Onomy Gets a Video of the Day Award

Another video explainer from Explain Ninja gets a Video of the Day Award at the Motion Design Awards. Explain Ninja is already known as an award-winning animation production company based in Warsaw. As Fireart Studio product design & development company subsidiary, it helped many companies build their business. You may find numerous successful video design cases in their arsenal and enjoy top-notch products, as well as years of expertise in the industry.

Onomy Gets a Video of the Day Award 20
Onomy video shots

This time an animated video made for another blockchain project – Onomy is provided a “Video of the Day” award on MotionDesignAwards.com after its recent release.

About the Project

Onomy Protocol is an upcoming blockchain project looking to become a decentralized reserve bank by providing the infrastructure to migrate the world’s centralized financial market into a decentralized finance framework. Namely, it is providing the infrastructure necessary to converge Forex and Decentralized Finance.

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Onomy video shots

So, originally Onomy needed to show the story around the character who is just starting to discover an amazing world of crypto and explain complex things in a simple way. And they got what they wanted in another great example of a character video production with an awesome video storytelling sample deliberately created by the team of experts.

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Onomy video shots

Explain Ninja designers were consistent and professional to produce a high-quality video presentation explaining what Onomy Protocol does its key goals, its products, and how it all works. 

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Explain Ninja are experienced video for fintech makers with years of successful practice in the Polish and international areas. Following modern trends, the company offers its customers animation videos of any type. Regardless of industry, it can present all the positive aspects of the business through short video explainers. Our team of creative employees with many years of experience in animation and video editing are best to produce unique animated videos for your website. Outgrown to be one of the most reputable and trusted teams in the animated design realm, Explain Ninja remains the most talented among the top-notch animation studios in Poland and overseas. Feel free to contact us!

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