20 Ways to Repurpose Video Content in 2023

Looking to create useful media content from your explainer videos, live broadcasts or podcasts? Repurpose content that you’ve already created. How to do that – read about a definition of repurpose and repurposing ideas here.

20 Ways to Repurpose Video Content in 2023 20
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What is content repurposing?

What is content repurposing? How to repurpose content? Here’s how HubSpot answers this question: content repurposing, sometimes is also called content recycling. It is re-using existing content and representing it in a brand new format to expand its reach and lifespan. As you come up with new content, you may plan for a variety of different ways to share a new piece via repurposing video content.

Why you should repurpose the content?

The number one benefit of repurposing content is that it makes your content much easier to scale. To put it simply: you don’t need to write every post or shoot every explainer video over and over, design each infographic from scratch, etc to repurpose your content. Instead, you may improve them by adding pieces of new content as the basis for fresh posts, videos, social media publications, webinars, and so much more. You may create great mashups from your existing video material and release them as new videos for your business promotion or any other purpose.

How to repurpose video content?

Lets’ find some useful ways to repurpose videos.

1.     Create your video content

Make sure you have the necessary resources to create quality videos for your business and then repurpose it in no time. Use video editing apps for very simple and powerful edits and repurpose longer video content for social media posts, etc. Use animated explainer video services to produce engaging content for any purpose that is designed with professional animation artists for video repurposing.

2.     Create teasers

To make your video stand out on YouTube and in your playlist, create your own screenshot thumbnail from your video content. To do this, you can use the easy online graphics editor Canva to create a teaser with the title of the video, etc.

3.     Cut video into pieces

Cut video into pieces for sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram and create a series. In this case, the content will contain many pieces of useful information that you can publish gradually.

4.     Create soundbars

You may use an online tool like Wavve to create soundbars that match the sound of your video and use them in visuals to share through your social media platforms

5.     Add/change video captions

You may add a title and make further edits to customize the font style you want to place above your video and so much more. Here, Zubtitle tool will let you choose the position of the title to fine-tune the layout.

6.     Create infographics

Based on quotes, stats, or any other data, you may create data visualization like infographics. Another way to refocus your content is to skim through the transcript and find short, compelling, or unique quotes to share on social media in meme form. The sky’s the limit here!

7.     Create podcasts

Zoom cloud recording will allow you to record and upload audio files separately from your video. This way you can create a high-quality audio file suitable for podcasts as it captures speaker sound directly from their input sources.

8.     Convert audio to text

Make entries for blog posts by transcribing the video content into text. Using any other transcription app like Temi is a great way to make blogging faster and easier.

9. Transform Video Content into Instagram Reels

In order to create a more streamlined experience, we are now adding a full-screen experience to video posts. Instagram Reels provide a more immersive and fun way to watch and produce videos. New videos that are less than 15 minutes long will be shared as reels with ultimate engagement.

10. Create Pinterest Pins

People use pins, which are bookmarks, to save the stuff they love on Pinterest. People can use the search function to find Pins, bookmark the ones they like, and click on a Pin for further information. To share your products and ideas with users on Pinterest, you can create Pins that link back to your website if you have a business account.

11. Include Social Media Videos in Website

Using videos encourages audience interaction with your brand since it gives them a face and real-time access to live people. Because they are assured that someone would take their concerns seriously in the event that they need assistance from the company with delivery or other information, more clients are interested in your products.

12. Turn your explainer video into a video ad

Explainer videos are a terrific method to introduce a topic or idea briefly. This could be a brief description of your firm, product, or service. In either case, it provides a simple point of entry for those who are unfamiliar with your brand.

13. Animated graphics and GIFs

They are excellent for expressing feelings and concepts. The ability of GIFs to play repeatedly, much like a flipbook, is a remarkable feature. Because GIF files can load multiple images at once, they can be played repeatedly like flipbooks.

14. Static web graphics

Search engines find it simpler to rank static graphic websites because they typically load quicker. Simple software can be used to create static websites. Building static websites is less expensive. On a static website, you can alter the structure and appearance of every page.

15. Social media posts

Every time a user logs in to social media, you have the chance to connect with their fans and followers. Your followers will be happy to see your new content in their feeds if you keep your social media postings interesting and educational. This will keep you at the top of their minds so that you are the first place they go when they are ready to make a purchase.

16. Share in a one-off email

Instead of sending a mass email, send a personalised visual one-off email to a single constituent or a small number of constituent accounts. One-off emails, in contrast to test emails, are sent from a particular account, and you can automatically create journal contacts to record the email’s sending.

17. SlideShare presentation

The beautiful thing about SlideShare is that since the presentations can be made public, the audience you may reach is virtually limitless. With this user-friendly server, you may upload whole PDFs, PowerPoint and OpenOffice presentations, Word documents, and more.

18. Landing page videos

Videos may more quickly and efficiently than text explain complex product details, take a prospect through utilizing a product or service, and even visually demonstrate the advantages of adopting your product or service.

19. App Store/Google Play video

The biggest benefit of using this video strategy to promote your app through Google Play Ads is that potential customers will see your app video at the ideal time and location.

20. Blooper reels

Bloopers can be used as bumpers or transitions between different video parts. This effectively breaks up a longer film and gives the audience a small pleasure to look forward to. A blooper reel can be posted on your website to make your company seem more approachable and enjoyable to customers.

Benefits of repurposing content

Video repurpose can be a powerful way to reach new customers and provide added value to both new and returning customers. Video is not only educational and entertaining, but it can also help your business connect with your target audience on a deeper level. Videos are easy to digest, they can help people better understand your business and bring your content and messaging to life. Here are more benefits you get from repurposing your video:

20 Ways to Repurpose Video Content in 2023 21
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Now, when data overload is greater than ever, the majority of video users continue to actively watch content and tend to spend at least two hours a day on it.so, video content still rules, and repurposing it allows you to loop and prolong the engagement of your audience through it. Remarketing

The obvious advantages of video content have drawn the attention of marketers, who are now actively using it to promote goods and services. If you regularly update your videos you may reuse them for better marketing results and sales boost.


Remastered content opens up newer horizons for content distribution. The video content itself is universal for placement on popular media platforms. Repurposing makes videos ready to watch anywhere, anytime, and for every user.


Thoughtful, bright, entertaining or any other visual presentation of data through video contributes to the fact that the involvement of the audience via this form of communication is higher, which means that the effectiveness of targeted actions also increases.


That’s not a surprise that video content has already become the new language of business interaction with consumers. The usage activeness will only grow in time. And creating valuable and compelling content doesn’t just happen—it requires conscious effort, investment, and learning. That’s why it’s so important to repurpose content and extend the life and value you get back. How to repurpose video content? – You may always do it with the creative tactics shared or apply for deeply professional help with your media video content from Explain Ninja team if you‘re dramatically short of any ideas.

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