How to Use an Explainer Video for a Successful Product Launch

Are you going to launch a new product and looking for tips and tricks to promote it effectively at maximum? This article may be helpful. It covers practices related to video marketing and hacks to produce a product introductory video that will conquer your future customers’ hearts. 

Video Marketing in a Pre-Launch Product Strategy. Why Is It Worth Trying?

How to Use an Explainer Video for a Successful Product Launch 20
Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

People love videos more than other content types

The video is the most popular content type for modern customers. There are many resources, platforms, and devices that allow people to access high-quality video content easier than ever before. The video enables you to see a product in a three-dimensional view and better evaluate its look and functionality. 

Video allows you to pack the product’s essence in a 2-minute format

In the modern, fast-paced world, it’s important to understand the value of time for people and try to save it whenever possible. A short animated explainer video can transfer all your concepts and product-related information in a concise and easy-to-digest form. It helps drive customer engagement and avoid making people tired with a long story. 

Video instills powerful associations with your brand and evokes emotions

Nearly the same mission drives intelligent marketers all over the world – to build an emotional connection between a brand and its target audience. Increasing conversions and sales are just a by-side effect of such a personal interaction with customers. Using explainer video in a product strategy helps drive customer loyalty, smoothen negative user experience, grow brand awareness, and increase customer retention.

Emotions drive a significant number of our decisions. It’s neither bad nor good, but it’s just a fact that every product creator should remember. It’s difficult to find a more effective way to evoke human emotions than to do it in an engaging, funny, and visually appealing video. 

An animated video sells in an unsalesy way

A video is a powerful tool for customer engagement and loyalty. You can kill two birds with one stone by introducing your newly launched product in a video: to tell your product story and entertain viewers at the same time. A stylish and eye-catching animation draws the viewer’s attention, gives fun to people, creates a lasting impression, and builds customer trust. It’s an obtrusive way to promote your product, explain its functionality, and tell about competitive advantages. All these factors combined help win a new target audience, evoke its interest to a brand, and sell a product. 

You can not only describe but also SHOW your product benefits

Animation allows you to demonstrate your product features, components, and capabilities in a creative way. You can generate an exciting story and place your product in the most unexpected contexts to showcase its character and mood. Moreover, if your product has components that are invisible at a glance, you can zoom and show them in an animated video. There are a lot of useful visual effects that you can apply to make an unforgettable impression of your product.

What Makes a Product Demo Video Look Amazing

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There are a few secrets that may help your product demo video look incredible. These are storytelling, data, humor, personalization, and call-to-action. Let’s consider them under the magnifying glass.


There are three big reasons to tell about your product in the format of a story. Firstly, it helps you provide information concisely, starting with an introduction and problem definition. Then proceed with telling about your product itself. And finish by telling about its benefits. Secondly, it helps people better understand your product and how it can help them. The third reason is that, like every engaging story, it entertains an audience. All of these factors help convert more success. 


You can use data and statistics to prove points related to a problem that your product resolves. It emphasizes that the problem does exist. You may also mention some data when telling about the results achieved using your product. It shows your product in a very positive light, helps create a good reputation, and adds more value to it.


Humor boosts the audience engagement, helps express the product’s mood, and drives positive customer experience. All of us need a laugh sometimes. Why your product video shouldn’t give it to people and gain their loyalty at the same time?


Since you have already created a product, you should know your target audience well. Be sure that you have shared your knowledge about it with an explainer video production company that works on your project. The video should target a particular group of people, match their mindset, and address their needs. The more personalized the video is, the better it works and converts sales. 

Call to action

Don’t forget to include an engaging and creative call to action at the end of an animated video for your business. It may look like a button with an inviting phrase and leading directly to the product page.

Where You Can Use an Explainer Video

How to Use an Explainer Video for a Successful Product Launch 22
Illustration by Julia Hanke for Explain Ninja

There are five most popular ways to use a video in your product strategy:

  1. Email marketing. You can include an animated video in your email marketing campaign to increase the audience’s awareness about the upcoming product launch and remind people about your product benefits.
  2. Website. You can place it right on a product landing page along with photos. It helps show your product’s amazing style, look, and features even more engagingly. 
  3. Blog. When publishing a blog article on topics related to the industry or problems that your product solves, you can include your product video there. It may help you raise a conversion rate.
  4. Social media. You can use a video in your social media marketing strategy, familiarize your followers about product launch and its competitive advantages, and spread the information about it at the wind speed across the web.
  5. Advertisements. It’s recommended to use videos in advertising since they catch the user’s eye, make interested in a brand, and increase conversions. 


At Explain Ninja, we hope that this short guide will help you figure out how  to use animated explainer videos to boost audience engagement, increase brand awareness, and grow the product’s popularity even before its launch. If you’re looking for a reliable animation studio and video production company to help implement your ideas, please contact us at [email protected] to learn how our expertise and knowledge may be useful for your business. 

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