How to Make Videos for the Insurance Industry

A customized life insurance video may accomplish various goals, such as raising brand awareness, generating leads, increasing sales, and enhancing client retention. Here are some best insurance marketing ideas of how customized explainers can help your business grow. Let’s go. 

How to Make Videos for the Insurance Industry 20
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1. Create a Welcome Video

A good life insurance firm must have a personalized greeting video since it demonstrates that it values its clients. This video aims to introduce the customer to your team of agents, describe how the policy operates, and offer some practical advice for getting started.

That helps them feel special and loved, motivating them to stay with you for a long time. New customers will receive welcome insurance videos from a good life insurance company. It’s an excellent method to demonstrate to clients that you care for them and their satisfaction with your offerings.

2. Showcase Your Company’s History

Many people in today’s digital age seek ways to interact more intimately with businesses. By helping customers understand who your company is, a great company history video can assist in achieving that goal. Customers may see the principles that guide your business and the reasons for your actions. 

A company history video is fantastic for convincing potential consumers to do business with you. Bringing an interactive human element to your business can also assist in customizing the consumer experience.

3. Send a Monthly Video 

You may also send a video of the month to your potential leads and customers with the freshest agency updates, news, and tips. You may also crate briefs with the list of the most common questions you receive from our clients. This is where you direct your team and your organization throughout the project, ensuring that everyone stays on course and moves in the same direction to provide the answers.

4. Industry FAQs

As you can see, FAQs are crucial for any business. If you want to learn how to create a FAQ and create a list of FAQ questions for your insurance marketing, read on How to Create an Awesome FAQ Video.

5.Record a Webinar or Panel Discussion

Making video recordings and using them into webinars and other life insurance marketing ideas will do. Start your session, select Start Recording (on Windows), or Record to start recording a live webinar (on Mac). The Screen Sharing pane’s bottom contains a link to this option. Choose Stop Recording after you’re done recording and use the content in other formats.

6. Respond to Topical Events and News

It’s crucial to reflect as a brand and explore what is essential to you and your stakeholders, users and other folks before creating any social media response plans. Understanding the core values of your brand will help you choose the best course of action for getting the desired response rather than merely doing what’s popular or what you believe you should do in terms of insurance.

7. Explain a Claims Process in a Video

Sometimes, you may provide a glimpse of your insurance kitchen in the content you create for engagement. Claims processing, pricing or policy reviews, etc. – every claim must pass through more than 20 stages in the complex workflow of claims processing before it is authorized. A claim is approved and the insurance company processes any insurance payments if it successfully passes all of these checks. Such marketing ideas life insurance is sometimes applied effectively to dwell on trust.

8. Interview another Professional

Involvement of professionals from the aside is another strategy. You might attempt requesting for an interview if you feel that you need to perform better this time or you perform well enough to meet other individuals who could influence the decision-making, etc. If you receive one, you may be certain that the specialist provides a new experience in the insurance field which may add to your audience engagement too.

9. Discuss the Different Types of Life Insurance Policies

While you communicate, also use creative marketing ideas for insurance agents and educate them via insurance sales training videos to describe various types of insurance packages and explain the policies in detail. 

10. Highlight How the Policy Provides Financial Protection

In your video they may discuss how the policy gives financial security, helps to pay off debts, enables to pay living expenses, or helps to pay any life medical or final expense depending on the chosen type.

11. Use Customer Testimonials

Use customer testimonials to form a social proof of what your services do and how they help. Testimonials from customers are incredibly valuable assets for any organization to have. They can not only spotlight satisfied consumers, but they can also give future buyers who research products or services online useful information. Being able to process the user inquiries and form sufficient answers is among the top marketing tips for insurance agents.

12.Apply personalization videos

To engage a bigger audience, use personalized interactive videos. Feel free to make and use a video that has been produced and tailored for a particular viewer. Personalization is applied as excellent video content marketing technique to raise awareness of the insurance services or goods offered by the business.

13.Create live videos

Another factor contributing to the current rise in live content is the unfiltered appeal that a live video gives. Pre-recorded videos lack the authenticity of live ones. The connection is real-time, and there are no cuts or edits. Because of this, live streaming allows you to reach more clients more quickly than any other type of video content.

14. Use video marketing 

Use professional video marketing across the life insurance policy customer journey to improve your content quality and engagement for the sales rise. When it comes to educating potential customers about a product, video footage is a helpful resource indeed.

The best-animated videos in the insurance industry

It’s crucial for an effective insurance company to be able to successfully reach out to its target clientele, given the wide variety of insurance options and insurance companies available. Among other things, insurance companies apply video marketing to create advertising, promotions, and product overviews.

Check out some of these explainer videos that are currently being used in the insurance sector. Insurance is crucial since it protects your financial and physical well-being in the case that your finances are lost or there’s been an accident or similar. It’s a form of risk management that’s typically used to guard against the serious threat of an uncertain, speculative loss of something vital like your property, health or life.

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Why animated video is important for the insurance industry?

Explainer videos is a rich, interesting media that is affordable, simple to manage, and will make your key ideas stand out any time. It provides all the advantages of a visual medium with far less resource usage than you may think.

Insurance agency marketing ideas must contribute to your business progress. The fact that animated videos convey ideas, concepts, and messages in a clear and interesting way is one of the main reasons video and animation design works so well for the insurance industry. These messages can be highly complicated, but they can still be conveyed in a form that is simple to understand for an average customer. This is the reason animation is such a well-liked medium for many businesses and niches.


It’s obvious that companies are rapidly integrating videos into their marketing strategies and other touchpoints. If you’re in a comparable business, our video samples are a good place to start when deciding on a tone and style for your videos. Use our marketing ideas for an insurance agency to engage your audience through extraordinary life or animated explainer videos. That’s how to increase insurance sales in a more personalized and efficient way. You can create videos and tell your narrative, highlight the human side of your company, and simply convey extremely complicated concepts. That’s a terrific approach to communicating through animated business movies. Animation is a lively, exciting, affordable, manageable medium that will make your main arguments in favor stand out among the competition. We will help you with our video for insurance production assistance.

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