Cryptocurrency Animation Design from Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja releases another animated video case made for the Viral project to showcase their incredible animation and motion design expertise for the crypto native solutions.

Viral explainer video

 About the Project

Viral is a new cryptocurrency project. Living on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), as a BEP-20 token, VRL is the lifeblood of the Viral platform’s economy. All payments are denominated in VRL, from deposits to withdrawals. The project needed a storyboard, illustrations, and a high-quality 2d-3d animation to create an incredible explainer video based on their activity, considering the specifics of the industry niche and the services provided. 

The team created excellent storyboards and illustrated the story to deliver the key message to the viewer:

Cryptocurrency Animation Design from Explain Ninja 20

 This time the storyboard design and illustrations, 2D & 3D animation elements, and a high-quality sound design were added to achieve high-quality results.

Cryptocurrency Animation Design from Explain Ninja 21
Video design elements

“Our company, following modern trends, offers its customers’ animation videos to order. Regardless of your field of activity, we can present your company’s positive aspects. Our team consists of creative employees with many years of experience in animation and video editing.”

Cryptocurrency Animation Design from Explain Ninja 22

One of the most sought-after areas is crypto/blockchain. The team has already collaborated with Swiss Fin Lab and Armanino to create animation videos for crypto-native companies that would help illustrate how their solutions work, which tool functions they provide, etc.

About Us

Explain Ninja is an award-winning animation production company from Warsaw, which regularly releases explainer video design masterpieces for various projects in different niches. Profound video design cases for Fintech and many other industries in close collaboration with the company representatives showcase their knowledge and skill in video production for the most sophisticated industry niches.

Since its emergence, Explain Ninja has successfully delivered numerous projects for over 200 companies worldwide. There has been a range of big names among the team clients, including Google, Atlassian, Kidkin, Vishay, Nexus, Codio, MyTaxi, Pipedrive, Huawei, SwissFinLab, Armanino, and many other companies.

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