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Are you hungry for explainer video inspiration for 2024? Here you can find it. Explain Ninja has created a list of the best animated and explanatory videos.

The Best Explainer Video Examples: Inspiration for 2024 | Explain Ninja 20
Illustration by Mari Seroshtanova for Explain Ninja

Do you want to create a really amazing explainer video for your business? That’s a fantastic idea since many experts consider it the most effective sales and marketing medium for businesses today! Many companies report that explainer videos help them multiply conversions, significantly increase customer satisfaction, and continuously grow the audience’s engagement around the brand online. 

To inspire you, we have compiled a list of the most impressive and engaging explainer videos for 2024. We have also provided a brief description and expert opinion on every sample in the list. Without further ado, let’s consider them here!


We have noticed that many financial institutions have started using animated explainer videos to introduce their cards and new offers to customers. Actually, it’s what MasterCard has also implemented to build trust with its customers. The animation explainer video tells the viewer how easy it can be to manage their payments with MasterCard cards right now. 

The animation style looks extremely simple, but it’s what makes this video special. Being straightforward, it conveys a key brand idea and marketing message creatively and engagingly.


Morphine Studio has created an amazing animated explainer video for their client, MedMart, a medical application developer. What we have particularly liked are the animation style and sweet visuals. This “sugary” world has amazed us, and the visual metaphors used in the video are excellent.  

We also find it very smart that the video is under one minute long. From our experience in creating animation for many companies, short videos perform much better. Today, everyone is busy and doesn’t have much time for watching long commercials. Whether you want to run a promotion on YouTube, use it on social media, or just on your product landing page, an explainer video from 30 to 60 seconds would be the best option.


We are thrilled to introduce our new animated explainer video created for Nexus. We don’t pretend it’s the best one on the list. But we put a lot of effort into it and would be happy to present it to you. This animated video is made for a special request of Nexus company. They created a self-service platform that allows content creators to make their game store. 

The animation video commercial features a short story of a space-warrior and his small robot that have found a new amazing way to create their very own game store. It is a 2D animation video full of fun, kindness, passion for gaming, and a warrior spirit – everything mixed in a beautiful, imaginative world.


Here is a simple yet super-engaging animated explanatory video produced for McDonald’s. It promotes the idea of inclusiveness and McDonald’s exceptional around-the-clock service available for everyone and at any time. The animation style of this video is impressive. We also loved how the creator designed characters and made “tasty” transitions between different video scenes.

The perfect combination of straightforwardness and fun in this video engages the viewer. It builds an emotional connection between the brand and customers and makes them want to visit McDonald’s restaurants. Honestly, we believe that this video will bring fantastic sales and customer retention rates to McDonald’s.


Spotify is a famous marketing genius. It’s a music streaming service that has grown into one of the biggest commercial giants on the modern web. Their digital marketing is always prominent. So, it’s predictable that their animated explainer videos will be high-quality and engaging, as everything in their marketing. And it is!

The animation video combines different styles, moods, and rhythms. This fantastic mix of everything blows the viewer’s mind with a lot of impressions and feelings. It makes you want to dance, sing, and try out Spotify’s incredible service. Please enjoy it here!

Wrapping it up

The video and animation are terrific means of interacting with a target audience. Many companies use it in advertising, homepage, and social media. It is our collection of the most inspirational animated explanatory videos for 2024. Hopefully, you have enjoyed it! 

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