5 Benefits of Marketing Your Business Through Videos

Are you still having doubts about whether animated videos are worth investing and incorporating them into your marketing? Well, we hope that this brief brand content production guide will help you make the best decision for your business!

5 Benefits of Marketing Your Business Through Videos 20

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to find a really engaging way to present your product or service. Modern consumers prefer watching a short video to reading the same information in the article. Videos have the power to involve the person in the brand story, to build an emotional connection with a company, and raise the mood, all in all. It’s a unique content format allowing you to create an extraordinary product, idea, or business presentation. 

What’s most important, it delivers all the information in a short and digestible form—not saying about the marketing effectiveness of animated commercials, which can become a great addition to your digital marketing strategy. Aren’t you yet sure to use animation videos in your business or not? Here we provide a little bit of convincing, motivation and reasons to do it!  

Video boosts conversion rates

An animated video can be considered as an investment into a higher conversion rate. According to recent data from HubSpot, the video can raise sales by 80% if it’s published on a landing page. Also, by adding the video to a sales or marketing presentation, you significantly increase the chances by turning the viewer into a qualified lead. Moreover, videos can serve as excellent tutorials or testimonials, which you can publish in any place on the web to guide your customers and familiarize them with previous customer feedback to build their confidence in your brand. 

Search engines love videos 

Actually, search engines love all content types that drive the biggest audience engagement, and an animated video is definitely one of them. Nothing grabs more numerous and longer web page views and interaction than videos. Furthermore, the video can open even more opportunities to show your brand up to the world if you post it on YouTube, the second biggest search engine after Google. Leveraging animated explainer videos in your social media content can also boost your company’s popularity, brand awareness and the possibility of getting found through the roof.

Video builds loyalty

The animated explanatory video is a great way to build a personality for your company and introduce it in a creative and memorable way to the viewers. Around 90% of consumers say that the video is helpful for them in the decision-making process. It helps companies build trust with their customers and earth their loyalty by providing a kind of support and entertainment at the same time through animated video content.  

Animated video encourages social sharing

Think of what people share on social media the most often. Likely, the video is the first thing coming to mind. People do share videos across social networks a lot, and it’s your chance to tell them about your company. Your brand can have fun and create a humoristic video that people will want to share with their friends by raising your brand awareness simultaneously. Videos often have a viral nature that makes them easy to comprehend, share and love!

It’s a great addition to your email campaigns

Do you know that the word “video” in the email subject increases the email-open rate and decreases the unsubscribe rate by itself? You might be surprised by the fact that the video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rate! The most undeniable thing about the effectiveness of using videos in email marketing is that people simply prefer watching explanatory videos to reading long instructions. This is why an animated product video can be much more efficient for your business success than any other kind of product presentation.


Was this article helpful for you? We hope that yes! An animated video and explainer video can be a great addition to a marketing strategy, no matter the industry or the business vertical. Animated videos have the impressive power of audience engagement and building loyalty with users. They are an excellent tool for brand reputation management and sales. 

Do you have more questions about the process or the cost of animated video production? At Explain Ninja, we are always happy to help!

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