You might see Slack, Google, Nescafe, and many other international enterprises using animated GIFs and commercials in marketing.

Get More Social Shares

How to Skyrocket Traffic and Sales with Animated Videos 20

Illustration by Julia Hanke for Explain Ninja

Social media is an excellent medium to interact with your customers at a more personal and emotional level. It’s a place where people share what they love. You can become a beloved brand by incorporating animated video marketing into your social media content. According to SmallBiz Trends, social videos generate 12 times more sharing than text and images combined. 

Using animated videos in your social media posts, ads, and company announcements, you have more chances to be noticed in the saturated news feed and win the users’ hearts. No matter whether it’s a commercial or educational video, people will surely share it on social networks if it’s fun, creative, and… animated. 

The more users you will engage on social media, the more web visitors and loyal customers you can acquire in the nearest feature. Everything in the digital world is interrelated, that’s why if people like your brand on social platforms, they will come to your site to get acquainted with you closer.

Multiply Sales

In many cases, increased website traffic also means higher conversion rates. Have you ever noticed it on your website? Video marketing helps drive referral traffic, generate returning users on social media, and then redirect them to your company’s website.

According to Invisa, adding a video to a landing page can increase your conversions by 80%. Also, a study conducted by Wyzol in 2016 indicated that 74% of customers who watched videos to learn about a product or service ended up purchasing it. 

Google Likes Videos Too

How to Skyrocket Traffic and Sales with Animated Videos 21

Illustration by Mari Seroshtanova  for Explain Ninja

If the content is the King, then Google is the King’s Godfather. It supports and boosts original, valuable, and engaging content. It also prioritizes the content, which takes more time to interact with it (to watch or to read it) than on average. Since a video is one of the most effective ways to drive audience engagement, it’s also beneficial in terms of SEO and ranking in search engines.

People spend more time to watch a video, so Google bots automatically recognize it as a kind of valuable content and show it among the top SERP results. Moreover, since Google is connected with Youtube, it pulls optimized videos from Youtube to appear against some keyword search results.

Appeal Mobile Users

All of us have mobile phones in our pockets. To watch videos on our phone is quite a common thing for us. Studies show that about 70% of viewing time on Youtube is from a mobile phone. Investing in animated video production, you also invest in increasing your brand’s popularity among mobile users. 

Don’t forget to optimize your video for mobile, otherwise, it may cost you a lot of traffic. Since the number of people using Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter on their smartphones in fast-increasing, you should care to produce videos that are friendly for all of these platforms. 


Would you like to skyrocket your traffic and sales in 2022? Then, keep in mind that creative video marketing combined with attractive animation can help you draw the audience’s attention, evoke the interest in your company, make people visit your website to learn more about your brand and watch even more animated videos! 

We’ve been happy to provide this short overview of the most popular and actionable video marketing practices that can help your brand gain customer loyalty, love, and engagement in 2020.

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