Why Hiring a Motion Graphic Designer for Business is Important

Due to the rise in animation demand and the fact companies are now searching to use animation to increase their brand awareness and social media strategies, it’s safe to say that the demand for motion designers’ brand content video has never been higher. That’s why animators for hire and motion graphic designer assistance are so much sought after by many businesses from various industries. So, hiring a motion graphic designer for motion graphics services is now a point in question.

Why Hiring a Motion Graphic Designer for Business is Important 20

Is Motion Design Important?

Hire video animator and you will see that well-done motion graphics are a fantastic tool for any brand or creative project. Attractive audience of beautiful animations and exceptional stories associated with drawing attention to packaging. If you want to use your company’s content, a motion graphic designer is your ideal choice.

Motion design from a motion graphic artist makes navigating easier and more appealing by assisting users in accurately understanding the movement between screens. During loading times is another fantastic moment to incorporate motion design into transitions.

Motion aids in improved user experience design. It draws users’ attention to a certain object and provides an indication as to what will happen when they tap. Animation offers directed concentration between viewpoints. It offers a visual response and more benefits of animation.

They incorporate animation, graphic design, and visual effects to make designs come to life. AI businesses, the entertainment sector, startups, marketing companies, creative agencies, digital media organizations, e-commerce platforms, and the automotive sector are the most in need of motion graphics artists.

What Do Graphic Motion Designers Do?

For moving graphics and content for many media, including television, the internet, and film, a motion graphics designer uses animation, audio, and visual effects. To include design components into a project, motion graphic designers collaborate with creative teams.

Visualize ideas

Hire an animation designer to visualize ideas into motion graphics understandable to a wide audience and create motion graphics that convey ideas effectively. Work with the art and creative departments to define the vision and goals of the project—assistance in designing and creating a storyboard.

Create illustrations

Motion graphic designers, sometimes referred to simply as motion designers, create illustrations for the web, television, or film. These can be video clips, trailers, commercials, titles, and more. They produce the images, designs, and other artwork used in brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials.

Create visual effects

 Designers use visual effects, animation, and other cinematic techniques to bring their creations to life.  They create animated graphics and videos using computer software such as Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premier Pro.

Provide motion graphic services

Motion designer creates graphics that are in motion, as their name suggests. By animating graphics and creating vibrant visuals, motion designers take movies, websites, commercials and more to a whole new level.  They also make graphic design for various purposes such as book covers, magazines, websites and posters.  Development of animated graphics for use in television commercials, video games or other visual media products is also a job,

Produce explainer videos

With the rise of video explainer content on the internet, a motion designer can work on just about anything on any digital platform. Also, there may be possibilities beyond these more traditional motion graphics applications.

Why Motion Graphics Should be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Users are more likely to continue to the final stage of the sales process if there is a rise in brand awareness and extreme engagement. Your customers will undoubtedly have a richer experience and get engaged better with the use of motion graphics. Here are some more reasons why hire animation designers and create amazing visuals for your business.

Make Content Fascinating

You are able to create animated videos with the use of original artwork, graphics, sketches, or computer-generated effects that have a dynamic motion using a number of artistic methods. They can convey a message or tell an engaging story without using any live action recording.

Enhance Communication

By engaging audiences with beautiful animations and powerful stories, they help brands share their story, reach people in a variety of ways, and present their message in an engaging package. Animation omits superfluous words or images. This will enable you to express ideas clearly and rapidly. 

Improve Brand Perception

The viewers of animations use a multitude of senses. By combining the visual and audio senses, the auditory sense is accelerated and the visual sense is improved. Improved identification and recall result from the brain’s ability to build connections on its own which improves any kind of perception.

Build  & Increase Brand Awareness

You can build a strong brand identity or awareness to effectively promote your business. Motion graphics are a fantastic tool for any brand or creative project. If you want to mix your company’s current content, a motion graphic designer is your perfect choice.

 Improve Efficiency & Cost-Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness considers the value of the result in relation to the costs. Analysing a provider’s use of the resources at hand to produce goods and deliver services is called cost efficiency. Animation is a cost-saving communication strategy. It entertains the audience while educating & involving them.

Boost Content Virality

If used properly, animated movies can increase your website’s visibility as well as user engagement and brand awareness on social media. Make your content the most shareable on multiple channels with the help of awesome motion graphics.

Increase Sales and Conversions

The greater the influence existing traffic has on your top line, the more visitors you convert. You need a strategy that helps to distinguish yourself from the competition and establish your brands’ recognition. Animations are a great method to stand out from the competition, create eye-catching adverts, and achieve all of this without going over budget but rather boosting sales and bringing more income.

Help You Have Better SEO Ratings

Search engine snippets for animated videos enable greater organic visibility, which increases engagement. 83% of marketers agreed that video content increases users’ time spent on a page. Videos are among the best types of media to distribute, increasing the number of backlinks to your website.

Reach Various Target Markets

Depending on the type of motion graphics, a successful motion designer might be working on a highly paid Hollywood movie or freelancing an intro for a new iPhone app.

Ways of Using Motion Graphics in Your Marketing Strategy

 Motion designers work in a wide variety of settings, including advertising agencies, design firms, television studios, and post-production studios. They may also work freelance, which often gives them greater flexibility regarding hours and working conditions. Here are some more cases when their work may add to your marketing strategy. 

Social Media Posts

You may hire an animator for free to deal with your social media creatives. An animated social media video is created to be shared on social networks. This refers to brief, impactful material bursts that catch viewers’ attention as they browse through their feed.

Animated Logos

 Animation outsource company will provide assistance in choosing audio, video, colors, animations, etc. for graphic design and animation of logos, using graphic elements, adding effects and creating a moving graphic part and so much more.

Video Marketing

During video design, motion designers will edit some raw video footage or add effects/elements to enhance motion graphics. Send animated graphics to various media, including the web, mobile devices, etc., maintain and promote the projects.


Communication and advertising are also key to working effectively with other team members, where a motion designer can discuss color theory and sound design with a copywriter, for example, will no doubt be a much more important asset to a project, etc.


The ability to create and implement typography is an important skill for a motion designer. This is because they often create headings and other text elements for their projects. Designers can use typography to create tasty and readable text that grabs the viewer’s attention.

Brand Storytelling

Creating animation is a common task for a motion designer that requires a variety of skills. Animation can also be used to display how a product works, how a user interacts with a website, or how a process works. Animation creation requires a variety of skills, including character creation, realistic movement creation, and brand storytelling.

Feel free to offer your motion graphics advertising or any other sphere of motion design to apply in your business project successfully.


Now it’s clear what is a motion graphic designer and how to hire an animator for your business projects and create engaging visuals for multiple purposes. A professional motion designer will sometimes develop and oversee the project from the start to finish, while other projects simply require them to do basic effects and edits. The designer will have experience with After Effects, Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, and Flash, as well as a deep understanding of business design and animation fundamentals. Hire a motion graphic designer with Explain Ninja to create amazing opportunities for your business growth. 

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