How to Use GIFs for Business

There are numerous creative cases of animated gif business applications for high-quality business marketing engagement and communication. Branded navigation with the business gif will create a solid brand image suitable for companies focusing on innovations. With the right approach, the brand identity will become an additional touchpoint via gif social media or gifs for email, etc.  How to use business animated gifs utmost is what you need to know.

A Brief Introduction to the Animated GIF

How the use of images altered how we communicate? How to have a computer display an image while simultaneously conserving memory was a challenge that developer Steve Wilhite and his colleagues at tech giant CompuServe had to overcome. Users who wished to access email or transfer files did so with hourly memberships from businesses like CompuServe in 1987, four years before the World Wide Web was created. The problem was space, as it is now.

So, Wilhite discovered a technique to do this by combining an image parameter like the number of possible colors (256) with a compression algorithm. He termed his new invention Graphics Interchange Format, which could communicate images between computers. 

GIFs were first almost solely used for still images. The Lempel-Ziv-Welch compression algorithm—named after its three developers, Terry Welch, Jacob Ziv, and Abraham Lemepl—gave the format its revolutionary status. It functioned by putting recurring patterns and then simplifying them to enable the compression of files, which might prevent any data from being lost during file enlargement. That’s how marketing gif or animated business GIFs first entered the world the way we know them today.

The Benefits of Animated GIFs for Business

A GIF for business was created back in time. The newest trend in marketing is animated gifs. And the latest marketing tactic you should incorporate into your toolbox. How to use a gif visual and benefit? 

They’re more interesting than images

Some people use gifs for amusing internet memes that become popular on social media and throughout the web content. Still, you may use these funny business gifs animations for your company. Web material that travels far enough receives the most viewers/attention.

They show action and enhance learning

Indeed, since they are simple to make, don’t require quite a lot of technical expertise, and are quick to generate, they enhance learning faster. GIF files have relatively tiny file sizes due to the color restrictions imposed on them. Because of this, they’re shareable, fast, dynamic, eye-catching, and easier to consume. They can serve as calls to action.

GIFs can help your brand display personality

GIFs can be used in social media posts and advertisements to attract viewers and raise brand awareness. Even though they’re frequently light-hearted and informal, they can also be quickly illustrated. Additionally, they are perfect for desktop and mobile use due to their lightweight nature.

GIFs can help boost engagement

GIFs are helpful for articles on businesses, products, and services since they are aesthetically pleasing and frequently generate an emotional response. GIFs can help social media postings gain more interaction and become more memorable by being incorporated into them.

Your customers love them

Sometimes, you have a brief time window to grab your clients’ attention. The eye can be drawn to a GIF more quickly than a static image. A unique banner-animated GIF communicates your point swiftly and isn’t as drawn out as a video.

They’re fun

Since branding gifs are quick, easy, and don’t require much technical skill to create, they can quickly become viral memes on social media sites. The color limitations of GIFs make their file sizes reasonable. As a result, they might load online pages more quickly.  

They’re mobile-friendly

With compressed pictures, you can be sure that the intended audience will see the GIF in the best quality on any device and better than a video. They’re perfect for on-the-move customers.

They can have an emotional impact

Some viral gif marketing ideas help you reach your target market. A good GIF might be fast and fluid or slow and smooth, depending on how the emotions conveyed by the moving images are expressed. Understanding what makes a GIF visually appealing and developing language that matches the message’s tone are the keys to success.

A bridge between image and video

Since a GIF counts as an image, you can add one to a website, and it will be handled as such. In cases where you badly need to add dynamic to an object but cannot apply a full-fledged video because of certain time load or page size limitations, etc., an interactive GIF will do.

Where to use GIFs for business

GIFs are a fantastic method to get the attention of your followers. GIFs’ repetitive motion can quickly focus users on your emails, drawing them to your CTA. This guarantees that people comprehend your entire message. Where else to apply attention-grabbing GIFs? The list is endless.

Websites and product pages

As long as you use them wisely and don’t cause your site to load slowly, GIFs aren’t terrible for SEO. If you overuse them or make them too text-heavy, GIFs can hurt your SEO. They may not adhere to accessibility standards; therefore, you should be cautious while using GIFs, and they will make your pages stand out from the crowd for sure.

Website Banner Ads

 The good news is that the majority of publishers and ad networks allow GIF banners and ad networks like Google do too. However, make sure that it is at most 150kb. Animations are permitted, however, they must be 30 seconds or less in length.

Social media

Again, as long as you know how to use them, animated GIFs are a terrific method to attract attention on any social media platform.


Why are GIFs used in newsletters? Often it’s a good idea to include animated GIFs in emails.  One of the main reasons is the demonstration of the product right in the letter. For example, online stores can use gifs to show details of products that do not fit in one image.  This allows you to convey information better and ultimately increases the conversion of emails. 

Blog posts

GIFs are an excellent choice for blog entries. One sort of picture file that works with the media is the GIF file. GIFs are a fantastic way to break up content, provide value, and emphasize crucial points in blog posts.

Tutorials and How-To Guides

GIFs with animation can be used as prompts to get people interested in studying something new and other assignments.  

Company and Team Introductions

GIFs can be used to convey a wide range of messages, including reactions, emotions, support, and difficult-to-write-about content. Telling your audience why they should select your brand is part of it.

In outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising includes billboards, bus shelters, kiosks, and transit advertisements. GIFs may also be easily integrated to improve storytelling and achieve ultimate live-action advertisement user experience.

Where to find GIFs elsewhere on the web

 To find some gif examples online, just type your search word at in your web browser, and then choose the list you like. Or search animations on peculiar wen resources. You just need to know where to look; finding the ideal GIF can take little time. We’ve included several fantastic websites that will help you locate what you’re looking for easily without lowering your GIF standards below as a service. 


When looking for GIFs, I always turn to this site. GIPHY was first a GIF search engine, founded by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke. By working with businesses, establishing integrations, developing browser extensions, and doing many other things, they have considerably expanded GIPHY. 


Huge blogging platform Tumblr is where a ton of GIFs are created and shared. This platform’s bloggers do a fantastic job of matching pertinent GIFs with understandable situations. There are several websites devoted to posting humorous GIFs every day, but my favorite ones to share on a Monday are those with the hashtags #work-memes, #workfromhome, and others.


The mothership of GIFs is Reddit. The community has not just one, but a number of excellent subreddits dedicated to GIFs. Here are some notable examples:

Many of these subreddits agree to a set of rules to further hone their entries, even though the variety of alternatives and categorized options make it simple for you to find what you need.


Whether on your PC or iPhone, Tenor is a terrific tool for adding a great GIF to any conversation. A quick laugh with your friends and family may be shared when you have amusing GIFs at your fingertips. All you have to do to get Tenor to start populating a ton of GIFs is type in how you feel using the phone’s keypad. 

Reaction GIFs

This website provides a relevant GIF for anything you can imagine. You can find the ideal match in various ways, depending on what you’re looking for. Use the dropdown menus on the right side of the website as one method. Users can use these menus to find GIFs representing a particular emotion (such as fatigue, perplexity, or pride) or response (such as yes, no, or unsure).

How to create GIFs

GIF creation is simple! Use these instructions to use some basic tools. You can further share your GIFs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text messages, emails, and more by using Upload to upload them to GIPHY, etc. so, here are several ways to do that.

Use a GIF maker app

First thing to do is to pick the right tool. Among the variety of gif makers, choose the one that will be perfect for your goals.

Create a GIF from an existing video

Start by selecting Video to add a video from your computer’s files, selecting Add Any URL to input a YouTube or video URL, or simply dragging and dropping a video clip onto the GIFMaker screen. Videos must be under 100MB in size and no longer than 15 seconds.

Create a GIF from photos

To create an animated online GIF slideshow from a still pic, a GIF presentation, or a humorous GIF mashup, use the Slideshow option in our GIFMaker. Drag and drop photos or GIFs to your slideshow, use the blue search button to look through your files, or enter image URLs to add files to your presentation.

Create a GIF from a YouTube video

How to convert a YouTube video into a GIF: bring a YouTube video in. When your platform has opened, click the blue “Get Started” button. Next, “Import” a YouTube video by choosing the “Link” option and entering the video’s link. Add improvements and modifications (optional) and then load the digital GIF. Voila!


Animated visuals highlight the advantages of your product, promote email engagement over the long term, increase webpage click-through rates, and generally improve email marketing conversion analytics and beyond.  They are very engaging for the more accessible entertainment and education of the user. The functionality of gifs is quite simple: they are looped animated files that can be viewed endlessly, and you don’t need to click on any buttons to start the animation – everything happens automatically, which makes the benefits of  GIFs for your business endless. Consider using them in your digital projects and feel free to consult specialists for better results. 

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