Using of Explainer Videos at Public Events

Public events are necessary touch-points to present your product to potential clients, like-minded organizations, partners, or just curious public. Explainer videos are used in small groups, for educational purposes or for making a big announcement. There are countless ways your video can enhance any event and connect with your customers.

Type of Events

If you want to make an awesome video for an event, first of all, decide which type of event it is. Who would be your target audience? Will it be a small group of businessmen, students or researchers? What are their needs and interests?
Let’s have a look at public events where you can impress your audience:

  • Conferences. All conferences, especially the scientific ones, are overloaded with information. Try to make your video short, original and easy to understand.
  • Business or Board Meeting. It’s a good idea to add old PowerPoint presentation with explainer animation. Transform static schemes, diagrams and financial data into dynamic cartoons and moving figures. Board members would never get bored!
  • Trainings and seminars. Use an explainer video for education. Look through all recommendations and tips for “how-to” tutorials. Think of simple design, numerous examples and clear voiceover.
  • Fundraiser. Real life examples and emotions will make your video trustworthy and meaningful.
  • Exhibitions and trade shows. These events attract a great number of people and ideal for explainer video for business purposes and product launch. Concentrate on a particular product or a new service.

At public events, your video is a face of your company, so be confident everything is perfect. Seek assistance from an explainer video studio if you have any problems concerning design, script, characters, etc.

Some Tips for Public Videos

  • Before the event, make sure that all the equipment (projectors, microphones, etc.) works properly.
  • If your public talk lasts for 15-30 min, make a few videos and mix them with PowerPoint presentation to switch your audience’s attention.
  • Don’t forget to give a link to the other videos related to your company or product so that your audience could know more about you.

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