Top-10 Best Educational Explainer Videos

Old educational methods and principles don’t apply to the modern world, and the knowledge should not be retained only in the form of text. Visual representation leads to better concentration and understanding. That is why production studios create explainer animated videos, cartoons and “how-to” tutorials for students, employees and businesses.

Before creating your own video, let’s have a look at the best education videos you could learn from:

  • That Tutor Guy. This video is good for experts related to the educational field. The animated character explains that he is the right person to help with the educational process.
  • Christopher Danielson. This TED education video has powerful visuals and breaks down a concept.
  • Howcast. All kinds of “how-to” videos. This is the best idea for an explainer video in school. Soccer training, dancing classes, foreign languages, handicraft, etc. In addition to that, ABC Song video is a great example of videos for small children.
  • Tasty. Are you keen on cooking? There are many inspiring recipe videos which use live action technique.
  • Squarespace. This video teaches how to use website creation and hosting tools. If you are thinking of an explainer video blog this is an idea for voiceover-free videos.
  • Freshdesk. This video is a good example of finding a solution and explaining the software.
  • Gradeleap. The management system which helps to organize schoolwork is applicable not only for students, but for their parents and teachers as well.
  • Student Hut. Ask questions and start discussions. Students can discuss any college classes before deciding what to choose.
  • FileExpert. The indispensable program for managing files on different devices. Both students and businessmen would definitely enjoy it.
  • Video.Explainers. A series of videos are useful for explanation video production itself. Learn how to help educational institutes and make online classes.


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