A New Blockchain Project Release from Explain Ninja

A long waited project for Onomy is another successful blockchain solution project accomplished by the video production leaders – Explain Ninja, who are an award-winning animation production company from Warsaw.

A New Blockchain Project Release from Explain Ninja 20
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This time Explain Ninja designers were happy to produce a high-quality video presentation explaining what Onomy Protocol does, its key goals, its products, and how it all works. 

Onomy Protocol is an upcoming blockchain project looking to become a decentralized reserve bank by providing the infrastructure to migrate the world’s centralized financial market into a decentralized finance framework.

A New Blockchain Project Release from Explain Ninja 21
Character development process

Originally they needed to show the story around the character who is just starting to discover the amazing world of crypto and explain complex things in a simple way.

“We wanted to show an original guy, a bit of a geek, with whom the viewer could associate. It was important to us that the character was flexible for the frame-by-frame type of animation.” – admits the Team

The video explainer is another great example of a corporate character video production and an awesome video storytelling sample deliberately created by a team of expert video for fintech makers with years of successful practice both on the Polish and international markets.  

A New Blockchain Project Release from Explain Ninja 22
Character animation

Explain Ninja is already known for profound cases for crypto/blockchain projects and many other industries. They have recently closely collaborated with Armanino, the global leader in digital asset solutions and the go-to accounting and consulting firm for crypto-native companies. They created an animation video that helped illustrate how the company’s new solutions work. The explainer video for Armanino managed to bring another award to the team after they released their animated video made for the crypto native solution.

A New Blockchain Project Release from Explain Ninja 23
Video frames

Outgrown to be one of the most reputable and trusted teams in the animated design realm, Explain Ninja also remains the most talented one among the top-notch animation studios both in Poland and overseas.

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