What Is Video Marketing?

What is video marketing? Just imagine that you create a video that will be viewed by a million people, attracting hundreds of customers. Video marketing aims to shape people’s needs for a product using video. In other words, you create videos where you tell people about your products, services, and making sales through it. This is how video marketing works right.

What Is Video Marketing? 20
How Video Marketing Works?

How Video Marketing Works?

Video marketing has become so popular due to the fact that it’s being more and more challenging to promote business websites through SEO. After all, it is necessary to create dozens of text content that have not yet seen on the network. Therefore, in order to improve a lengthy job of website promotion, it is awesome to back up your business with your video of high quality to reach the TOP of Google search, which means you provide the necessary data in a compact and extremely engaging form.

However, it’s not that simple. The video needs to be created, uploaded to the hosting and promoted, and with all this, meet customers’ needs. Consider this when creating digital content; otherwise no one will simply look at your video with the necessary frequency. That’s how video marketing works.

Video marketing works when you use the video material to inform or market your business and products to audiences. Many digital platforms and channels, such as a brand’s own website, social media marketing, programmatic advertising, and others, allow for the usage of video by brands in their effective video marketing strategy.

Why is video marketing important?

What Is Video Marketing? 21
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1. Brand recognition

By reaching a larger audience and leaving a more lasting impact, video marketing can help to build brand recognition. Videos can showcase your brand’s personality and values, making it easier for your customers to connect with your brand on a personal level.

2. Using video helps increase leads and conversion rates

Marketing professionals claim that video marketing helps with lead creation (86%), and that it has a good effect on sales (81%). Video performs amazingly well across a variety of channels because of its very engaging format.

3. SEO is improved, and conversions and revenues are boosted via video marketing

31 percent of marketers use video to boost SEO. Websites gain from an increase in search engine visibility as a result of the addition of video, which enhances the quality of the page and the time visitors spend there. More than 60% of marketers claim that the cost of acquiring a customer has increased. Find Strategies for Ensuring Video Appears in Search Results in our blog.

 The significance of video marketing is that it involves your audience and elicits from them the emotions needed to forge a lasting connection.

5. More than any other media, video can efficiently grab a viewer’s attention

Profit comes from utilizing videos to get in touch with leads early in the sales process. During prospecting, you can utilize video to introduce yourself, outline the benefits of your offering, and motivate potential customers to take further action.

Types of Video Used in Marketing

There may be several types of video marketing depending on the business goals and format. Let’s check out some of the most popular genres you can come across on the network.


Compared to standard media formats, animation fosters a deeper knowledge of the visual world. Animation omits superfluous words and images. It enables you to express ideas clearly and rapidly. A less expensive communication tactic is animation.

Augmented Reality (AR) 

Users can get extra information or have the appearance of natural settings changed via augmented reality. Because it successfully mixes digital and three-dimensional (3D) aspects with how people perceive the physical environment, augmented reality (AR) has a number of advantages.

Brand videos

A branding video presents your company to viewers in your target market and persuades them that it is worth their time to watch. It communicates your brand’s narrative, exemplifies your key principles, and fosters trust among your target market.

Product demos

Product demos engage your audience by showcasing the characteristics and advantages of your product as well as frequently showing examples of how it operates. They’re especially helpful for customers who need a thorough explanation of what you have to offer and are in the awareness or contemplation phases of the buyer’s journey.

Explanation videos

Explainer videos are mostly instructional movies that demonstrate a solution to an issue for your viewers. That issue can be both unrelated to utilizing your product or not. However, by the time the video is over, your audience should be prepared to act using the new abilities they have learned.

How-to videos

They are referred to as training videos by certain people. Whatever name you give them, an excellent instructional video design is something that should be taken seriously. These videos’ main purposes are to provide information and show viewers how to perform tasks they were previously unable to and so much more.


For organizations with international audiences, such as the majority of software and e-commerce enterprises, livestreams are an essential part of community building. With a livestream, you may draw viewers who are passionate about your business but cannot attend your events. Engage those people in conversation right then and there to build deeper bonds and connections.

Testimonials/Case Studies

Individuals affect other individuals. Whether on Yelp or Facebook, honest reviews might persuade us to buy a product or change our minds about it. Videos of client testimonials are quite useful because of this. These videos effectively demonstrate to your leads the beneficial effects of your product on actual people. In the end, testimonial videos may be crucial to establishing credibility and gaining new clients.


Promotional videos or commercials function similarly to explainers. You should include a Call to Action in these videos that urge viewers to sign up for the event or save the date, as well as a succinct but thorough explanation of the occasion you’re marketing. The final goal is to inspire viewers to act and producing leads or attendees.

Social media videos

Whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a combination of them all is your preferred social media platform, the videos you broadcast there can promote your website or simply land on your profiles to increase brand recognition.

Event videos

Promo videos pitch your event while providing your audience a sense of your brand, whether you’re inviting people to a conference, webinar, or workplace open house.

Benefits of Video Marketing

What are the benefits of video marketing? Using video helps increase leads and conversion rates. Marketing professionals claim that video marketing helps with lead creation (86%), and that it has a good effect on sales (81%). Video performs amazingly well across a variety of channels because of its very engaging format. That’s why video marketing is important.

The Challenges of Video Marketing

 If you include video marketing into your strategy, be ready to face several challenges. The drawbacks of video marketing may be:

• The cost of video overhead can be high.

• Not all audiences may find the video to be interesting.

• It can take some time to produce.

 Besides, marketers will still encounter difficulties in 2023 due to the unstable economy, the increased emphasis on customer privacy and the eventual abolition of third-party data, shifting consumer buying patterns, budget cuts, and a declining workforce. So, your video marketing plan and video content as well as how to make video marketing should fit the reality.

How to Do Video Marketing

Video marketing is a tool for growing your business, and it should be included in a set of business promotion measures, such as email marketing, social media promotion, etc. Your overall marketing strategy determines your video marketing strategy. Mind that.

Determine Your Goals

Create videos for your target audience by researching it, and when people start searching for information through the search engine, your video may be at the very top of the results. This way you will attract the attention of users, followers of your videos, and therefore new customers.

Understand Your Audience

When you are open and transparent, you inspire confidence in your audience; it makes sure you understand it. Video gives you the opportunity to show your true colours, reach out to your audience, and talk about your offer. And trust is the best way to sell.

Set a Budget

To promote the video, you do not have to spend large sums, the costs are minimal. You just need to create a video according to user requests, optimize it by writing a title with a keyword, and add a description of the video and keywords. Most often, such content is promoted independently.

Select a Type of Video

Shoot interesting videos, show the production of your products, show the behind-the-scenes life of the company, give useful information about the use of the product, respond to customer requests. Choose the type and genre.

Plan Your Video(s)

 To plan a video well, you need a great script, just like any professional video. Without a script, you forget something, say something incorrectly and have to reshoot a section of the video. Scripting is an essential tool for improving your videos.

Market Your Video(s)

If you post videos on your resources – on a blog, on a landing page- then the time of visiting your sites increases, which positively affects the promotion of your sites. This is another plus in favor of the video strategy.

Track Performance

82% of organizations believe that video marketing effectiveness is crucial to their overall strategy. Video is developing quickly and will surpass current standards sooner than we anticipate. 83% of organizations believe that video marketing delivers a strong ROI, making it a trend.

Measuring video marketing campaigns

Which metric suggest using to assess the video marketing campaign’s effectiveness? The percentage of visitors that click on CTAs you include in the content is known as the click-through rate, or CTR. By including these, you can inspire visitors to do a certain action and increase engagement. If you want to drive your audience after they see the video, this measure is crucial for video marketing for businesses overall success.

Also, check out the top 10 metrics for measuring video marketing success. 

Examples of Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

You are welcome to watch some adorable video marketing examples from the leading world brands that contain the best practices for video marketing to inspire your video marketing strategy.

Friends Furever

Simple, adorable, and expertly crafted, Android brand “Friends Furever” film was the most-shared video commercial of 2015.

Coca-Cola: The Last Customer

In the video up top, Coca-Cola shows off a Christmas product campaign it ran in the Philippines that provided over 15,000 individuals a festive surprise. And the first drink is merely a Coke. You’ll never see a brand’s holiday video quite like this one.

Intel: ‘Meet the Makers’ Series

The five-part “Meet the Makers” series from Intel service resembles journalistic articles more than promotional videos produced by a company. Each movie highlights a different user of Intel effective products from around the globe who develops cutting-edge technology and extraordinary experiences.

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There are huge benefits of video marketing for businesses. That’s’ why video marketing is so powerful. Thus, video marketing is a potent tool for promoting a business, but it is only part of an overall marketing strategy and cannot completely replace SEO, sales funnel, etc. The importance of video marketing is proven by numerous successful campaigns from world brands and their video marketing best practices. Video marketing is a strategy used to influence consumers’ requirements for a product or service that you provide. Try making a video that a million people will see and bring in hundreds of clients with our help and achieve great results.

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