Types of Corporate Explainer Videos and How They Can Skyrocket Engagement

Corporate videos can make the interaction and communication between the company and its employees more engaging. Let’s take a look at the main types of corporate videos and how else companies can use them.

Types of Corporate Explainer Videos and How They Can Skyrocket Engagement 20

Today, many brands use corporate explainer videos to communicate with their employees more effectively, engage them and set a positive atmosphere inside the company. An animated video can be leveraged for many corporate purposes, including recruitment, updating employees, training them, onboarding them, etc. 

This approach to information presentation allows companies to avoid the employees’ cognitive overload and motivate them for productivity. Let’s consider different types of corporate explainer videos and their benefits in detail.

Recruitment Videos

Today, recruitment videos are widely used by HR professionals to target and attract the necessary candidates for job positions. Great teams can be built with the help of great explainer videos. An animated video can briefly tell about job responsibilities and advantages and motivate the candidates to apply for a job. Just like the customer lifecycle, there is a candidate lifecycle. Before joining the team, the candidate should pass through awareness, consideration and decision-making stages. An animated corporate video can perfectly cope with this challenge and encourage the candidate’s decision.

Onboarding Videos

Long presentations and tutorials are in the past. Animated videos can help companies run an onboarding process more smoothly and keep employees motivated. Imagine you have just been hired for a new job. The first day at your new place is always very stressful as you need to learn a lot about the company, its processes, rules, and responsibilities. Not to mention that you should get acquainted with new teammates.

 An animated onboarding video is an excellent solution for companies that aim to distress their employees. Corporate onboarding videos enable you to tell about the company’s culture, values, business processes and other important information about your brand.

Training Videos

According to Forrester’s recent research, 75% would rather watch a video than read the article. Also, most millennials and Gen Zers perceive information easier and more effectively if it’s presented in a video. It leads to the point that animated videos can be a great way to train employees. Besides the higher effectiveness of animated training videos compared to other content types, they also offer cost-effectiveness. An excellent example is Microsoft, which reduced training costs from $320 per person to just $17 per person using explainer videos. 

Company Culture Videos

An animated explainer video can help reinforce the company’s culture. The brand’s mission, core values, working environment, traditions, and other elements make up its culture. Maintaining a strong brand culture is crucial, as it makes every employee feel a part of something bigger. It also gives them the feeling of belonging to the community of link-minded people united by the same idea behind a brand name. 

This approach allows setting a pleasant and favorable environment for work, creativity and productivity. Companies can use animated corporate videos during onboarding, training, or other educational processes to tell employees about brand values and the main mission.

Shareholder Videos

Many companies have to regularly update their shareholders about finances and business growth for a certain period. Usually, they create emails or presentations with KPIs and trading updates. However, there is another, much more attractive option. It’s an animated video. Companies can pack all the necessary information and financial updates into a short animated video and send it to their shareholders instead of boring emails or presentations.


In this article, we have considered the most popular types of corporate videos. Companies across different industries can use them for various purposes, including recruiting, onboarding, training, reinforcing a brand culture and updating shareholders. If you have more questions about animated explainer video production, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re here to help!

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