Animated Commercials Are So Darned Cool in Content Marketing

In this article, I have collected seven WHYs of incorporating animated commercials into your digital content marketing strategy. Yes, it’s definitely worth it.

Animated Commercials Are So Darned Cool in Content Marketing 20
Illustration by Yuliia Dobrokhod for Explain Ninja

The animation is a powerful visual communication technique that allows brands to connect with customers emotionally and drive their interest. 2D and 3D explainer videos with unusual storytelling help companies introduce their products, services and inventions creatively. Moreover, it’s a great way to emphasize your brand style, raise awareness and engage customers. Animation can help introduce the company as a brand that thinks out of the box and provides an extraordinary customer experience. 

Often, animated videos perform much better in advertising and marketing than any other content type. Are you wondering why? Here I provide several considerations and possible reasons for it based on my digital marketing experience.

Animation enables you to create new worlds and realities

An animated video is an excellent medium for creating new worlds with impressive environments, fascinating landscapes and their own laws of existence there. You can design the world with no gravitation, a pink sky, black unicorns, castles in the air and so on. There are no limitations. Your team’s imagination can fly high when you produce an animated commercial or explainer video. Animation is an opportunity to stand out with something unique and engage customers with imagery never seen before. It’s one of the key reasons why animated videos are so effective in product marketing

Animated videos adapt to different formats and media

While storytelling is usually sensitive to different media formats, an animated video is more flexible and can be used on various platforms. Brands can use animation as a tool for cross-platform storytelling. You can post an animated video on social media platforms, your company’s website or landing page, use them in email marketing campaigns or even incorporate them into blog articles. 

Custom animated videos amplify brand uniqueness

All forward-thinking companies want to express their individuality in marketing. They aim to create something original, unrepeatable and remarkable. Animation can assist them in this mission. Today, many companies incorporate elements of their branding style into the video. You can even create the animation in your primary brand colors to emphasize your identity and grow awareness. Let the audience remember your brand as a hub of creativity and innovation.

They grab the attention with engaging characters

Most cartoons have heroes. You can create heroes for your animated story too. They can become your brand communicators and deliver your message via funny dialogs in the video. These characters can have peculiarities, features, a mood and a style usually associated with your brand. They will help empower your brand image. 

Animated characters can become your brand’s army and regularly appear in other content formats. For example, initially created for the commercial video, they can be used  later in advertisements, social media posts and product packages. Moreover, if heroes perform well in advertising, brands can use them as official mascots.

Animated commercials can reach a broader audience

Animated commercials are the universal type of content that engages different audiences and age groups. With an animated video, you can reach both adults, kids, and teens simultaneously. Everyone loves cartoons. They remind us of childhood, give us a feeling of sweet nostalgia and awaken memories about the times of ice cream, games, hanging out with friends and lots of leisure. Whether your target customer is a lawyer, marketing consultant or doctor, an animated commercial can be relevant to all of them. So, does your product target a broad audience? Then, an animated commercial is what you need to engage everyone among your customers.

They transform boring explanations into entertainment

Have you heard about animated explainer videos? The name of this video format explains itself. Instead of long tutorials and instructions, you can explain how to use a product or service in the animated explainer video. Many brands also use them to describe their process, onboard customers or train employees. Some startups leverage animation to present their idea to investors. There are so many ways the business can benefit from animated explainer videos.

They deliver fun and fresh experiences

Fun. Entertainment. Engagement. It’s what so many “serious” industries lack in their marketing today. Whether it’s a fintech startup, healthcare organization or logistics & transportation company – a pinch of humor is relevant everywhere. People love entertainment and feel inspired when the brand which they love and trust give it to them. Your company’s fun can be intelligent, mindful, educational, inspirational – but it should be. Otherwise, marketing feels boring and lifeless in most cases. Choose your own type of fun and incorporate it into a marketing strategy to set emotional bonds with a target audience.


Animated explainer videos and commercials perform great in marketing and advertising. I would even say they perform better than any other content type. Are you thinking about whether investing in animated video production is worth it? Incorporating animation into a marketing strategy or not depends on the company’s objectives, specifics and budget, of course. However, speaking generally, I would recommend it as an effective marketing practice.

Article first published on Hacker Noon

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