How to Use an Animated Video for Your Small Business

Here our explainer video production company will discuss how small businesses can use animated videos to grow. And we are not talking only about tech startups. Every small business, including family-owned bakeries, cafes, clothes shops, and so on, can unlock the explainer video marketing power. 

You can make an animated explainer video a part of your branded content and interact with the audience more effectively. People love videos, but they like animated videos even more. Congratulations! If you are here, it means that you have found your best tool for actionable marketing and presentation for your business.

Introduce Your Business and Hook Your Audience

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By placing an eye-cathing animated video at the forefront of your online business, you will definitely achieve excellent results in traffic and brand awareness. You can publish a video on a home page, landing page, or use it as a cover visual on social media to introduce your business to people engagingly.

An animated video helps make the audience interested in learning more about your business since it starts an emotional interaction with the viewers. People tend to generate feelings and associations when they watch a video. So, when they see your brand name in any other place, they will likely recall your business because it has been creatively introduced itself in a beautiful video and evokes the specific feelings inside.

Tell Your Audience What You Stand for

An animated explainer video is a perfect way to tell customers a brand story, share your culture, values, and goals. It is the right place to show who you are as a brand and what you stand for. Buyers like to know people who they are purchasing from. They want to understand what kind of person you are and whether it is worth to trust you and your brand. 

Likely, your video will not describe it very obviously and directly, but people can subconsciously decode it from your brand message and style conveyed in the animation.

When producing a video about your company’s culture, you can ask yourself the following questions. They will help you shape a distinct voice for your future video.

  1. Why have you started this business?
  2. What are your primary goals and mission of your business?
  3. What kind of people work at your company? What does unite all of them in one fantastic team?

Shed Light on Your Business as the Industry Leader

Another effective method to build trust and public recognition is to show your audience that your venture is one of the best in the industry. A small business can be an expert in a narrow niche. Describe these specifics, tell customers about your unique experience, and why it can be helpful to them.

People are not looking for anybody good in many fields. They are searching for a professional with industry-specific knowledge who can help them manage their particular case. 

You can use an animated video to describe your deep expertise and tell about your unique skills and talents to your potential customers.

Share Your Processes with the Audience

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People prefer brands that strive to make relationships with their customers based on trust. Buyers want to feel like they know people who have created the products which they have recently purchased. To build trust and win customer loyalty, you can create an animated video that describes your company’s internal processes and how you deliver products or services.

This “behind-the-scenes” content is a valuable part of marketing and communication with the audience. It helps customers learn more about a brand and get involved in a product creation, which can appear to be amazingly interesting for people. 

This practice allows brands to establish warmer and “more human” relationships with customers. It can also uncover the bright personalities of brand creators that can make the company even more attractive in the customer’s eyes.

Tell about People behind Your Brand

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As a small business, likely, you have a little team with a friendly atmosphere inside. It allows you to focus on providing the best services or products for your customers. Each team member contributes to this magic process. To emphasize the “coziness” and reliability of your small business, you can create a video that shows off your team bios.

Each bio will constitute a general team’s image and brand identity. It will help you emphasize your company’s customer-focused approach. Such type of an animated video can show that your brand has friendly relationships inside (in-team) and outside (with its customers). 

The excellent idea is to make these videos a part of your email signature in follow up sales-related emails. It will make a positive and lasting impression an raise the chances for conversions. 


Do you own a small business? Then these explainer video marketing insights may be useful to you. An animated video is a great way to reach your local community and start a conversation with your prospective customers. 

You can also use videos in advertising on social media and target it at your location (city or state). It will help you show this content precisely to those who may be interested in it and increase the chances to see more clients at your cafe, bakery, shop, or any other kind of a small business.

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